Chapter 973
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Chapter 973

Ye Yaoxue is also an experienced person, especially in this kind of situation, she is very vigilant. But she has not sensed anyone arriving. This caused her to not believe Qin Yun's words. She believes that her perception is stronger than Qin Yun since she is a formidable Martial Emperor.

"Are there really people coming? Why can't I sense them?" Ye Yaoxue said to Qin Yun through sound transmission.

"There are!" Qin Yun said in low voice. Then he held on to Ye Yaoxue, used Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability and entered the hollow trunk of a tree. Then he took out a mirror. Ye Yaoxue can see three black clothed people floating in the air through the mirror.

"They are Martial Emperors, as for exactly how strong they are, I am not sure." Qin Yun said : "They are just hovering in the air, it means they lost their target."

"Did you not destroy out energy aura while on road? How can they track us?" Ye Yaoxue looked at those three black clothed people in amazement.

"Look at their hands.." Qin Yun pointed at a man on the mirror and said : "Talismans.. those talismans have absorbed our aura, they can track us!"

"Then won't they discover us since we are hiding here?" Ye Yaoxue also knows about this kind of talisman, merely, she never saw them before.

"There is no need to worry, if they managed to discover us, they would have already came down. So long as we don't release our aura, they won't be able to find us, moreover, I have means to conceal all kind of aura!" Qin Yun said.

Those three people are flying here and there trying to find their target. Qin Yun himself can craft Spirit Chasing Talisman, even if aura has been covered up, his talismans can find target. But these three people's talismans are far weaker than Qin Yun's Spirit Chasing Talisman.

"I know them, they are indeed from 1st pagoda." Ye Yaoxue coldly said : "When we were testing power back in 1st pagoda, they stored our aura and then used it to refine these talismans to track us!"

Qin Yun said : "That is highly likely. 1st pagoda is indeed very shady."

Ye Yaoxue said in low voice : "I will go probe how strong they are, if they are too strong, we will run away."

"You want to kill them?" Qin Yun said with frown.

"Yes! They are Martial Emperors, they are very important to 1st pagoda!" Ye Yaoxue's eyes are filled with ruthlessness : "I want to kill them and let 1st pagoda know the price of playing games with me!"

"Alright, you go ahead. If you can not handle them, run away." Qin Yun said.

"You must hide properly, don't come out. So long as they are not the top ranked people of the Martial Emperor ranking, I can deal with them." Ye Yaoxue said.

Qin Yun nodded and let Ye Yaoxue out of the tree trunk. Ye Yaoxue is amazed seeing how easily her body can go through the tree. She is now clear how her underwear were taken away, it was due to this mysterious power. She directly flew to the sky, those three black clothed men also noticed her immediately.

"Who are you people? Who sent you?" Ye Yaoxue coldly asked.

"Where is that brat?" one of the black clothed man asked. They are all covering their faces so they can not be recognized.

"Answer my question first!" Ye Yaoxue yelled, a saber appeared on her hand.

"You two, deal with Ye Yaoxue! I will go find that brat!" that black clothed man said again, it seems like he is leader of this group.

Two black clothed men took out very simple swords and rushed towards Ye Yaoxue. In the blink of an eye, the two black clothed men began fiercely fighting with Ye Yaoxue. Energy collided, lighting up the dusky sky. Shock waves pressed down from the sky, causing the trees in the forest below to break down, it is as if they are being battered by a large waves of gale. The tree in which Qin Yun is hiding in has not been affected. Qin Yun is seriously looking at the battle through the Spirit Eye.

"Those two people are very powerful. It seems like Ye Yaoxue underestimated the enemy." Ling Yuner said.

"Indeed! The strongest Martial Emperors within 1st pagoda are not the ones within the Martial Emperor ranking!" Qin Yun said : "I will go lend her a hand."

"There is one guy who is not fighting and looking for you. Can you take care of him?" Ling Yuner said with smile.

"I will give it a try." Qin Yun is also not sure, after all, the opponent is highly likely a very strong peak Martial Emperor and moreover, still in a very vigilant state.

He took out the Lion King Cannon and put in 5 Body Securing Cannonball in it. He carved Body Securing Dao Runes on these cannonballs. All of these Dao runes have been upgraded from Xuan runes. Since he possesses Dao Lord Inscription Spirit, he can upgrade Xuan runes to Dao runes. According to Yao Fang, all the runes he obtained from Nine Sun Divine Soul can be continuously evolved into higher tier. Qin Yun has to earnestly study them to make it happen.

"Just 5 of them will be enough?" Ling Yuner is somewhat worried.

"It should be enough! Cannonball is filled with energy, the rune on it's surface can produce formidable power after absorbing the energy." Qin Yun said with smile.

His cannonballs are refined from Dao Cores and Beast Oil, they contain very powerful energy, causing the runes to release even more powerful energy. After he prepared the Lion King Cannon, he mounted it on his shoulder and quietly left the tree trunk. That black clothed leader has been looking Ye Yaoxue's fight from time to time, while he is floating above the forest and using his mental power to probe.

"Motherfucker.. that little girl Ye Yaoxue is truly too terrifying, she is actually holding on for so long!" that leader cursed in low voice.

Qin Yun is following behind that leader keeping several kilometers distance. Suddenly that leader sensed that something is following him and abruptly turned around. Qin Yun saw that leader turn around towards him and immediately shot 5 Body Securing Cannonball in a row. That leader was hit by several cannonballs in a row, his body became stunned and he fell to the ground. Just as where to regain control of his body, he was again shot by a few cannonballs. Each of those cannonballs can immobilize for a few moments but it was enough. Just as the leader has been immobilized, Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron arrived on top of him and covered him up completely.

"This bastard wasted 5 cannonballs!" Qin Yun received the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron, then released that black clothed leader in the 2nd pearl of Nine Sun Divine Soul so that Yao Fang can torture and interrogate him. Yao Fang loves this kind of thing, she is an Immortal King, there is nothing she can get out of people.

"He says he was sent by Zhang Rong." Yao Fang said.

"Many thanks, please give me his Dao Core, don't kill him yet!" Qin Yun said. Yao Fang very quickly gave that black clothed man's Dao Core to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun took out the martial spirit from the Dao Core and said with smile : "This is the Dao Core of a peak Martial Emperor, it should be very powerful!"

He loaded the Dao Core in his cannon and flew towards the area where Ye Yaoxue is fighting. The fight between Ye Yaoxue and those two black clothed people is very intense, they have completely flattened many mountains.

"This can not go on." Qin Yun is about a kilometer away from Ye Yaoxue, he sent sound transmission to her : "Senior sister Ye, if you continue fighting like this, maybe you will win but you will be completely exhausted. Quickly come to my side!"

"Why are you here? Quickly hide!" Ye Yaoxue is alarmed and anxious sensing Qin Yun is nearby and immediately replied : "Quickly run away! I will take care of them!"

"I have already killed their boss! Quickly come to my side! I will kill them in one hit!" Qin Yun said in urgency : "They are not the only group sent to deal with us, there are many more!"

At this time, those two people discovered Qin Yun.

"Where is boss? That brat is right there, why is he not capturing him?" one of the black clothed man yelled.

Ye Yaoxue saw Qin Yun has been discovered and lightly shouted. A red light ball flew out of her chest, it is her rune martial spirit. It is very big and it's interior resembles a a messy lump of interwoven lightning threads.

Boom Boom Boom!

That martial spirit is frantically revolving and with explosion, shot out many strange red lightning that formed a red lightning gale which rushed towards those two black clothed men and blew them very far away. Those two men felt pain all over their bodies but has not suffered any big damage, only, they won't be able to move for a period of time. In the dark night, a round light mist can be seen drifting at a high speed, this is the power released by the rune martial spirit. Ye Yaoxue took back her martial spirit and rushed towards Qin Yun. Just as she arrived beside Qin Yun, those two black clothed men who were blown away a few kilometers away, broke away from the binding power and quickly rushed over.

"We should quickly leave!" Ye Yaoxue hastily yelled.

"No need for now!" Qin Yun shot the Martial Emperor Dao Core through the Lion King Cannon.

Ye Yaoxue only saw a light flew out with a very fast speed which contains a very formidable and dreadful power. She immediately yelled in alarm : "What the hell is that?"

Qin Yun did not say anything, he immediately took out his Half Immortal shield, controlled it and made it bigger, then covered himself and Ye Yaoxue. After it has been shot, the energy inside the Dao Core became frantic and it's power increased by a lot.


The night sky has been illuminated by a burst of intense flash of light. Then arrived an intense explosion along with violent and ferocious flame that spread in all direction. In the blink of an eye, a radius of 2-300 li became an ocean of flame. A large pit, as wide as one kilometer appeared in the middle of of the explosion. This whole area became covered in intense flame that reaches up to several hundred meters. All the people in the vicinity have been alarmed by the explosion. Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue are floating above the flame ocean. Aura of those two black clothed men has already disappeared, clearly they have been killed in the explosion.

"Awesome! Let's go! We should begin catching Ghost Beast Emperor without delay!" Qin Yun said with smile.

Ye Yaoxue has stunned expression. She still has not managed to regain her bearing, when Qin Yun pulled her along and flew towards that huge mountain that had ice and snow covering it's top earlier, that ice and snow has already fell down because of the explosion earlier.

"What the hell did you shoot out earlier? That was too scary, even Half Immortals wouldn't dare confront it!" Ye Yaoxue is secretly fearful recalling the explosion just now.