Arc: 3 [Chapter 2]
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I open my eyes to a warehouse unbeknownst to me, but as I come to my senses, I finally realize that someone had tied me to a chair and soaked me with gasoline. When I raise my gaze, I couldn't recognize the young man that stands before me, but his cold eyes are familiar to me. A sudden headache spruces up inside my brain, I close my eyes and grit my teeth as I try to withstand the headache.

Suddenly, I feel the rise in the temperature around me, and when, I open my eyes again, the young man is nowhere to be seen. However, a claymore planted into the concrete replaced where he stood.

A muffled voice caught my attention, so I turn my gaze to the right and shock to see Agnes tied to the chair beside me. He screams my name while his mouth is gag by a cloth.


Another muffled scream caught my attention, so I turn my head to the left and find Daisie tied to the chair just like Agnes. She tries to wiggle out of her restraints.


I keep looking at both them while I try to escape myself, then despair slowly crept up to me as a wall flame begin to envelop the entire warehouse and making its way toward us.

"Don't worry, I'm going to save you!!" I put all my strength in an effort to break the restraint, but the more I struggle, the tighter the rope becomes.

Someone suddenly places a hand on my shoulder, I look behind me, it's the same young man with cold eyes, "You can only save one...pick wisely."


"Don't hesitate or you lose both of them."

"What? You don't have to do this! Help us!" I begged of him to release us.

Scream of terror from Agnes and Daisie vibrate my eardrums to point of breaking. I turn my gaze on both of them, and I was too late. The fire had licked their whole body, and nothing was left except for blackened bones. Their look of horror froze eternally on their faces, I can feel their eyes on me, blaming me for my failure.

"N-No...I didn't have enough time. No! No! Please! I didn't have enough time..."




I wake up again, eyes widen, but this time, I was laying on the bed, naked with a single blanket resting over my body. There's a tear on my cheek, then I finally realize that it was a nightmare. I rotate to my side, then my nose is immediately bombarded with the remnants of her fragrance.

I try to find her at my side, but she is nowhere to be seen, instead, I can hear the sound of sizzling pan outside of the bedroom. However, The smell of something delicious being cooked drifted into the bedroom, I instantly recognize it; bacon, and eggs, maybe some fried vegetables.

Daisie must be in the kitchen.

However, before I get out of the bed, I look around me, seeing only dirty clothes on the floor and a handheld game console on the table with a solar charger attached to it. Then with no one looking at me, I plant my face into the sheet and inhale her sweet scent as much as I can. Her scent is somewhat addicting to me, I just couldn't stop sniffing the sheet.

"Do I smell good?"

My eyes widen, and after slowly moving my face away from the sheet. I lay on back and turn my head to look at her with a guilty smile on my face.

"Weirdo... besides why smell my sheet, when you can sniff me all you like," A half grin forms as she walks closer to me and takes a seat at the edge of the bed.

Her purple, loose and see-through lingerie stir my animalistic instinct to tore her dress and pleasure her entire body. She leans in for a kiss, our lips meet, but I pull her to my side and embrace her.

Our noses boop together, but when I try to get close for another kiss, she presses her finger on my lips, "After breakfast, okay?"

"What if I don't want to wait?" My eyebrow perks up, waiting for her answer.

"Hmmm...that might be difficult, about we take a shower first then breakfast?" She bites her bottom lip as her lustful eyes bore into me.

"Quite the tempting offer...but I don't know..." I let out a moan as she reaches for my flower under the blanket, "Now, ahn...Mhm, how could I resist that?" I said while breathing heavily.

I lift her up and bring her to the bathroom. After reaching under the shower head, I press her up against the tile wall, she turns the valve and let the water run down our bodies. My bosom press against her, and rubbing each other perky towers.

Upon my lips reached her neck, I could see several of my love bites, marking her as mine. I suck on her neck, sending a shiver down her spine and begin leaving another mark.

I reach under her drapes and begin twirling and pinching as hard as I can. She keeps on moaning, I couldn't tell whether she is wet because of me or because of the water pouring on us. However, the more she moans, the more hot and dripping I become.

Her erotic moans are more than making me aroused, it's like a switch to me, the moment I hear it, I couldn't help but get more and more turned on. There's no question that she is Aphrodite’s candidate.

After she reaches her sweet release, it's her turn to do me. She turns me around and forces me to lean forward and down while presenting my thick ass up to her. She licks her lips and spanks my bum as hard as she can, leaving a red mark. I bite down my bottom lip and endure the painful pleasure.

She spanks and spanks again.

Then after a couple more, she use her three fingers and force it into me, I let out a moan as she slides in and out until I achieve a euphoric release.





Time went by without us noticing it after we get to the dinner table, the food had gotten cold and had to be reheat again.

A plate of bacon, eggs, and stir fry vegetables are ready for me on the table. I look at Daisie, seeing her nervous smile as she waits for me to taste it. I gaze at the stir fry and see the slices of cucumbers among it.

Grabbing a fork, I jab the slices of cucumber and bring it closer to my lips, "This isn't the same cucumber that we used last night, right?"

"What's wrong if it is?" A half smirk appears on her face.

I swallow it whole and start chewing it eagerly, "Nothing, I don't mind it..." I said through a full mouth.

After I swallowed it, she asks, "How is it, can you taste me?"

I squint my eyes and let the flavor roll on my tastebuds, "Hmm, I think...I can taste you..."

"Pfft!" Daisie burst out giggling as she looks at my serious face.

"I didn't use the same cucumber. That would be unsanitary."

"Aaww, that was disappointing..." My shoulders droop while a small frown appeared.

"Don't look so bum, weirdo." She keeps on laughing, I look at her joyous face and let out a smile. After a short second, I burst out laughing, joining her giggling.

"However, the stir fry is salty as heck."


"I think you put too much salt in it."

She quickly grabs a fork and tastes the vegetables herself. After tasting it, she presses her palm against her forehead and let out a groan, "I forgot to taste it beforehand. Sister Wendy even wrote 'to taste it first' on the recipe she gave me. I'm really sorry, Andre. Here I was ready to impress you with my cooking skill. Damn it, Daisie."

"It's okay, don't sweat about it. I'm already impressed, I don't know you can cook."

"Hmm? What are you saying? You already tasted my cooking before."

"I did?"

She looks at me confused, "Yes! Did you forget?"

I place down the fork and stare at the stir fry with a downcast look. My heart is telling the truth, she does know me, should I ask her? I'm afraid, that she might feel different about me if she found out. But I can't pretend to know her, I can't lie to her face.

"Daisie..." I look at her with uncertainty in my eyes.

"Yes?" She looks at me suddenly realizing that something is amiss, " going on?"

"I-I can't, no, I don't have any memories of my past life whatsoever. The oldest memories I have is the time I awoke on Adrestia's island."

"You are kidding right?" Daisie couldn't believe what I'm saying.

"I'm not."

"W-What?...that's not possible, you're not a Pure-born, and Half-born always has the memories of their past life."

"I don't know the reason why. I was hoping that you could fill in the blank."

"I could, but can I ask you something you feel the same way that I am toward you or is it just me?" She looks at me with concern in her eyes.

"Give me your hands." I take hold of her hands and stare directly into her eyes.

"The moment, I laid my eyes on you, there's not a single doubt in my mind that I have fallen in love with you."

A tear of happiness drip down her cheek, and all of her doubts and fears banished by a single statement. Relieved wash over her, and with a loving smile on her face, she tightens her grip over my own.

"I'll do my best to tell you everything I know about you."

The tales spun from the beginning to the ends on how we met, how close we are, whose my parent were, whose her parent was, every single shortcoming I had, every quirk I had, and every single detail until to the tiniest unimportant information that she knows about me.

The atmosphere darkens and becomes depressing as she told how she died and how I died that night. It was an SUV that killed me, driven by the criminal that kidnapped her. However, the way I died doesn’t seem right to me as if something was missing or amiss like there is more to the story than it seems.

Except, how could I ask her? Look at her, I can tell that this isn't easy for her, the pain in her eyes shows how much of that accident affected her, even now. So I end the story there and turn my gaze at the bacon.

I break the bacon strip into two thin strips and put each one at the corners of my mouth. Daisie looks at me, confused by my actions. Using my skill of mimicking other people voice, I do an impression of old Vampire, "Blah, Blah, Blah, sorry for sucking the joy out of the air. Blah..."

It catches a few giggles out of Daisie, and I take that over nothing. I take hold of her hands and she takes hold of mine. Her hands are quite small compare to mine and her smooth skin is a pale contrast to my rough skin.

Daisie holds my hands tighter, "I love you."

"I don't."


"I'm just kidding..."

She smacks my hand, and pout her lips.

"I love you..." I said as I stare into her eyes, and her pout disappear.

After that, we simply make sweet love to each other, slow and attentive rather than our wild and hot scene, we did it not because of lust, rather to comforts each other.


The clock ticks as time move along.


The afternoon passed when we finally wore our clothes again and readied to go out. Outside of the house, I wait for Daisie on the last steps as she closes the door behind her. I turn around and notice the same red-haired woman across the street. She stares at me and I nod my head as a greeting.

The woman let out a big smile and blush a little when she looks at both of us, "Good evening, Miss Andre and Priestess Daisie."

"Oh evening, Zyrina." Daisie greets as she walks down the steps.

Daisie notice my awkwardness, and turn her gaze on the red-haired woman, "Did you offer coitus to Andre?"

"Of course, Priestess Daisie."

I panic as I try to explain myself, "I wasn't expected someone, you know?! I did see her naked...I mean, you are way beautiful, ahh...I should shut up now."

Daisie giggles at my flustered, "It's okay. It's normal here."

"It's what?"

"Come on, I'll explain it to you on the way." She grabs hold of my hand and starts pulling me away.

Zyrina stop us, "Wait, Priestess Daisie, is Miss Andre?"

"Yes, she soulmate." She hugs my arm and lean closer while resting her head on my bicep. My cheeks blushed red after she calls me her soulmate.

"One more thing, Priestess Daisie, if you would like, I could please both of you."

My eyebrow perk up, "Wait, what? I mean we....." I look down at Daisie, and she has this kinda mad, but not, faces as she looks at me while I consider the offer.

"That's very kind of you, Zyrina, but no thanks."

"Wait, really, I mean..." Daisie hit my breast out of irritation.

"Okay, fine...We'll think about it."

"Ugh, come on, you nymphomaniac." Daisie pull me away and off we go toward somewhere.

"Where are we going again?"

"To get you a new outfit! Look at what you are wearing now."

I look down at my damaged clothes, "Oh yeah..."