Chapter 977
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Chapter 977

Zhang Yunping looked at Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue and said with smile : "You are really awesome, you can capture a Ghost Beast Emperor so fast!"

Ye Yaoxue stored the Ghost Emperor Pouch, then arrived beside Qin Yun and said in low voice : "Let's leave!"

Zhang Yunping's group are very baffled, they thought that Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue were killed before, they really did not expect them to be here.

"You can't leave! Do you know that I have not been hunting Ghost Beast Emperors just so that can I can catch you?" Zhang Yunping said with sneer.

"Zhang Yunping, you brought along 4 peak Martial Emperors as helper, you are cheating." Ye Yaoxue coldly groaned and said : "Not only you are cheating, now you also want to attack me?"

Zhang Yunping laughed loudly and said : "I am attacking you, so what? Ye Yaoxue, from today, you are mine, I will make you an obedient sex slave.. ha ha ha..."

Since he has the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet, Zhang Yunping's confidence is too inflated, he is not afraid of Ye Yaoxue at all.

"Ignore him, we are leaving!" Ye Yaoxue grabbed Qin Yun's hand and flew to the sky. She knows that the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet is very difficult to deal with, on top of that, there are 4 peak Martial Emperors.

"You can't run!" Zhang Yunping immediately became very angry seeing Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue are holding hands. Those few black clothed men flew over and surrounded Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue.

"I will deal with those guys!" Ye Yaoxue took out her saber, a burst of red light came out of her body.

She controlled the power of her rune martial spirit to form 4 stream of air that surrounded those 4 black clothed men. Qin Yun also landed on the ground. Zhang Yunping saw Qin Yun land and rushed over with excited expression. He took out a crystal bell and shook it. The bell produced burst of sound waves that transformed into white ripples and rushed towards Qin Yun. Qin Yun released Vibration power and jolt away those ripples.

"You bastard, you have a bit of a skill!" Zhang Yunping said with evil grin : "You did not die from my attack before, you should have properly stayed inside Star Traveling Pagoda but you actually dared to come out to court death!"

"Zhang Yunping, you attacked me before, so now I want to clear the account with you!" Qin Yun coldly said, then he took out the Half Immortal shield on his left hand and Nine Sun Divine Hammer on his right hand.

"Ha ha.. you are a very awesome Venerable Master, you have very powerful equipment. Today, I want to see how powerful your equipment are!" Zhang Yunping proudly howled with laughter. He feels that his Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet is very strong, enough to capture this Venerable Master in front of him.

Qin Yun said with sneer : "Comparing equipment with me? You are incapable of that!"

Zhang Yunping suddenly made his Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet larger, then made it flew to the sky. Then he said with smile : "Are your equipment Immortal tool?"

"Of course not!" Qin Yun chuckled. His Nine Sun Divine Hammer is actually a Divine tool.

"Then today, you are done for!" Zhang Yunping said with a proud and evil grin.


That large goblet fiercely dropped down and completely covered up Qin Yun.

"Ha ha ha... "Zhang Yunping loudly laughed and said : "Ye Yaoxue, your man has been captured by me yet you are still not surrendering quickly!"

Ye Yaoxue has been paying attention to Qin Yun's situation all along, she is very worried in her heart. Now she has seen Qin Yun being gobbled up by the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet and she is even more burning with anxious. But she recalled that Qin Yun has mastered a mysterious power that allows him to go through objects and immediately felt a lot relaxed. Ye Yaoxue is now releasing her power to the peak to resist those 4 peak Martial Emperors. Two of those black clothed people even been hacked a few times by her but she herself is not bit injured. Seeing Ye Yaoxue is completely unconcerned and still fighting as before, Zhang Yunping felt somewhat unwell. He furiously punched the goblet and made it produce trembling sound.

"Bastard, did you see? Ye Yaoxue is just a selfish woman. She now doesn't care at all about you to save her own life!" Zhang Yunping said with sneer : "And you actually believe that she has dedicated her heart to you! How ridiculous!"

Qin Yun said : "You are even more ridiculous than me. You have known Ye Yaoxue for so long, have you ever been intimate with her? Ever touched her hands? You chased her for so many years but you gained nothing. On the other hand, she took the initiative to kiss me, hold my hands, even bathed together with me!"

"Shut your mouth!" Zhang Yunping furiously punched the goblet again, causing it to produce trembling sound again.

"Ha ha.. do you know why Ye Yaoxue don't look favorably upon you? Because you are just a trash!" Qin Yun said with loud laughter : "You are a late stage Martial Emperor, yet you only got 30 dragon power during power test. And I am merely a Martial King who got 31 dragon power, I am stronger than you! Ye Yaoxue is not blind, why would she even look at a trash like you?"

"Just you wait.. after they defeat Ye Yaoxue, I will torture that bitch right in front of your eyes!" Zhang Yunping's eyes turned red in fury, his face has become twisted and his voice sounds like that of a crazy violent beast's.

"They will be killed by Ye Yaoxue! Then she will also kill you!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Don't be delusional! She will be captured! And you, no matter how talented you are, no matter how awesome you are, you, the Venerable Master will die miserably in my hands!" Zhang Yunping scratched the surface of the goblet and said while gnashing his teeth : "Rest assured, I will first let you see how I ravage Ye Yaoxue and then kill you.. ha ha ha.."

"A twisted guy like you will sure die under Half Immortal tribulation." Qin Yun shook his head and said.

"How can I die? Do you know that this Immortal tool is given to me by my grandfather? He blocked many Half Immortal tribulation with this Immortal tool. Very soon he will cross 7th tribulation, at that time, this Immortal tool will belong to me!" Zhang Yunping's expression is filled with pride and excitement as he laughed loudly and said : "And you, bullshit Venerable Master, will first see your woman ravaged by me and then will be killed by me!"

While Zhang Yunping is happily laughing, he suddenly sensed that Qin Yun has disappeared from within the goblet. As he turned pale in fright, he suddenly discovered that many tree vines shot out of the ground and completely entangled and wrapped around his body.

"You want to kill this Qin Yun? Go to hell and dream!" Qin Yun suddenly appeared behind Zhang Yunping, then swung his Half Immortal shield towards Zhang Yunping's head.


After being hit on the head, Zhang Yunping loudly and miserably cried out. His head has been split open and blood flowing out, he is completely dizzy. At this time, he suddenly felt extreme pain. A strange power suddenly poured into his body and made him feel like every part of his body is being torn apart by something, he howled and cried even louder. Qin Yun has unleashed his Suffering Divine Ability power to it's limit. Those black clothed men in the distance have already discovered that Zhang Yunping has suffered counterattack, they tried to rush over but have been blocked by Ye Yaoxue. One of them tried to recklessly rush to Zhang Yunping's side, he basically let go off defense and his body has been chopped in half by Ye Yaoxue's saber energy. The other three realized that it is almost impossible to break away from Ye Yaoxue, they can only keep fighting.

"My grandfather will not let you off..." Zhang Yunping loudly screamed.

Qin Yun hammered down towards Zhang Yunping's chest. His Nine Sun Divine Hammer released ferocious flame power that appeared with a scream that sounded like dragon cry and left behind a flaming burnt black hole on Zhang Yunping's chest.

"With your 30 dragon power, you actually wanted to capture me?" Qin Yun said with sneer. Then again smashed down with his Half Immortal shield on Zhang Yunping's head.

Zhang Yunping can only scream miserably in pain, he is completely unable to speak. He knows that he is about to die, he is incomparably frightened, he wants to beg for forgiveness but he is completely unable to speak a proper word. Qin Yun stored the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet into his Nine Sun Divine Soul and sent it to Yao Fang so that she can clear away the mental brand on it. Zhang Yunping saw Qin Yun take away the Immortal tool and felt very angry and extreme despair.

"Me and Yaoxue were properly hunting Ghost Beast Emperors, why did you have to come seek trouble with us? Even wanting to capture us? Now do you understand fear?" Qin Yun jumped up, then hammered down releasing violent and ferocious blazing thunder and lightning, it is as if a furious dragon is roaring.

Boom Boom..

That ferocious power rushed out through the Nine Sun Divine Hammed and enveloped Zhang Yunping. That ferocious thunder-flame exploded and turned Zhang Yunping's body into ashes in an instant. On Ye Yaoxue's side, only one black clothed man remains, other two have been cut into pieces one after another, each of them were cut into eight pieces. Qin Yun rushed over and picked up their Dao Cores. These are all peak Martial Emperor Dao Cores.

"Why are you running? Zhang Yunping is dead, don't you want to be buried together with him?" Ye Yaoxue coldly groaned and said. She looked at the last black clothed man who is running away and then moved in a flash. She waved her saber, chaotic and brutal saber energy chopped that black clothed man into pieces.


That black clothed man's Dao Core exploded in the air because it was hit by the saber energy.

"Any problem?" Qin Yun looked at Ye Yaoxue who is floating down as if a fairy descending in the mortal world.

Ye Yaoxue sweetly smiled and said : "No problem, what about you?"

"I am also fine." Qin Yun looked at the mess all around them and said : "This area is filled with many aura, especially your special energy aura, you will be detected very easily. Let's tidy up this place!"

"How do we tidy this place up?" Ye Yaoxue also knows that leaving behind even tiny bit of trace will be very troublesome. Since Zhang Rong has lost Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet, he will check every minute to trace and stake his life to find it. There is no way he will let this off.

"There is no need for you to tidy up, we will help you tidy up!" suddenly a cold laughter arrived from the sky.

"We will tidy you up together with this place!" another sharp voice arrived, the area also became somewhat cold.

An earth shattering killing intent enveloped the entire area. Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue are startled. They hastily stood their ground, they know what kind of people have arrived. They are Yang Chongtian's emperor killer team.