Chapter 964
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Chapter 964

Qin Yun and Granny Star are very angry but before them are the most formidable Half Immortals of 1st pagoda, so they can not do anything.

"You bunch of bastards, you clearly promised and now reneging!" Qin Yun said in deep voice : "Your 1st pagoda will surely regret it!"

"We never promised you! Has anyone heard us promise anything?" Yang Chongtian chuckled and said.

"Ye Yaoxue let everyone hear your voice recording!" Qin Yun said.

Xie Wufeng walked out and said : "I heard it!"

Murong Tianzhe also stood out of the crowd to help Qin Yun. He said : "Sect Master, it was indeed your voice, you instructed Ye Yaoxue to let everyone hear it!"

Yang Chongtian said with smile : "I never said anything with my mouth, it must have been forged by that little girl! Truly naughty..alright.. alright.. everyone disperse! Today Hundred Pagoda Sect defeated Dragon Sect again, our 1st pagoda's contribution is enormous, it should be clear to everyone!"

Now everyone present has seen the peak of shamelessness and that is Yang Chongtian.

Murong Yuwei furiously shouted : "What bullshit enormous contribution of 1st pagoda! Who among your 1st pagoda won? Only Ye Yaoxue! Clearly Star Traveling Pagoda contributed the highest but did not get anything for it and you even have the face to speak!"

Murong Yuwei is choking with bellyful of anger, she almost died on the battle stage and many Hundred Pagoda Sect disciples wanted her to die for their own gain. Yet now 1st pagoda says that their contribution is enormous!

"Little girl, I won't lower myself to your level!" Yang Chongtian said with face full of smile : "Everyone is tired, go back to rest."

He finished speaking and then soared to the sky along with a group of people.

Qin Yun said with cold voice : "1st pagoda, just wait for me! You did not give us the promised benefit, so I will make you bleed 10 or even 100 fold!"

"Ha ha ha.. we will wait for you!" Yang Chongtian laughed loudly. Other people from 1st pagoda also started laughing loudly.

Now many people are looking at Qin Yun and Granny Star as if they are looking at two idiots. Because Qin Yun did his utmost, struggled against a desperate tide and brought victory for Hundred Pagoda Sect. Yet now, he has been fooled by 1st pagoda, he has been kicked hard! Qin Yun is gasping, inhaling big mouthfuls of air, he is so angry that it is difficult to bear!

Xie Wufeng walked over, patted Qin Yun's shoulder and said : "Old boy Yun, cool your anger! The future is long, sooner or later we will find the opportunity to settle things with them!"

Qin Yun was fooled by Ye Yaoxue once, now it is the second time. Although he can not directly blame her this time, however, she must bear some responsibility as the chief disciple of 1st pagoda.

"Since 1st pagoda fooled me like this, they will have to pay the price!" Qin Yun coldly looked at Yang Chongtian and other 1st pagoda sect's people's back while firmly clenching his fist.

"Boss Xie, I will go back." Qin Yun said.

"Junior brother Qin, I will visit you with our generous gift." Murong Tianzhe said.

Qin Yun nodded and then left Hundred Refining Plaza with Granny Star.

Granny Star and Qin Yun returned to Star Traveling Pagoda very soon. On the way, Granny Star constantly cursed Yang Chongtian.

"Granny Star, it is my fault for trusting Ye Yaoxue too much, otherwise I would not be fooled like that!" Qin Yun said while looking at the worn out Star Traveling Pagoda, his tone is filled with self blame.

He thought he would be able to great amount of resources very soon but he did not expect 1st pagoda to be so shameless.

Granny Star consoled him : "Xiao Yun, you are so earnest towards Star Traveling Pagoda, I feel very content. It's no problem, we will have opportunities later. You are a powerful Inscription Master, with your capability, you will surely let Star Traveling Pagoda rise again. Honestly, this matter can't also be blamed on Ye Yaoxue. She really did not expect that bastard Yang Chongtian to be so shameless."

Qin Yun asked : "Why did Yang Chongtian agree before?"

Granny Star groaned : "They thought Hundred Pagoda Sect would lose in the Inscription contest. They were prepared for defeat so they agreed. But after we won, they naturally can not give up so much resources, so they decided to renege."

"Those bastards!" Qin Yun furiously punched the wall.

"Xiao Yun, you are very tired, go rest in Star Picking Pavilion." Granny Star sighed and said : "My and the other fellow disciples will properly take care of Star Traveling Pagoda."

Qin Yun nodded, he arrived at that small star through Starry Sky Teleportation Formation and entered the Star Picking Pavilion.

Murong family manor, in a comfortable living room, city master Murong is checking on Murong Yuwei's injuries with face full of worries.

Murong Yuwei is lying on a soft beast skin sofa. She said with delicate smile : "Grandpa, I have no problems anymore, the medicinal pill you gave me is very useful."

Murong Tianzhe and Murong Changwu is also standing by the side and reported to city master Murong about the events today.

"Grandpa, that lion head is really monstrous, not only his fighting strength outstanding, his Inscription level is also extremely high! Exactly what is his background?" Murong Changwu said with emotional sigh.

"He is the Venerable Master who tricked me before! Who can it other than him! His name is Qin Xiao Yun, has the same 'Yun' in his name, he must be the brother Yun!" city master Murong curled his lips.

Murong Yuwei almost jumped up, she yelled in alarm : "He is actually that immoral Venerable Master? He save me.. ahhh..! He should hate me very much, why did he save me?"

City master Murong said with smile : "Because saving you means I will have to reward him! Didn't you say that he reminded you multiple times to bring generous gift to thank him?"

Murong Yuwei lowered her head, her expression says that she is thinking about something.

"Xiao Wei, what are you thinking?" Murong Changwu asked with smile.

"I am thinking of Xie Wufeng and Kang Feiqing! Kang Feiqing said that it was Qin Xiao Yun who helped her breakthrough. And it seems like Xie Wufeng and Qin Xiao Yun has very good relationship, apparently they have known each other for a long time. Xie Wufeng suddenly broke through and became Martial Emperor, maybe it was Qin Xiao Yun who helped him!" Murong Yuwei somewhat emotionally looked at city master Murong and said : "Grandpa, maybe that guy can truly help people breakthrough to Martial Emperor!"

Murong Tianzhe said : "Qin Xiao Yun calls Xie Wufeng boss Xie, their relationship is not shallow! According to my understanding, it was impossible for Xie Wufeng to breakthrough so fast. It is extremely likely that it was due to Qin Xiao Yun's help!"

Murong Changwu said in amazement : "How did he accomplish that?"

City master Murong is deeply in thought, his eyeballs are moving rapidly. He said : "Tianzhe, you will bring Xiao Wei to hand over the gifts! Ask him, if he can truly help other breakthrough. what does he nee in return?"

"Alright." Murong Tianzhe nodded his head.

"Will there be some bad effect?" Murong Changwu said with worry.

"Since Xie Wufeng dared to do this, there will certainly be no bad effect!" Murong Tianzhe said.

"That immoral Venerable Master, he has been fooled by big sister Ye twice now, he must hate her to death!" Murong Yuwei said with sigh.

"Ye Yaoxue must have known that he is the Venerable Master and that is why she let him compete! They must have made some other agreements in secret. She must not have been able to foresee that Yang Chongtian would suddenly renege, this has nothing to do with her. That Yang Chongtian is truly shameless!" city master Murong said.

Murong Tianzhe said with smile : "This might be a good opportunity! Considering Ye Yaoxue's nature, she must be very angry at Yang Chongtian.. if Xie Wufeng challenges her now, she might decide to lose deliberately!"

City master Murong loudly laughed : "Indeed indeed! I will immediately call for Divine Sword Pagoda's pagoda master and inform him to properly prepare to attack 1st pagoda! With Xie Wufeng's current strength, maybe he can genuinely defeat Ye Yaoxue!"

Aside for Star Traveling Pagoda, every other pagoda's pagoda masters brought around 10 people and joined 1st pagoda's banquet. 1st pagoda is very happy because they managed to fool Star Traveling Pagoda this time. Everyone in Hundred Pagoda Sect knows that Star Traveling Pagoda has been swindled, they also know that Star Traveling Pagoda has a Venerable Master as their chief disciple. Everyone thinks that 1st pagoda is being foolish, they actually offended someone at the level of Venerable Master. In Hundred Refining Plaza, someone like Jin He was so respectful and deferential towards Qin Yun. Someone like Jin He who is at Great Master level, deserves great respect in Hundred Pagoda Sect, not to mention Qin Yun who is a Venerable Master. However 1st pagoda did not want to part with some resources and created enmity with Qin Yun. When Yang Chongtian and others were coming back, they only knew that Hundred Pagoda Sect defeated Dragon Sect, they did not know that a Venerable Master defeated Dragon Sect! But even after they found out, they don't care because they feel great amount of resources are more important.

Star Traveling Pagoda's dozens of disciples have all broken through in their cultivation and became very spirited. They are now very busy repairing the Star Traveling Pagoda. Star Traveling Pagoda obtained resources from Precious Dragon Pagoda, so now they have enough to repair the pagoda. Ye Yaoxue is flying towards Star Traveling Pagoda at night. She is wearing crimson colored sturdy clothes, her hair arranged into braids. After arriving, she saw that Star Traveling Pagoda now looks completely new, although it has an ancient aura, it no longer looks shabby like before. She slowly floated down in front of the gate of Star Traveling Pagoda. She saw that Granny Star is instructing other disciples inside in restoring process.

"Granny Star..." Ye Yaoxue let out a long sigh : "What happened was truly out of my control, I am very sorry..."

"Is it that bastard Yang Chongtian's idea?" Granny Star groaned : "Even if it is, you promised us as chief disciple of 1st pagoda, you also share the blame partially!"

Ye Yaoxue said with bitter smile : "I am no longer 1st pagoda's disciple."

Granny Star said in amazement : "What happened?"

"Fang Zhijin is now the chief disciple. Since I promised people without authorization and endangered 1st pagoda's benefits, I have been stripped of my position!" Ye Yaoxue said.

"Fang Zhijin? Isn't he the ranked 1st in Martial Emperor list? He is Yang Chongtian's grandson." Granny Star coldly groaned : "It seems like that bastard has abandoned you!"

"Since Fang Zhijin has achieved great success in his cultivation method, his strength has improved one step further! It is impossible for others in same realm to defeat him! Therefore, he has been assigned as chief disciple. If my guess is not wrong, Xie Wufeng wants to challenge me, they have miscalculated."