Arc: 2 [Chapter 3]
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Tiny bubbles. Large bubbles. So many soap bubbles are filling this large round wooden bathtub, my arm in deep the bubbles until it reaches the soapy water underneath. I squeeze the sponge underwater, letting it absorb the soapy water and bring it back up then start scrubbing the harpy back gently.

"Achoo!" Tiny bubbles fly off Agnes small nose after she sneezes.

"It getting in my eyes, Andre help, please." Her wings wet with water, preventing her from wiping away the soapy water off her forehead. I let out a smile as I watch the cute Harpy trying to lift her chin to stop the foamy water from trickling down to her eyes.

I let the sponge fall back to the bathtub and dry my hand on a clean cloth. Then using the same clean fabric, I wipe away the foamy water off Agnes's small forehead.

"There you go, all better?"

"Yep, thank you." She sinks deeper into the tub causing the water to flood out.

I reach for the sponge again and continue washing her back. Some of the Griffins watch us as they lay on their hay bed, the fragrance from the soapy water and the gentle breeze blowing somehow calm my soul. I love this peaceful and beautiful place, it makes forget about my worries such as who I am or why is it so empty in my head.

"Lift your right wing."

Agnes lifts her right wing, and I begin to scrub away the tiny twigs and leaves stuck in her feathers. As I wash the harpy wing, a thought fly by my head, I wonder why did Adrestia sudden anger came when I mention the god name 'Zeus' in front of her. Did something happen in the past between the two of them?

"Too rough!" Agnes yelp, I didn't realize I was scrubbing too hard on her wing.

"Oh sorry! My mind was elsewhere."

"It's okay... It's not like I have a spare wing back home..." Agnes sarcasm put a smile on my face.

"I said, I'm sorry—I'm not used to my strength."

"Humblebragging much?"

"Can't help it, did you see my guns?" With a smirk, I show off my bicep, and I can see Agnes roll her eyes to the side in annoyance while a smile form with her lips.

"Anyway, what were you thinking about?"

"I'm thinking about Miss Adrestia. I wonder how long is her meeting will be?"

"Three days minimum."

"Three days?!"

"Yep, all of the gods, from below to above gather at Mount Olympus and discuss important stuff. However, I'm pretty sure that's not what you wanted to ask."

I hesitate to ask at first, but the desire to know the past push me on, "Miss Adrestia get mad when I mention"

"Ohh... You mean 'Zeus'... You mention his name here, in front of her face?" Fear is visible on Agnes' face as she asks the question.

"Yeah..." My hand stops scrubbing and my face downcast with guilt.

"It was scary when she got mad. I didn't mean to offend her or something."

"Huge mistake, but who can blame you. You didn't know anything about Adrestia past."

I raise my chin while my eyes set on the Harpy head, "Can you tell me what happens between Adrestia and him?"

"It's not my place to dig up somebody else past."

"I need to know Agnes, please."

Agnes let out a sigh and shake her head, "Once upon a time, there was a young beautiful female goose in peacefully living in her lake fill with others beautiful geese, but one day, a youthful, arrogant, ignorant, lusty, male goose took an interest to her."

"So the male goose tries to court the female goose, but the female goose wants no part of him and has no desire to upset the male goose wife. However the male goose was relentless, he wouldn't accept no for answers, and he keeps on harassing her until she had to run away to another lake."

"She tries to runs away from the male goose, but no matter how much she runs or hides, there was no escape from the male goose. The male goose got to her and—let say there was something unspeakable happen."

"After his desire is satisfied, he leaves the female goose alone."

Silent fills the short minute before Agnes continues, "He leaves the female goose feeling violated and tainted."

"Shit..." I curse my ignorance.

"However, the story doesn't end there. The female goose lay an egg, an egg that was not supposed to exist."

"An egg that she cares so much that she had to abandon it because she doesn't want the egg to catch the ire from the wife of the male goose. She doesn't want it to suffer as she did, so she had to left it."

"To keep the secret, she knows that she had to stay away from her daughter, to never see her, to make sure she had no connection to her."

"Adrestia had a daughter? The painting! It's Helen of Troy, isn't it?"

"Helen of Troy is her daughter that's why she had a painting of her in the Parthenon."

"I can't deny or confirm. I'm only telling you a story of two geese."

"How do you know what happens?"

"Do you know that gods and goddesses gossip? I puzzle in what I have heard from the whisper and talk among the gods."

"What happened to him? Did no one do anything after what he did?"

"Don't be stupid, Andre. He is the king of the gods. No one can stand a chance against him."

"So...they just let it go and continue like nothing happen between them? That's..." I want to scream my frustration and anger but, I hold it in.

"Can't we do anything about it?"

"We? We just met, I don't know anything about you. Besides, it happens a long time ago before I was born, and why do you care? It got nothing to do with you."

"I won't stay quiet, not after the terrible story you unfold before me. It doesn't seem right to let it go—I don't know why, and I don't care. Goddess Adrestia punishes the evil, bad deeds, and hubris of man. However, nobody penalizes the god for his wrongdoings if no one is willing to do it then I will."

"Besides, she picks me out of an infinity of soul that's probably better than me in many ways. I think—I don't know if it is random or she picks me specifically, but whatever it is, I'm willing to make her proud and help in any way I can while paying her with everything I have for the chance she gave me."

"You're so naive, are you willing to do that for everyone?"

"Not everyone, but only for the people that I'm close too, including you."

"Me? I'm a stranger, and we just met." I can hear the skepticism in Agnes's words.

"You keep saying that, but it's not true for me. You are the first female friend I ever made, and I'm very thankful for that. Thank you, Agnes, for your friendship."

"A candidate befriends a monster—you are weird, really weird. Deciding me as your friend without any discussion. You are so strange you know that, right?" I could see Agnes's cheeks blush with pink while a cute pout appears on her face.

"There is a way to get back at Zeus, but you only have a 30/70 chance of getting this work."


"We telltale."

"Telltale to who?"

"Zeus mother, Rhea, the mother of Olympian gods and Goddesses. One of the Titans."


"Beings exist before the Olympian gods, massive and powerful beyond measure."

"More powerful than the Olympians gods?"

"I have no idea, but from what I heard, maybe not strong enough since Zeus was able to defeat his father Chronos, a titan. Look, I don't know much about the gods past and all that, but I do know where Rhea is."

"Where is she?"

"In a deep slumber at the Blessed fields."

"Where are the Blessed fields?"

"In the underworld."

Her answer stuns me. The underworld? The place where Hades rule, and the place where the dead rest. I would be crazy to go there, every monster known to man are there, it would be suicide. However, I let out a giant smile on my face because I know something about myself.

"I'm not afraid," I whisper to myself.

"What?" Agnes couldn't hear the whisper coming out from my mouth.

"Let's do it." Agnes could see the confident smirk on my face causing her to let out a smile.

Agnes rises from the tub and lets the soapy waters descend from her wings down to the wooden container. Some of the water splash out from the bathtub and drenching the bottom of my pant. I step away to prevents my trouser from getting even wetter.

"Also, I'm not a female. I'm a boy." Agnes turns around to face me while shaking her wings to dry.

"There no need to lie to me, you're cute as heck, there is no way you could be a boy."

She lifts the bottom part of her feathers revealing something that I was not expecting, and my eyes widen in surprise while my mouth agape in shock. Agnes is a boy—and my eyes burn with the image of something that I don't want to describe.

Agnes cover his private with his feathers again, and a smirk appears when he sees my stun face.

"I'm gonna unwind a bit..." I flail my hands, gesturing nonsense at the empty air in front of me.

"It's not that surprising," Agnes snickers loudly while I turn around and lie on the ground trying to make sense of it.

After he dries his feathers and after I strengthen my mind, Agnes leads me through the forest and to the edge of the island where the land end. The small pebble fall as I take a step closer to the end, looking down, I could see a long way descend until it meets with vast empty oceans.

I can still taste the salty air on my tongue. I can't believe it at first, but here we are, on a floating island on top of a vast ocean.

If I fall and hit the water from this height, my body would shatter, it as if I hit a brick wall at high speed. I should be careful near the edge, my feet take a step back where it safe, but as for Agnes, he spread his wings, closing his eyes while the strong winds blow against his body.

"What are we doing here?"

"You need weapon and armor if you want to travel into the underworld."

"And what it got to do with this?"

"There a portal down below that lead to Mount Olympus."

"What portal?" I try to look down and see nothing except for the oceans.

"It's hidden, but it's there. It what I use to travel between domains, don't you worry I am an expert on this." He stretches out his neck as he opens his eyes again.

"Do you trust me?" Agnes asks with a grin on his face.

"Trust?" His wing slam on my back pushing me off the cliff, I try to grab onto something but fail miserably.

I can feel the air pulling on my cheek as the wind enter my mouth while I scream for help in my way down to meet the flat oceans. The blast of wind begins to dry my eyeballs causing me to blinks a lot of time to keep it wet again. My heart pulsates to the point of explosion as I get closer to the body of water while both of my arms and legs stretch out to the empty air around me.

Everything begins to blur as I bring my arms in front of me to protect my head from the solid water. Just I was about to hit the water and break everything in my body, I close my eyes and wait for the inevitable. However, it didn't come as I feel myself still falling.

When I open my eyes, I'm in awe at the massive floating mountain in the distance and the ray of light that shines on it. The sight that I witness is straight out of a fantasy book as I could see a row of Parthenon, even more, bigger and complex than Adrestia's own, built on the side of the mountain and circling it.

Amazement replaces my fear as I keep gazing at the magnificent mountain. When I look down, I realize there is no end at the bottom because there is only the eternal night sky below me, I could fall forever until the end of time.

Two large talons wrap itself around my biceps and slow my fast descend. When I look up, my eyes meet a feathery friend with a smirk on his face as he feels amuse at the fear that I just felt earlier. With my amazement gone, the thrill of rush steps into my heart and filling it.

"Woooooooooo!!!!" I scream with joy.

"Let do that again!"

"Later, but first, we need to get you some armor and a weapon."