Chapter 970
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Chapter 970

An old man loudly shouted : "Two disciples from every pagoda, follow me into the 1st pagoda. We will hold a test for the competition, if you fail to pass the test, you will be eliminated!"

1st pagoda will definitely pull some dirty tricks to filter out the other pagoda's disciples. Ye Yaoxue coldly glanced at Qin Yun, then pulled him along and entered the 1st pagoda. Qin Yun has also seen Xie Wufeng and Murong Tianzhe, they will be representing Divine Sword Pagoda in this competition. Disciples who can not participate, can only stand outside the gate and wait. Only the 1st pagoda disciples know the specific of the competition. This way, other pagoda's disciples can not prepare in advance and will also suffer big losses. 1st pagoda holds this competition to show that their disciples are far superior to other pagoda's disciples. Every time this competition is held, majority of the rewards are taken away by 1st pagoda disciples.

Qin Yun and the other disciples are walking through a narrow passage, the passage is completely black. He suddenly felt that he stepped on something, he lowered his head and discovered Zhang Yunping's three headed snake. And Zhang Yunping is right in front of Qin Yun. Qin Yun's mental power is very strong, if there is something on the ground, he can definitely sense it. Yet this snake is so strange that it could actually bypass his mental power and arrived under his feet causing him to step on it. Zhang Yunping abruptly turned around and struck with his palm. The palm power is so powerful that it caused the entire passage to tremble.


A loud sound echoed, Qin Yun loudly screamed, he felt incomparable pain in his body. His clothes have been torn apart, the skins on his body ruptured and in short few moments, he became completely bloody. He did not expect Zhang Yunping to attack because it is prohibited for people to fight within Hundred Pagoda Sect. Xie Wufeng and Murong Tianzhe are directly behind him, they immediately sheltered his fall. Ye Yaoxue is just beside Qin Yun, she really did no expect that Zhang Yunping would attack right in front of her eyes. She became furious, red light rushed out of her body and she sent a palm strike towards Zhang Yunping. Zhang Yunping has been prepared, as soon as he attacked Qin Yun, he immediately retreated. Several Half Immortal elders immediately took action because Xie Wufeng has also attacked.

"Zhang Yunping, what happened?" one elder loudly shouted, naturally, he saw that Qin Yun is injured.

"Zhang Yunping started a fight!" Ye Yaoxue furiously said as she pointed at Zhang Yunping.

"He deliberately stepped on my Three Spirit King Snake! I hit him in moment of desperation, I did not expect him to be so weak that he would be injured with just one hit! With just this little bit of strength he actually dares to participate in this competition!" Zhang Yunping said with sneer. He can see Qin Yun is seriously injured and feels very proud of himself.

"You.. you are a late stage Martial Emperor! You are ranked 11th in Hundred Pagoda Sect, he is just a Martial King, how can he resist your attack?" Ye Yaoxue furiously shouted, took out a saber and rushed forward : "Zhang Yunping, I will kill you!"

(TL NOTE : Yes, in last chapter author wrote that Zhang Yunping is late stage Martial King but now he is actually late stage Martial Emperor!)

"Enough!" an elder shouted : "Ye Yaoxue, you are no longer a disciple of 1st pagoda, yet you dare to be arrogant here?"

Ye Yaoxue immediately understood what is going on here, these elders and Zhang Yunping plotted this whole incident together. Although she is strong, she is merely mid stage Martial Emperor and no match for these Half Immortals.

"We are leaving, we won't participate in this competition!" Ye Yaoxue suppressed the anger and turned around to support Qin Yun.

Qin Yun took out some clothes and put them on. Star and Moon runes with healing capability are carved on these clothes, they will quickly stabilize his injuries. Although his face is pale, he very calmly said : "We will participate!"

Intense killing intent flashed through within his calm expression, especially within this dark passage, it caused people to feel their heart tremble. Even Zhang Yunping is secretly scared looking at Qin Yun.

"Sect master is here!" an elders suddenly said.

An old man wearing golden colored gown appeared, he asked in calm and collected manner : "What is going on here? Is someone fighting?"

"Pagoda maser, this is what happened..." Zhang Yunping immediately started describing the event to Yang Chongtian.

"Qin Xiao Yun, you trampled on Yunping's snake and he hit you, you are both even now!" Yang Chongtian coldly looked at Qin Yun and said in a severe voice : "If this happens again, I will kick you out of 1st pagoda!"

Qin Yun is very furious in his heart, he said with deep voice : "1st pagoda, I truly underestimated you!"

Yang Chongtian said with sneer : "Don't think that just because you are some Venerable Master, I will show respect to you! Let me tell you, I, Yang Chongtian has never looked up to any Venerable Master!"

Yang Chongtian is very angry because Ye Yaoxue left 1st pagoda, even more so after knowing she and Qin Yun are intimate. His grandson Fang Zhijin is obsessed with Ye Yaoxue. Since she left, Fang Zhijin has been very sad and angry. He even took out his anger on Yang Chongtian saying that Ye Yaoxue was angered by Yang Chongtian and left.

Ye Yaoxue very much wants to leave with Qin Yun because this is 1st pagoda's territory and the situation just now clearly shows that they want to kill Qin Yun. But she recalled that Qin Yun has the Pagoda Master Command, he is a pagoda master and relaxed a lot. If a pagoda master is killed inside 1st pagoda, then 1st pagoda will have very big trouble, they will be besieged by all the other pagoda. It was the same for Star Traveling Pagoda back in the day, after killing 1st pagoda's pagoda master, they were besieged from all side.

"Pagoda master Yang, if you want to kill me here, then be a bit careful, Star Traveling Pagoda's Star Origin Great Formation has been restored, Star Picking Pavilion is also functional as before!" Qin Yun voice contains a touch of threat.

Yang Chongtian opened his eyes wide in alarm, his eyes showing fear : "Consider yourself fierce!"

Other elders are also extremely scared. The disciples in the passage however doesn't understand what is going on. Star Origin Great Formation is the strongest location inside the Star Traveling Pagoda. Reportedly, back in the days, Star Origin Great Formation was the cause of greatest worry of all the pagodas. They could control this formation through Star Picking Pavilion and cause large stars to drop down, which is more than enough to destroy the entire Hundred Pagoda Sect.

"You bastard, if you dare step on my snake again, I will kill you!" Zhang Yunping can see how calm Qin Yun is and furiously shouted.

"If your snake ever come under my feet again, I will trample both you and your snake to death!" Qin Yun coldly said : "This time you are lucky! Remember my words, that palm attack of yours, I will return it to you!"

"What did you say?" Zhang Yunping furiously shouted and tried to punch Qin Yun.

"Stop!" Yang Chongtian's exploding shout jolted Zhang Yunping and caused him to shiver from head to toe and pushed him several steps back.

"What do you think you are doing? Zhang Yunping, if you act recklessly again, the one dying will be you!" Yang Chongtian glared at Zhang Yunping and hurriedly left.

Zhang Yunping doesn't know how terrifying Star Picking Pavilion is but Yang Chongtian knows. He also understands that it was Qin Yun who restored the Star Origin Great Formation. If he dies here, then Star Traveling Pagoda will disregard everything and perish together with entire Hundred Pagoda Sect. At that time, not even pieces of their 1st pagoda will be left, forget about enjoying all the resources.

"Proceed!" an elder yelled.

Zhang Yunping no longer dares to act recklessly, he is now quite scared but he is still very angry.

"Are you alright?" Ye Yaoxue looked at Qin Yun and asked with concern.

"No problem." Qin Yun said, he is taking long breath.

Xie Wufeng looked at Zhang Yunping, his killing intent completely exposed as he said in cold voice : "That bastard, I will kill him!"

Qin Yun said in low voice : "Boss Xie, don't act recklessly! This is 1st pagoda's territory, what we need to do now, is to take away their rewards as much as possible!"

Murong Tianzhe said : "We should move, this time, let us walk ahead!"

Xie Wufeng and Murong Tianzhe is now walking ahead of Qin Yun. Ye Yaoxue is still beside him as before but now she is very vigilant. She secretly blames herself, if she did not make Zhang Yunping angry before, he would not have attacked Qin Yun in jealousy. Moreover, she has been beside Qin Yun yet she could not react fast enough to block Zhang Yunping.

"What is the background of this Zhang Yunping? Will he participate in this competition?" Qin Yun asked in low voice.

"He was a mid stage Martial Emperor before, ranked 11th in the Martial Emperor ranking. It is mainly because others don't dare to challenge him that he managed to keep his rank for so long. After going through seclusion, he managed to breakthrough. This competition should allow at most mid stage Martial Emperor!" Ye Yaoxue said somewhat suspiciously.

Soon they arrived inside a large and spacious hall. There are about 200 hundred disciples here, majority of them are mid stage Martial Emperor. There is a very large golden goblet in this large hall, this is used for measuring power.

"This time, you will need to possess 10 dragon power to participate in the competition! If you can not reach that level, you will be eliminated!" an elder yelled : "Next the disciples of 1st pagoda will begin testing!"

Zhang Yunping walked forward.

The elder saw many people are doubtful, he said again : "This time the rule is different from before, late stage Martial Emperor's can participate this time!"

Hearing his words, many people rained curses in their hearts. 1st pagoda's two disciples are both late stage Martial Emperors. If they knew before, they would have also sent late stage Martial Emperors to participate. This way, 1st pagoda has the highest cultivation in this competition. Qin Yun already knew that the competition would be biased towards 1st pagoda disciples. But now, he saw a new level of shamelessness of 1st pagoda, they are cheating from the very beginning of the competition.

"Late stage Martial Emperor? I am not afraid!" Ye Yaoxue coldly said : "With me here they won't get 1st prize!"

That elder loudly said again : "In this test, whoever obtains 1st place will get a high quality Regent Origin Stone, 2nd place will get a mid quality Regent Origin Stone and 3rd place will get a low quality Regent Origin Stone!"

Since 1st pagoda's two late stage Martial Emperor disciples have highest cultivation, they will surely obtain 1st and 2nd place. The 3rd place gets the worst low quality Regent Origin Stone. Zhang Yunping proudly smiled, rushed towards the large golden goblet and punched with a very strong power. The goblet let out a dragon roar and then 30 dragon illusory image flew out of it. This is 30 dragon power, it caused an uproar among many people as they exclaimed in admiration. Ordinarily, mid stage Martial Emperor's possess 10-13 dragon power, the best among them possess 14 or 15 dragon power. And late stage Martial Emperors generally possess double dragon power that of mid stage. That means Zhang Yunping is the strongest among late sage Martial Emperors!

"Roughly how many dragon power do you possess?" Qin Yun asked Ye Yaoxue in low voice.

"I have not checked for a long time, so I am not too sure!" Ye Yaoxue said.