[Chapter 11]
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Squeezing the trigger, a loud pop noise echo in the hallway, and a bullet casing drops to the floor. Blood squirt from the bodyguard belly on the left as he falls to the ground, I aim my gun to the second guy. As the man slide out his firearm from between his belt, I pull the trigger on my silent pistol, and the bullet shot out from the barrel then go through his hand into his stomach. Both of them scream in pain as they fall to the floor while pressing on to their wound.

I drop the pizza box then shoot them both on the head and blood splatter to the wall along with bits of brain matter. Two possible scenarios that are going to happen at this hallway in the next few minutes, first, the other bodyguards in the penthouse are going to come out and attack me. Second, the reinforcement from downstairs is going to come up and also kill me.

I can't fight both sides at the same time, or their number will overwhelm me. So I need to pick one, I choose to face the reinforcement first, I slide the tire iron out from my sleeve and rush to the door, where I slip it into the opening of the handles and keeping the door lock. I holster my handgun back between my belt.

Handgun alone can't defeat the reinforcement that's why I need a distraction. While I look around, I spot a red small rectangle label on the wall, I rush to it and read the label 'Press against in case of emergency'. I press against the panel beneath the word, it pop opens a hidden cabinet, inside of it are a fire extinguisher and a fire hose reel.

The reel turns as I bring the fire hose with me to the elevator door. The small screen on top of the elevator, show the '17th floor', I pull on the fire hose and leave it behind as I run to the valve. While I make my way back to the reel, I see somebody is trying to open the penthouse door but fail.

The elevator let out a ding, but before I could turn the valve. Somebody choke holds me from behind. I didn't realize there was someone in the bathroom, and I didn't check, damn it, Andre. I try to struggle out from his choke hold, but fail because his strength overwhelms mine.

"Schas po ebalu poluchish, suka, blyad!”

I let out a grunt as I watch the elevator door slowly opens then my eyes glance at the pipe-valve. With all my strength I kick the valve and let the water flow out in full force, but it also pushes me back along with my attacker. The guy behind me slam into the bathroom door and break it from the hinges. The hose whip around in the hallway like it has a mind of its own when the elevator open, the nozzle spray water at the six men who just come out from the lift, and get lash with the hose when they get near it.

That should occupy the enemy reinforcement for a while, I elbow the man behind me and cause him to let me go. I turn around to face him, and he barrages me with dozen fist of fury, but I manage to block some of it. His attack causes me to take a couple of steps back to the valve, but I see an opening and kick his knee causing him to drop to one knee.

I grab the fire extinguisher and aim the hose at him. I squeeze the trigger, and nothing came out, I look at the pressure indicator, and it's in the red. When I look at the expiration date, it tells me that the fire extinguisher has expired a month ago.

"Idiot!" He says while lowering his hand from his face with a mocking smirk on his face.

I hit him in the head with the fire extinguisher and knocking him out, "You suppose to renew it before it expired."

The bullet pierces his brain after I take out my handgun and shoot him. When I turn around to face the six men, I take out my other pistol and start laying fire at the struggling men.

The water splash everywhere along with blood as one by one of the six men fall to the floor, I empty my handgun magazine at the men then after the deed is done, I reload both my handgun and holster it back. Water and blood soak the entire hallway floor and wall. I shut off the water then jog to the dead bodies to grab a submachine gun and a shotgun.

I recognize the firearms from video games because I remember it is called an MP5, and the shotgun name is Tac-14.

The door struggle even more after they hear the gunfire in the hallway, I look upon it and slide the submachine gun Sling over my shoulder. The weapon dangle near my chest, I pull the shotgun fore-end, loading a shell into the chamber and breathe in as I push back the fore-end.

I get closer to the door and shoot a couple of rounds into the door. I hear a girl scream inside of the penthouse and a couple of body fall to the floor. I kick the tire iron out from the door handle and kick the door open. Bullets fly through the door and hit the wall across the doorway.

"Blayd!!" The Russian man screams out.

"Check the door!" I could hear someone giving the order.

When a man gets closer to the door, I kick his weapon out from his hand and press my shoulder against the man chest then blow his brain out with the shotgun. Bit of his head splatter up to the ceiling then I hold his body upward and use it as a meat shield as I push on into the penthouse.

Bullets plunge into his body, some of them escape his body and leave a cut on my arm. I bring the dead body along with me to the next room in the right then I drop the body and kill the man inside of the gym room. Another man walks into the room, and shoot my shotgun out from my hands. I roll to the half wall in the middle of the room and use it as a cover.

I press my back against the wall then switches to the MP5. The blacken wide-screen TV in front of me shows the enemy reflection. I use it to aim my gun without poking my body out and shoot him in the stomach. The man falls to the floor, and blood splatter to the wall behind him. I carefully make my way to the third door in the room at the far right side of the room, Reaching the door, I turn the knob and push it open causing a flurry of bullets to go through the doorway.

There a few broken mirrors in the room, I look at it and use the reflection to see how many there are in the central area. There are about six men in the room. Three of them are using the couch and half wall as a cover, behind them, are the see-through glass wall with the view of the city. Two of them are on the stairs, and one of them is in the open kitchen area.

One of them throw something at me, a cylinder shape canister, I use the gun and hit it back into the room. A blinding light encompasses the entire room, and a loud deafening ring fills my ears. A massive headache strikes my head as the terrible noise shake my eardrum, but I push through and use the opportunity to enter the living room.

I shoot the man in the kitchen, and his body drops to the floor then I slide to the couch near the man that throws the flashbang and kill him with a few shots. I squeeze the trigger and spray the bullets in a horizontal line, taking out the two men behind the couch across of me. I also manage to take out the man hiding behind the half wall.

A bullet leaves a cut on my thigh causing me to let out a grunt then I bring the nuzzle at the staircase, and kill the last two man. Their bodies tumble down the stairs and leaving a trail of blood. In the corner of my left eye, I see an older man with gray hair, wearing an expensive suit and holding a shotgun. I jump away as the shotgun blast destroy the marble fireplace beside me.

"Who do you think you are?! You come to my son house and kill my men! Blayd!!" A thick Russian accent accompanies those words.

He keeps shooting at me as I run through the living room, trying to find cover. I try to return fire, but the MP5 run out of ammo a short while ago, so I throw it away and take out my silent pistol. Using the handgun, I fire a couple of bullets at the man, but he takes off into a run and hides behind a thick wall.

"Who sent you!? The Haitian? The Yakuza?!" He asks aloud, but I ignore his question as I focus on the injuries on my leg and arm.

This man is too old to be Boris. He must be the Russian mob boss and Boris's father.

The wounds I sustain are throbbing, and the pains are spreading everywhere throughout my body. I'm tired, my legs are cramping, and I want to finish this. Suddenly the room became quiet, I look beside me and see the old man aiming a shotgun to my face.

"Die!" He says, but I rush to him and push the barrel away from my face.

The shotgun went off beside my left ear, a loud deafening ring tremble my eardrum to point of I couldn't hear anything else. I press the barrel of the silent pistol on his neck and squeeze the trigger. A hole appears in his throat, blood squirt onto my face and drip down to his chest. Soaking his white shirt with blood as he let the shotgun fall to the floor and takes a couple of steps back. Shock along with terrifying thoughts on what going to happen next plague his mind.

He falls onto his back and the gunshot noise echo in the desolate penthouse.

The loud ring in my ear prevent me from hearing that noise, but as it clear up, I stand up and walk to the stairs. Stepping over the body, leaving a trail of bloody footprint behind me as I climb the stair to the second floor. I check all the room for Boris and find no one, but there's a room that I haven't check yet.

I hear a clicking noise behind the door, and I step aside avoiding the hail of bullets that pierce through the wooden door. There's a vase on the stand right next to me, I push it over causing it to break when it hit the floor and making it sound like I get hit by the surprise attack.

I hide beside the doorway as the door open, the barrel of MP5 poke out from the door, I grab it and hit his nose with the butt of the handgun. He falls to his butt with a bleeding nose, I throw his firearm back into the hallway and walk into the bedroom.

He tries to take out another handgun, but I shoot him in the foot causing him to scream in pain and prevent him from reaching it.

"Take your gun out and toss it away," I say in a calm manner as I point my gun at his head.

"Okay!" He takes out his gun carefully and tries to aim at me, but I shoot his finger off, and he tosses the gun aside unwilling while screaming.

He screams and screams as the blood from his new fingerless hand, wetting his palm entirely.

"I warn you, Boris."

"Who—are you?!"

"I'm nobody."

"What?... Why are you here?!"

"I'm here because you kill Daisie... I'm here because I couldn't forgive what you did and I'm here—to finish what I started."

"I don't know any Daisie?!"

That's sentence alone cause me to feel something inside, like an itch in my heart, I don't know what it is, but I know what it wants me to do. I shoot the man in the leg twice causing him to cry out in pain.

"You can forget about me, but don't you dare forget about her. You kidnap her and kill her in the middle of the woods, three years ago!" I raise my voice.

"Three years ago... your that kid, the coma kid." He let out a smile.

"Why are you smiling?"

"It wasn't just a normal kidnapping, it was a debt collecting, and her father sold her to us to pay for his debt! You massive idiot! And judging by your face, you didn't know, didn't you?" He coughs out a laugh as if that statement is hilarious to him.

Mr. Pierre sold her to pay for his debt?

He must be lying.

"I don't trust you."

"I'm telling the truth, ask him yourself." Boris let out a smile.

My fingers dig into my injured hand and squeezing blood out of it. There something inside of me that makes my heart tighten, and beat loudly and causing me to want to hit something.

Is it rage?

The man that is sitting on his butt in front of me keeps on smiling with a sense of victory.