Chapter 956
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Chapter 956

Both Murong Tianzhe and Murong Changwu shouted loudly seeing this scene. The pointy thorns inside Lin Chilong's mouth are very thin and black, after a few of them pierced into Murong Yuwei's nape, they entered her throat. Murong Yuwei feels incomparable pain and itch in her throat. She coughed out a mouthful of blood and even continued coughing. She is suffering great pain and distress. She started rolling on the ground and grabbed her throat with her hands, trying to take out the thorns in her throat.

"Bastard, what did you do? You are using concealed weapons!" Murong Changwu loudly roared.

Lin Chilong extended his very long tongue and said with evil grin : "You look, this is what I spit out, this is part of my body, not some concealed weapon! If it is concealed weapon then Xie Wufeng's Origin Sword is also a weapon!"

Murong Tianzhe roared : Xiao Wei, quickly concede!"

Lin Chilong laughed loudly and said : "She is unable to yell, you carefully look how I take care of her. Ha ha ha..."

Ye Yaoxue said in cold voice : "This battle is our loss, release her!"

Long Fangyu proudly laughed and said : "You killed our Shi Shunfei, we also want to kill one of your talents to make it even! Moreover, we will kill her slowly, you can just watch!"

"Long Fangyu, what demand do you have to release Murong Yuwei?" Ye Yaoxue flew over in front of Long Fangyu and asked coldly.

"You Hundred Pagoda Sect concedes this competition! Then we will release Murong Yuwei!" Long Fangyu proudly laughed loudly and said : "Otherwise watch how this little girl is played to death!"

Murong Yuwei's throat has been pierced and wedged by many thorns, she is suffering extreme pain. Spectators are just watching without saying a word, they are all feeling very uncomfortable.

Ye Yaoxue is silent, Hundred Pagoda Sect can not concede, otherwise they would have to hand over a great amount of resources to Dragon Sect.

Long Fangyu said to Lin Chilong : "Continue!"

Lin Chilong laughed sinisterly, then pounced towards Murong Yuwei and vigorously kicked her. Murong Yuwei was sent flying by the kick and hit the barrier. Murong Tianzhe and Murong Yuwei immediately rushed over beside the barrier and started shouting at Murong Yuwei, then they cursed loudly at Lin Chilong who is slowly walking towards Murong Yuwei.

"Little girl, you can't scream, can you?" Lin Chilong howled in laughter, then sent forward a palm strike towards Murong Yuwei's abdomen.

His palm overflowed with many black thorns, it looks like a hedgehog's hand as it landed on Murong Yuwei's abdomen. Murong Yuwei's entire body started twitching in pain as she continued rolling on ground. Scary thing is, those sharp thorns also entered Murong Yuwei's abdomen. Murong Tianzhe and Murong Changwu, her two older brother's fury rose to the peak, they unceasingly attacked the barrier but there is no result. Lin Chilong continued to laugh nastily as he continued torturing Murong Yuwei. Many Hundred Pagoda Sect disciples looked away, they no longer have the heart to keep watching.

"Ye Yaoxue, is there nothing you can do?" Xie Wufeng said.

"Concede to them!" Murong Tianzhe roared.

Ye Yaoxue is tightly clenching her fists, she is in a very difficult position as the decision maker.

A Hundred Pagoda Sect Martial Emperor coldly said : "No way we can concede. If we lose, our resources for next 10 years will lessen by at least 70 percent! This concerns the benefit of entire Hundred Pagoda Sect, we can no way concede just for one person!"

A Half Immortal said : "Ye Yaoxue, you can not be too compassionate and must make difficult decisions! This concerns the resources of our Hundred Pagoda Sect for next 10 years!"

"Don't concede!"

"Don't concede, let her die!"

"Our opponents also lost Shi Shunfei! That is a very strong Martial Emperor!"

"So what if someone from our side dies too? Preserving the resources of our Hundred Pagoda Sect is the most important!"

Murong Tianzhe bellowed : "The one dying is not your relative so of course you are not concerned!"

A Martial Emperor said with sneer : "Your Murong family has city master Murong, you don't lack resources. But we are different, we rely on the resources given by Hundred Pagoda Sect to cultivate!"

"Indeed, she went on her own to fight, if she dies, that is her fault!"

Majority of the Hundred Pagoda Sect people started loudly shouting, telling Ye Yaoxue to not concede. They are all concerned about their own benefits, so long as the one dying is not one of their own, they don't care.

"HAHA.. this is really good! Just watch how this little girl is killed!" Long Fangyu's expression is filled with pleasure as he watched Murong Yuwei being tortured on the battle stage.

Many sharp thorns entered Murong Yuwei's abdomen, they pain she is bearing is unimaginable. She is twitching and rolling on the ground. She also heard everything those people said. She now only feels anger and despair. She has been pampered and spoiled since birth, she never experienced pain like this before. Murong Tianzhe and Murong Changwu's eyes turned red, they began shouting and screaming, there is nothing else they can do.

Qin Yun walked over beside Murong Tianzhe and Murong Changwu and said : "If you want, I can save Murong Yuwei. Whether this competition is won or lost has nothing to do with our Star Traveling Sect. Who told me to be such a good person!"

"If you save her, our Murong family will surely heavily thank you!" Murong Tianzhe said.

This is what Qin Yun wanted to hear. He is very clear how rich city master Murong is. He said : "Then you should properly remember my kindness!"

The lion head is going to take action to save Murong Yuwei, this caused many people to be amazed. Everyone knows that the Star Traveling Pagoda's chief disciple is very skillful, howeover he is merely a Martial King. Even many Half Immortals are just helplessly watching from outside, they can't do anything to the barrier.

Long Fangyu yelled : "If your Hundred Pagoda Sect removes the barrier, it will be judged as your failure to defend! Don't act recklessly!"

Qin Yun looked at Long Fangyu and said : "The rule only say that barrier can't be removed?"

Long Fangyu became very furious looking at the lion head and said with sneer : "If you have the ability to penetrate the barrier and save the little girl, then I won't say anything!"

Ye Yaoxue looked at Qin Yun and said in deep voice : "Can you really save her?"

"I don't know, I can only try!" Qin Yun placed his hand on the barrier, then used Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to try to penetrate the barrier. The barrier can defend against Divine Ability, so the attempt failed.

"A bit problematic, I can only use that!" Qin Yun said in his heart.

Long Fangyu suddenly felt worried and loudly shouted : "Quickly kill that little girl!"

Ye Yaoxue immediately yelled at Murong Yuwei : "Murong Yuwei, quickly run!"

After being tortured to this extent and experiencing such despair, Murong Yuwei's temperament also suddenly matured a lot. She is after all a peak Martial King, she abruptly rolled on the ground and moved away from her position.


Lin Chilong suddenly dropped down from the air, his feet filled with sharp thorns, as he stamped the ground. If Murong Yuwei did not dodge, her head would have been crashed. Qin Yun's body also overflowed with nine colored light mist at this time.

Hu hu hu..

Violent and ferocious energy wave suddenly rushed out from his body. An incomparably powerful King energy rushed out. People in his vicinity have been forced back several steps. Ye Yaoxue, Murong Tianzhe, Xie Wufeng, some Martial Emperors and even some Half Immortals are all looking at Qin Yun in incomparable shock. Even Granny Star is dumbstruck because that aura is really too scary.

Long Fangyu is also startled and stunned but he reacted quickly and shouted : " Lin Chilong, quickly kill that little girl!"

Murong Yuwei continued to roll on the ground to dodge, she also sensed that powerful aura penetrate through the barrier.

"You are dead!" Lin Chilong jumped into the sky and dropped down, countless sharp thorns can be seen coming down.

"Hmph!" Qin Yun let out a muffled groan, then the nine colored aura madly rushed forth and created a barrier around Murong Yuwei.

Those countless sharp thorns were all blocked by the barrier. The entire Hundred Refining Plaza exploded like boiled pot seeing this scene. Many Martial Emperors and Half Immortals are looking at this scene in shock. Someone has the ability to actually penetrate the barrier around the battle stage!

Qin Yun used Nine Extinction Dao Power within Nine Extinction Heart Sutra. 1st he used Nine Extinction Dao Power, then immediately used Nine Extinction King Power. This is a very strong and powerful energy intent. It can directly pass through barrier. Xie Wufeng and Murong Tianzhe's sword intent penetrated the barrier before. Energy intent is not at all energy, it is something similar to it. It is illusory and gives people a great mental pressure.

The Nine Extinction King Power Qin Yun just released is excessively powerful. Since he possesses Nether Moon mental power, his power output became this strong. Lin Chilong was bounced back by the protective barrier around Murong Yuwei.

Long Fangyu's expression abruptly changed, he cursed in low voice and yelled : "Lin Chilong, what are you doing? Quickly kill that girl!"

Qin Yun said with sneer : "You won't get the chance!"

Qin Yun's body trembled, his Nine Extinction King Power transformed into a shadowy person and rushed towards Murong Yuwei, then removed the sharp thorns from her throat.

Murong Yuwei coughed out a mouthful of blood and shouted : "I concede!"

Long Fangyu shouted at Lin Chilong who is now rushing towards Murong Yuwei : "Lin Chilong, stop!"

Opponent has conceded, Dragon Sect can only accept win and pull back. Lin Chilong also hatefully pulled back.

Qin Yun inhaled a mouthful or air and his body suddenly swayed a little. Everyone can see that after performing such action, his energy consumption is very drastic. Ye Yaoxue and Murong Tianzhe have been watching with fear and trepidation, now they have finally calmed down.

"Many thanks junior brother Qin for taking action, our Murong family will definitely thank you properly! Wait for this event to be over, I will personally visit you with gifts to thank you!" Murong Tianzhe cupped his hands towards Qin Yun. Murong Changwu and few Murong family elders also thanked Qin Yun.

"Just sending the generous gift will do!" Qin Yun waved his hand, he is almost unable to stand without swaying.

Granny Star promptly arrived beside Qin Yun, placed her hands on his back and channeled energy into his body to let him recover.

Ye Yaoxue's eyes flashed with curious light, she said : "Qin Xiao Yun, can you fight the 3rd battle?"

"No! My consumption is great, I can not fight!" Qin Yun replied.

"If you can win the 3rd battle, you can raise any condition!" Ye Yaoxue said again.

"Start giving resources to Star Traveling Pagoda from this year!" Qin Yun said.

"Impossible!" Ye Yaoxue refused.

"I am exhausted, I can not fight!" Qin Yun coldly groaned and said.