Chapter 979
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Chapter 979

Ye Yaoxue sensed the emperor killer team approaching and asked in low voice : "Xiao Yun, will there by any problem while we stay inside the formation?"

"Relax, there won't be any problem, just wait and see. You also won't have to take action!" Qin Yun took out the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet, made it larger and covered himself and Ye Yaoxue with it.

Yao Fang has already removed the mental brand on Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet. Then Qin Yun dropped blood on in to make it acknowledge him as master, plus, he is an Inscription Master, so he can easily control Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet.

Seeing how easily Qin Yun can control Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet, Ye Yaoxue said in amazement : "It has not been long since you got this, you can already use it? I heard that it requires blood sacrifice refining for a long time, moreover it takes a long time to remove the mental branding!"

Qin Yun said with smile : "That is just trifling matter to me!"

Ye Yaoxue laughed and said : "That is true, after all, you are a Venerable Master!"

Not long after, the 5 men of emperor killer team appeared and surrounded Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue.

"Ha ha ha.. do you think we won't be able to catch you if you hide under the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet?" the old man leader said with loud laugh : "You just obtained Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet, you are totally incapable of completely controlling it!"

"Big brother, we should quickly attack together and send the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet flying!" another man said.

"Alright, let's quickly attack so that we are not tricked by that brat!"

All of them began attacking immediately, frantic energy transformed into light balls and fiercely bombarded the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet.

Boom boom boom.....

A series of explosions sounded, then stopped after a while after continuing for a short period of time. The area around the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet has been enveloped in smoke and dust. However, Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet has not been damaged at all.

Qin Yun is startled in his heart : "This thing's power consumption is too big. Luckily it has been stored up with sister Yao Fang's Immortal power, if it were only just my being used, I would not be able to keep it active for too long."

Qin Yun's Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron is also stored up with Yao Fang's Immortal power.

Ye Yaoxue said through sound transmission : "Is your formation not working?"

Qin Yun replied : "It is still not the right time to activate it!"

Ye Yaoxue doesn't know what kind of formation this is, she can only wait and see. The 5 assassins produced a burst of gale with their attack and blew away the smoke and dust around the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet. Seeing Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue are completely alright, they are simultaneously angry and excited because it seems like Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet is much stronger than they imagined.

"Continue attacking, use your strongest power this time!" the eldest brother who is leading yelled : "Give it all you have, kill them!"

The 5 assassins of emperor killer team suddenly released extremely powerful energy causing the earth all around to suddenly begin shaking.

"Is this the effect of your formation?" Ye Yaoxue somewhat anxiously asked.

"No, it is the result of formidable energy released by them." Qin Yun replied.

Ye Yaoxue's expression slightly changed, she said again : "Xiao Yun, exactly when can your formation be opened? Can it really kill of them?"

She is very clear about how strong emperor killer team is, moreover, their equipment are also very strong, even Half Immortal's won't be able to easily kill all of them in one go.

Qin Yun said with smile : "Relax, the power release by my formation is very dreadful."

"Let's combine our attack, we will surely be able to blow away the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet and jolt them to death!" that elder brother shouted in excitement : "So long as we kill them, that goblet is ours!"

The 5 assassin's attacks have become more and more powerful, ground began shaking even more fiercely, wind and cloud in the sky began roaring. After this 5 peak Martial Emperor's converging their power simultaneously, it is enough to kill Half Immortals. Ye Yaoxue's complexion became grave, she can not help but feel very tensed since she knows nothing about Qin Yun's formation. But she saw how serene Qin Yun's expression is and gradually became calm.

"That's enough!" Qin Yun sensed those people's aura and said in his heart. Then he closed his eyes and began activating the formation.

"Senior sister Ye, it's begun!" Qin Yun said.

"Now?" Ye Yaoxue looked all around, she is very looking forward to the power of this mysterious formation.

But after waiting for a while, there is no movement. The area is still filled with those 5 people's frantic energy. Those 5 people are very certain that Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue are unable to run away, so they are now taking their time to again condense their energy. Suddenly, inky black cloud appeared in the sky that has been originally dusky. The dense black cloud churned, it looks like a crazed devil baring fangs and brandishing claws in the sky, it is a very scary scene.

"What is this? Is this the power of your formation?" Ye Yaoxue looked at the movement in the air and said in fear.

After the inky black cloud appeared, a very dreadful power pressed down. This power pressure is the Heavenly Might.

Qin Yun said with smile : "This is not the power of the formation, this is what the formation drew in! Those guys are peak Martial Emperors, they are almost in the state of going through tribulation. The purpose of my formation is to bring down Half Immortal tribulation for them!"

Ye Yaoxue is immediately startled and dumbstruck, she is just blankly looking at the lightning dropping down from the sky unceasingly.

"Big brother, what is going on?" an assassin looked at the sky and yelled in fear.

"Not good, this is Half Immortal tribulation!"

"Half Immortal tribulation? But it should not be the time for us to go through Half Immortal tribulation!"

"Maybe because we combined our power together, it's might became too strong and brought down the tribulation!"

"Impossible! This has never happened before!"

Qin Yun suddenly laughed loudly and said : "Dear friends, it was me who helped you bring your tribulation ahead of time! You are all wearing helmets, so I can not see your appearance but from your voice, I can tell that you are all very old! Therefore, I believe you all have been stuck in this bottleneck for many years. So I went ahead a crafted Tribulation Attracting Formation for you all! I used the energy condensed by you just now and drew in the Half Immortal tribulation! Dear friends, your strength is so formidable, you will surely pass the tribulation and become Half Immortals. After you become Half Immortals, you will live for 20000 years! Ha ha ha.. there is no need to thank me! We are all disciples of same sect, this is just a slight effort from me! You should properly cross the tribulation!"

"Son of a bitch!" the leading old man furiously bellowed.

But only Qin Yun's clear laughter can be heard back. All the assassin's bodies are shivering but it is unknown whether or not they shivering because they are angry or afraid or both.

Boom boom boom...

Tribulation thunder continued dropping, they are very thick, very bright and very noisy. Tribulation thunder drove away all the remaining energy from the 5 assassins and all of them are enveloped by the chaotic tribulation thunder.

Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue are safe inside the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet. But they can still sense the dreadful momentum of the Heavenly Might. Ye Yaoxue is tightly holding onto Qin Yun in fear. She is usually very fearless but now, observing the Heavenly Might of the tribulation thunder, she is scared and terrified. It is not that she never saw anyone go through tribulation but she saw it from very far away. But now she is in the middle of the tribulation, it is as if she is directly looking at the abyss of despair. She saw many Half Immortals die under tribulation thunder before, saw their bodies turn into pieces of meat, so she is very afraid of tribulation thunder.

Qin Yun cursed in low voice : "Devil woman Ye, why are you grabbing me so tightly?"

Ye Yaoxue is frightened and anxious, she said in low voice : "We are in the middle of the tribulation thunder, won't we die?"

"Don't act, you are just pretending to be scared to take advantage of me!" Qin Yun tried to shake off Ye Yaoxue's hand.

"I... I am truly scared!" Ye Yaoxue stamped her foot.

"Fine!" Qin Yun stopped paying attention to her and began seriously sensing the imposing aura of Heavenly Might.

He closed his eyes and entered a very tranquil state, he seems to be completely in peace with himself as he kept sensing the profoundness of this dreadful imposing aura. When he was watching old Feitian's tribulation before, he gained some understanding of Heavenly Might. And now, he is at the heart of the tribulation thunder, moreover he is very safe, so he can calm his heart and earnestly comprehend Heavenly Might. Even though he possess the Heavenly Might Dao Technique, he is unable to master it. For a long time, he has been trying to find a method to comprehend Heavenly Might. Ye Yaoxue has no choice but to admire Qin Yun, under this kind of situation, he can actually close his eyes and stay still calmly, he is not at all intimidated by the Heavenly Might.


Tribulation thunder kept dropping unceasingly without any sign of stopping. Those 5 assassins are going through Half Immortal tribulation in the same place. Power of the tribulation thunder is much stronger than the tribulation of a single person.

Qin Yun is not intimidated by Heavenly Might, he wants to control Heavenly Might, he can not be afraid of it. Now he, who is in an empty and spirit like state, suddenly have a very strange feeling. This kind of feeling is very wonderful, apparently it can allow him to condense some kind of power.

"Could it be that I have comprehended it?" Qin Yun opened his eyes, his body slightly trembled and a dreadful Heavenly Might rushed out, even Ye Yaoxue cried out in alarm. She has been originally holding onto Qin Yun but now she is so scared that she dodged away.

"Success?" Qin Yun is somewhat doubtful but he suddenly recalled the mnemonic chant of Heavenly Might Dao Technique : "Comprehended 1st layer of Heavenly Might Dao Technique, Heavenly Might Vast and Mighty. It can allow Heavenly Might to be incorporated into all kind of energy. Not only it can make one's power stronger but it also adds an effect that can intimidate spirit and mind!"

Qin Yun rejoiced in his heart because he has comprehended Heavenly Might Dao Technique. Even though it is only 1st layer, it is still worthy of being proud. It must be known that even Immortals like Xie Qirou and Yao Fang are completely helpless in front of the profoundness of Heavenly Might Dao Technique. One not only needs perception but also needs a proper opportune moment to comprehend Dao Technique.