Book 3: Chapter 32: Lord: Training and Making Rails
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Well it’s time for another otherworlder training section. Thankfully there won’t be any outside activity today, if there’s anything I don’t like about the whole teacher gig is definitely how long it can be.

“Alright everybody! It’s time for training! No slacking off or risk death!” I said that jokingly. I won’t kill them nor have any intention of doing so, however I wouldn’t be surprised if the human side has some sort of radical idea they’re trying, I have my own but I very much try to consider the well being of my test subjects.

Now everyone began splitting off to their appropriate master. I of course still have that boy and girl here, seems pretty strong compared to the rest and both seem to be at least somewhat aware of my status as the most skilled.

I have my training spear by me and ready to use it. Honestly I think these two are really fast learners so I don’t think I have much else to teach, since I’m not particularly skilled in any melee weapon outside of katana.

“Alright then you two, I think we should have a bit of a rehearsal. It’ll be both of you against me!” I said as I ready my stance and tightened my grip on the spear. The two are also silently readying themselves. Now which side is going to make the first move I wonder.

Guess it’s gonna be me.

*Dash* *Swing* *Parry*

I stepped forward and towards the boy, swinging my spear at him which got parried, if due to the fact that I’m holding back. I backed off a little bit and saw how they reacted to that.

*Swing* *Thrust*

The girl swung her sword at me while the boy quickly recovered from the stagger and thrust his spear at me.

*Evade* *Spin* *Swing* *Evade*

I dodged both of the attacks then spun and swung my spear about towards them, which they also dodged.

Now there’s about three meters distance between us which is not a lot. They seem unsure of how they should approach me as the first time they did it it didn't work out well for them.

*Spin* *Evade*

I spun my spear around again going towards them, which they dodged and continued to run away. 

I take a defensive stance as I observed their movement or rather their lack thereof. They know I’m just a bit too strong for them even when I hold back to ever even get a hit in, I would say this time around it’s more about trying than not. I’m the final boss for crying out loud, they will go against me as the story inevitably progresses, as time doesn’t wait for anybody.

“Come on, if you can’t even dare to face me, what's the point? You two will face off against the Demon Lord soon alongside the rest, show some courage!” I provoked them as I continued to stay in the same position and wait for their move.

“What a strangely worded phrase” Suddenly someone behind me said those words and knocked out my concentration. Who is it? Oh… it’s her.

“Can’t you take the wind out of my sail like that?” I said as I turned to look at her, holding my spear straight up and touching the ground.

“Sorry I suppose. Still that’s just a comment I made, don’t be too mad over it” She said as if taunting me. Has she already figured it out? We did fight yesterday and she seems knowledgeable on this subject, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case.

She recovered in just a single day, that’s pretty impressive considering she’s just a human. I am a vampire with the level of regeneration one would expect along with the power of the Demon Lord on top of that, so recovering in a few minutes is expected.

“Haaah… Feels like you always get in my way at the worst time… Anyway let’s continue” I said that as I turn back to face the two.

“Now now. I feel like I just need to test the water a bit myself. I feel a bit rusty so I would like to join as well” Reiza suddenly said so as she brings out a pair of swords. It’s not the same unique pair when we fought, but simply two common swords of the same shape and size. She does know we’re practicing right?

“H-Hold on, if you’re doing that can’t you at least use the practice swords? We’re training over here! We have plenty!” I said, feeling concerned that she might use real weapons for this. Umm… Do I go get them myself? I think I should!

“That's fine” She said in a bored tone as I walked to the storage and picked up two practice swords. 

*Throw* *Catch*

I threw both at her at a pretty high but not top speed. She stores away her two regular swords and catches them easily.

“So will you be on their side or what?” I asked her as I walked back to them.

“I’ll be on yours” She said so very bluntly much to the horror of the two. I wasn’t expecting that either.

“Isn’t that a bit unfair?” I asked, feeling like this is going to be overkill. Both of us will certainly hold back, but her performance yesterday shows that she’s around my level in combat capabilities, not physical just overall combat effectiveness. This is the definition of unfair.

“It’s because it’s unfair that we should do it. Unless the stake is high enough they won’t try anything” She said as she readies herself and glaring at the two trainees. I wouldn’t say this isn’t appreciated but it certainly feels like it came out of nowhere. Maybe she’s trying to check her state at this point? I doubt she makes a full recovery, or at least it’s hard to determine, so perhaps she’s doing a bit of an activity to figure it out? Seems possible and it’s better than an alternative of her trying to sabotage me somehow.

“That’s fine with me… You two?” I replied as I looked back at the two trainees with a bit of a sadistic grin on me, the cornered rattlesnake is after all rather entertaining.

I turn to face them, with Reiza doing the same thing. It’s two-on-two and they can’t try anything cheap and safe when they no longer out number the opposition.

They’re clearly not happy with the sudden turn of events, if I sufficiently held back enough they could easily parry and retreat with no problem for as long as needed, now with two people that plan isn’t going to work so well, how sad for them.


Both Reiza and I immediately went in and targeted different people. I go for the boy while Reiza goes for the girl.

*Spin* *Block* *Swing* *Block*

We both went in a little bit faster than what I did before and overwhelmed them, swinging and spinning quickly not allowing them to parry, only blocking.


“Guh!” I kicked the boy away and dealt a serious blow in the process. If he’s not hurt he’s not gonna learn.

*Block* *Block* *Block*

Meanwhile Reiza is going in on the girl. She’s furiously slashing away at her leaving no clear opening for the girl to take. At this point she might make her completely exhausted and not be able to act at all.

*Thrust* *Step*

While I was watching the boy thrust his spear at me, which I dodged by stepping to the side.


At about the same time Reiza swung one of her swords aiming for the girl’s head. She’s very ruthless right now.


The girl barely managed to block at and save her head.

*Swing* *Block*

The boy swung the spear that was next to me towards me. I blocked the swing with my own spear holding it vertically. The spears clashed as neither of us retreated ours just yet.

*Swing* *Evade*

As Reiza retreated her swung sword the girl immediately went in for a slash. Unfortunately for her Reiza reacted way too fast for the whole spar to be fair and stepped back before it could connect.


I leap onto the other side of his spear still holding on to my spear. It’s honestly like an Olympic thing but I’m not familiar with it. I’m a gamer not a sports enthusiast.

I stepped back a little bit so we both have some breathing room, not that I need it but he certainly does.

We both held our spear forward ready for some fencing. This is now a match of who can overwhelm the others while keeping their distance. 

*Dash* *Swing* *Evade* *Roll* *Block*

Meanwhile Reiza dash towards the girl at blitzing speed and swung her swords. The girl barely managed to dodge that by stepping to the side, fall down, and then roll a bit with the momentum she has before standing back up again, then almost got slashed at since Reiza doesn’t give her any breathing room, opting to block the incoming attack. 

Well right now I should focus on fighting the one in front of me. This will be a learning experience for him.

*Thrust* *Evade* *Swing* *Strike* 

I thrust my spear forward in which he dodged and responded with a horizontal swing that pushed my spear aside and caused a loss of balance.

*Thurst* *Evade*

I stepped in the direction of the misplaced spear and barely dodged his thrust. 

*Thrust* *Jump* *Stomp*

Now he has done something a bit unorthodox. I thrust my spear at him from a downward angle. He dodged it by hopping and stepping on the spear, weighing it down with his own body. It was unexpected that I actually lost my grip on it.

*Throw* *Smack*

Reiza threw one of the swords at the girl and hit her right in the chest. While not fatal for an obvious reason she still got hit in the chest, that ought to be painful. As for this boy here, who sighs in relief.

“Not bad. Unfortunately-” I said as I-

*Dash* *Slam*

Sprinting at high speed I also hit him in the chest, with my elbow.

He silently kneels down in pain unable to continue. He looked at me with a bit of fear in his eyes.

“Disarming me doesn’t mean much” I said as I pulled him by the collar and set him straight up and standing.

“Done on your end as well?” Reiza asked as she walked over while the girl was in pain. Feels like both of us have the same idea and went with it. We were quite brutal just then.

“Yep” I replied as both of them staggered toward us. I think we’re being brutal enough for the day. I feel like they earned their rest for the rest of the day, assuming the damage to their chest doesn’t cause heart failure or something.

“[Pain Breaker | Reconstruction]” Reiza chanted those words towards the two. I can tell what the point of those words are as the command for the mana to follow. [Pain Breaker] to reduce the pain, and [Reconstruction] to fix any possibly broken part of the body. A much more specific healing spell that simply [Heal] I have been doing. 

She’s quite a healer it seems. Probably one of the reasons why she recovered from yesterday’s damage so quickly for a human. Speaking of which most of the damage on her was self-inflicted, she doesn’t get hit by me even once. She pulls out more than a few tricks I didn’t expect at all, and it’s clear her human body can barely handle them despite clearly being above any normal human.

If I were to do those things I probably wouldn’t be anywhere near damaged from them, not unaffected but at least not to the point of sudden collapse for certain, no way in anything that using those clearly broken and reality breaking spells won’t cause some severe backlash that even a demon can’t handle.

The two look at Reiza in bewilderment. Yeah those spells are anything but a joke, so of course they act that way. Magic is wild.

“Okay then you two. You can both either go learn from the others or take a break. You two deserve it” I announced ready to take a break myself. If only because the presence of someone makes me feel a bit restless.

“Thank god” The girl said with a sigh of relief, while the boy didn’t say anything.

Both of them left, leaving us two to ourselves… at least it would if other people didn’t observe the whole event.

“Why are you all looking at us like that?” Reiza asked the question for me. Tilting her head menacingly with a glare at them. Everyone immediately caved at her question and all went back to their own training.

I cross my arms and look around to make sure no one is still watching us. Then looking at the woman beside me, are we enemies or not at this point? I’m not even certain. I was so impressed at her techniques yesterday I just sorta forgot about the whole killing her business… It doesn’t help that there’s a feeling of familiarity with her I can’t quite put on. Considering she doesn’t outed me immediately I think she’s safe for now.

“What? Are you thinking about yesterday?” She asked, trying to not sound too serious. I guess she’s trying to not make me revert back to the killing mode or whatever. 

“A bit” I replied with a sigh. I feel like I both can and cannot read this woman. At first glance it feels like something is clearly up with her but beyond that it’s impossible to tell. She doesn’t give me much to go on, and it doesn’t seem like her companion knows much about her either for some reason.

“Well if we both just forget about it I don’t see the reason to be enemies honestly. Doesn’t look like you’re trying anything funny with my companion nor do I have any intention of trying anything funny in that forest as well” She said casually and calmly, breaking any possible tension. 

“Sounds good. I don’t think I need for things to be more complicated than they already are” I replied. Just her existing here is a massive wrench. The fact that someone on the same playing field as us was summoned could potentially screw things over, if she wasn’t surprisingly chill about the whole deal I would definitely try to kill her the first moment possible.

“Feels like the problem lies with you more than me” She snarked with a bit of a smug tone. She’s definitely using the leeway of me being unable to act aggressively less I make a giveaway. I’m not sure what she exactly figured out to make her say that but I know for certain this is not the place to ask.

“Well if you weren’t here I feel like it wouldn’t be a problem for me in the first place” I said with a sigh. This woman certainly likes to snark at me.

“Perhaps” She replied unapologetically. She certainly has quite the nerve to say that with a straight face. Am I that big of a target to snark at?

Now what else is there to say? I certainly don't have anything, and I feel like I want some alone time to reflect on the things happening so far. I set the time to next month, and I should have a plan for before and then.

“Well at least we agree to stay out of each other’s way for now. Can you give me some alone time?” I asked her, hoping to end the conversation.

“Sure. I have other business to attend to anyway” She said calmly as she simply walked away. What exactly could she have been doing in these past few days? Something heroic? Something questionable? I have no idea.

With her gone now I should recount things so far… It’s not much for now but perhaps there’s something to be done with them.

Those higher ups really are doubtful of my words, and that can certainly be destructive to the others of their own kind if they make haste due to their doubts. Thankfully I am not the only one thinking this so they should keep quiet on that consideration at least. Not that the secret meeting where the king shoo everyone out except for those close to him makes this seem likely. I need to investigate that, and Reiza might do the same as well.

Next is the experiment I have. Enchanting and corrupting. If done right I could have an army all to myself at the end, the looks on their face will be a wonder sight to behold… The way I said it certainly makes me look a bit fishy and that is to be expected, and while I could simply take someone off the street or something to try things out, if I announce it first they should be more trusting of me instead of me just announcing a solution out of nowhere.

What else… Rosia is still trying to bring that to our side. It was simply for her lust and nothing else, she is a succubus after all, and I could tell that her normal personality without that is still that of a deviant. She loves the pleasure of doing it with other women and much more emotionally invested in those sorts of things. I could ask her to stop since I am the one on top and always will be, but honestly… it’s not not-entertaining to watch… I am not as big of a degenerate as her that much I could say with certainty. She is unapologetic doing it with those still in the dungeon and considering their previous state I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re quickly broken. It’s horrifying but I don’t feel all that bad.

All of those considerations and everything happening so far… Nothing too off the rail thankfully, and I will maintain that until the final day. The humans shall suffer and despair. Even without much destruction I will find a way to make sure they will not be triumphant, their loss shall be my entertainment, and the otherworlders are there as my audiences.

The protagonists are doing well for now on the rail.

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