Chapter 966
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Chapter 966

Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue arrived at Star Traveling Pagoda's large reception hall. The reception hall has been renovated, although it still has the ancient aura and signs of vicissitudes but looks much better than before. Murong Tianzhe, Murong Changwu, Murong Yuwei, as well as Xie Wufeng are sitting here and drinking tea while waiting for Qin Yun. Granny Star is the first to enter with gentle smile on her face, then Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue entered following after. Murong Tianzhe and the others are startled seeing Ye Yaoxue here. They all thought Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue should be hating each other now but to see them walking so closely, they can not help but let their imagination run wild.

"Lion head, I really did not expect you to be that Venerable Master!" Murong Yuwei lightly groaned.

"Indeed and your generous gift is here?" Qin Yun asked with a grinning face.

Murong Tianzhe took out a box, opened it and said : "Take a look, you should be satisfied."

Qin Yun looked at thing inside the box and secretly felt very happy because that is a black crystal beast bone. Only the most formidable beasts with black beast spirit can cultivate black crystal beast bones. This is a very precious item, usually used to make King tier or even Half Immortal tier tools. Below Immortal tier materials, this is the best.

"I am satisfied, thank you." Qin Yun smiled and accepted the item.

"Yun old boy, the contradiction between you and senior sister Ye has been taken care of?" Xie Wufeng glanced at Ye Yaoxue and said : "I thought you would go find her and star a life and death battle!"

"It's taken care of." Qin Yun laughed : "Boss Xie, you are now a Martial Emperor, what is your plan now?"

Xie Wufeng looked at Ye Yaoxue and said : "I am preparing to challenge her!"

Ye Yaoxue's face is filled with smile as she said : "Why do you want to challenge me? I am not longer 1st pagoda's chief disciple, that position belongs to Fang Zhijin now!"

Xie Wufeng and Murong Tianzhe's expression slightly changed, they looked at each other in amazement.

"Is this true? Why haven't 1st pagoda announced it?" Xie Wufeng asked.

"1st pagoda should be announcing that later, they have already registered Fang Zhijin as the chief disciple." Ye Yaoxue said with smile : "There are several reasons why they made Fang Zhijin the chief disciple, for example, they have already abandoned me and then you have become Martial Emperor and they think you can defeat me."

Murong Tianzhe sighed and said : "Fang Zhijin is very difficult to handle. He is Yang Chongtian's grandson, he has been a peak Martial Emperor for a long time, he should be properly preparing for Half Immortal tribulation, why did he suddenly become chief disciple?"

Xie Wufeng said : "To make sure the chief disciple doesn't lose! 1st pagoda's pagoda beast and pagoda master are weaker than our Divine Sword Pagoda, only chief disciple is difficult to defeat."

Murong Tianzhe said : "Junior brother Qin, can you help peak Martial Kings breakthrough? Can you take a look and see whether or not you can help Xiao Wei breakthrough.. don't worry, the reward will be satisfactory!"

Murong Yuwei feels very disgusted in her heart because she never expected that this immoral Venerable Master would have such great ability, even Ye Yaoxue is now sitting very close to him.

"What kind of reward? Let's talk about that firs!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"5 high quality Regent Origin Stones.. although you have many of them, you are now a late stage Martial King, you will need a lot more of them later. So long as you can help Xiao Wei quickly become Martial Emperor, you will get 5 high quality Regent Origin Stones." Murong Tianzhe said.

"I will need to check the condition of her Dao Core first." Qin Yun said.

"How will you check my Dao Core?" Murong Yuwei asked.

"Stretch your hand, I will pour in my mental power to probe." Qin Yun said.

Murong Yuwei stretched her hand, Qin Yun grabbed it and started pouring in his mental power, he said : "Don't resist my mental power."

After pouring in his mental power, he discovered the exact situation very soon.

"I can help her breakthrough but she needs to absorb a lot of resources and you will have to provide them!" Qin Yun said.

Seeing how confident Qin Yun is, Murong Tianzhe and Murong Changwu are both very happy.

Murong Yuwei is also slightly excited, she very much wants to become Martial Emperor quickly. She hastily asked : "Approximately how long would it take?"

"It depends on you, at worst 1 month, at best 10 days!" Qin Yun said.

"Really that fast?" Ye Yaoxue is very amazed, she doesn't dare to believe it.

Qin Yun said with smile : "If you don't believe me, as boss Xie."

Xie Wufeng nodded and said with smile : "It's indeed that fast, moreover, there is no side effect!"

Murong Yuwei asked again : "Will it be very painful? I heard that when using some secret methods to breakthrough quickly, one would have to suffer great pain."

Qin Yun showed a mischievous smile and said : "No pain, completely safe! First give me the 5 high quality Regent Origin Stones to me."

He truly needs many Regent Origin Stones. Because his cultivation path is Nether Sun which is a bottomless pit. It is highly likely that when he breakthroughs to Martial Emperor, all the Regent Origin Stones he has will be sucked away. Murong Tianzhe also came prepared, he immediately took out 5 high quality Regent Origin Stones.

After Qin Yun is certain that they are indeed high quality Regent Origin Stone, he took out a talisman and said : "So long as your stick this talisman on a Regent Origin Stone, it will make the Regent Origin Stone release it's energy at very fast speed. This talisman can be used on roughly 20 Regent Origin Stones."

"Is it really that effective?" Ye Yaoxue said in amazement : "If it can really make Regent Origin Stones release energy at a very fast speed, it will indeed be very easy to breakthrough. However, the release rate must be over 10 times the original speed!"

Murong Tianzhe and others also don't believe it completely.

Murong Yuwei said : "One of my grandpa's friends can also make Regent Origin Stones release energy fast but it is not much. Moreover, he needs to use a large formation, how can a single talisman of yours can achieve that?"

Qin Yun handed over the talisman to Murong Yuwei and said : "You take out a Regent Origin Stone and give it try whether or not it is true!"

Murong Tianzhe took out a Regent Origin Stone and said : "Xiao Wei, give it a try."

Murong Yuwei stuck the talisman on the Regent Origin Stone. The Regent Origin Stone slightly trembled, a burst of golden colored light mist rushed as if a burst of gale blew through towards all direction. Aside for Qin Yun and Xie Wufeng, everyone else in the room are all stunned, they are agape and at a loss for words. They frequently use Regent Origin Stone to cultivate, they know what this kind of energy release speed signifies. Even Granny Star is looking at the Regent Origin Stone with gaze filled with amazement.

Qin Yun immediately took away the talisman and said : "Don't waste energy! When you cultivate, make sure you are in a sealed room so that energy don't spill out and are wasted!"

Murong Yuwei is started and speechless, she only nodded her head.

Murong Changwu deeply inhaled a mouthful of air and asked : "Venerable Master, is this talisman easy to craft? If I have a few of them, even me who is cultivating three Dao Cores, will I not be able to breakthrough quickly?"

Qin Yun sighed and said : "It is quite troublesome to craft them! Of course, if you can reward me properly, I will spend the time to craft some for you! Since you cultivate three Dao Cores, you will need even more Regent Origin Stones. If you have sufficient resources, you will surely advance by leaps and bounds and breaking through won't be a problem."

Ye Yaoxue secretly sighed thinking about how awesome this Venerable Master is. Not to mention Martial Kings, even Martial Emperors would need this talisman very much. She now rejoiced that she dissolved her contradiction with Qin Yun, otherwise she would have regretted it for the rest of her life.

"Oh that's right, don't spread this matter everywhere. My current strength is weak, if some very strong people with bad intentions come after me, it will be very troublesome." Qin Yun said with smile.

"We know." Murong Tianzhe nodded and said. The few of them now know that the title of Venerable Master can not be just used casually.

Xie Wufeng said : "Yun old boy, you beat back Dragon Sect and Hundred Pagoda Sect again gained great amount of resources for next ten years. Each time we win, 1st pagoda holds a competition and distribute large amount of resources to the winners! It will begin in a month, if you want to go, you must began preparing now."

Ye Yaoxue said : "We must go! The reward is very generous, after the competition, every time around half the rewards go to 1st pagoda disciples. Therefore, 1st pagoda very generously hand out resources as rewards!"

Xie Wufeng said with smile : "Yun old boy, if you go, you might be able to fish up some great things!"

"Alright! I will go when the time comes." Qin Yun said.

"Each pagoda can send maximum 2 people and their cultivation can be at most mid stage Martial Emperor level." Murong Tianzhe added : "Generally speaking, each pagoda sends 2 mid stage Martial Emperors, Venerable Master might suffer some losses if you go."

Qin Yun said with smile : "Call me junior brother next time.. also it won't be any problem if I participate in this kind of competition!"

Ye Yaoxue said : "Rest assured, I will go with you! There is no way you will suffer losses!"

Xie Wufeng and the others are amazed hearing Ye Yaoxue's words, she actually wants to help Qin Yun.

"Big sister Ye, you are 1st pagoda's disciple! Even though you are no longer chief disciple, helping him like this is inappropriate!" Murong Yuwei said in low voice.

"I am now Star Traveling Pagoda's disciple! Apparently, my choice is pretty good!" Ye Yaoxue sweetly smiled.

Murong Tianzhe and others are stunned that Ye Yaoxue actually left 1st pagoda.

Xie Wufeng said with smile : "You were just stripped off your position of 1st pagoda's chief disciple and you already entered Star Traveling Pagoda, it is too quick!"

Ye Yaoxue charmingly smiled : "Aside from Granny Star, I am the strongest inside Star Traveling Pagoda. Moreover, there is a Venerable Master here, there is no way I would be mistreated here. Don't you also want to join?"

"We will speak about it later. Our Divine Sword Pagoda is also very good!" Murong Tianzhe said. There is no way his heart is not moved because Qin Yun's talisman is very magnificent, if he could get a few for free, his cultivation would improve by leaps and bound.

"Let's go. We must begin properly preparing for 1st pagoda's competition!" Xie Wufeng said with smile. Then the few of them quickly left.

"Devil woman Ye, go find Mengshu, Xiao Tian and others, then bring them here. I have important matters to discuss with them." Qin Yun said.