Dire Situation 1
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I headed towards where Rosela and Naga were . They were waiting beside the carriage .

Rosela was rocking Naga in her arms trying to make him stop crying.

"Are you okay?"

*Waaaaa* * Waaaaaaa*

"Yes I'm fine ,but Naga won't stop crying."

I threw a look bat the little guy. He was crying like there was no tomorrow and didn't seem to be tiered at all. 

The little guy had grown up to very well . Excluding the high fever he had the first month the other time he just acted like a normal baby.  He drank milk, slept, cried and pooed a lot like a healthy baby should.


Taking into consideration the time since I had rescued Naga , six months had passed. The year here was 1.5 times more long than that of Earth's but the growth rate of the humans here was consistent with the time flow. This means that the human inhabitants of this world grew 1.5 times slower than the humans of earth which also means that they also lived longer.


I pinched his cheek lightly.

"What's the matter little guy? Did those bad monsters upset you?"

*Waaaaa* *Waaaaaaa*

"Don't cry dady will take care of them , okay?"

Surprisingly he stopped crying and looked at me in the eyes. His eyes were so pure and Innocent.

"Shhhh ,shhhh..

Onela wiped his tears away with her sleeve and then continued to rock him back and forth until he fell asleep in her arms.

"You wait here for a little longer while I go settle things."


I left Rosela and headed towards Girg.

"What's the situation right  now?"

"I'm not totally sure but there has been a surprise attack by....these creatures. They appeared suddenly from nowhere and headed towards the city.


Thankfully you gave us the order of leaving the mansion and heading towards the city earlier today because if you hadn't....

"I know."

The place that the creatures came from was definitely in the direction the mansion was. The bronze mirror was most certainly the cause of this.


"The creatures attacked any humans they came across but not all creatures did that. Some of them seemed to be following orders as they ignored the defenceless humans and headed deeper into the city."

"That's definitely not a good thing. The creatures definitely have something in mind."

"You maybe right but I wouldn't worry about that to much. This city also has its flying force.

Do you remember Mr Faley's  male bodyguard?"


Come to think of it I seem to remember that he was a retired soldier from...the Griffin Unit if I'm not wrong?"

"You are correct.

The Griffin Unit is an elite squad that specializes in fighting flying enemies. They all consist of wind elementlists mostly of who are 1 grade and a small number of them are 2nd grade."

"That's nice and all but where are they because I don't see them."

" I'm not sure. The have to be here by now.

Maybe they have encountered resistance or maybe they are headed to somewhere they are more needed?"

"Their location is not our priority. We first have to get in touch with Faley to find out more about what's going on."


*Phew* *Phew*

Two spiraling bolts of wind elemental energy hit a bat like flying monster.

*Screee* *bam*

The creature was hit on one of it's long wings and lost control before slamming into a building.

"Shit ,shit,shit Nic was right. The bastards real goal was to attack Palos city.


Gale how are things going on your side?"

The one who spoke was Faley.

"I'm doing okay for now but there are to many of them. Sooner or later I will tire out.....but that seems to no longer be a problem."


A dozen huge four legged eagles arrived.

They were the Griffin's of the Griffin Unit. 

Each Griffin held on it's back a heavily clothed human. They were dressed with thick leather green jackets , leather caps that protected their ears and head, a thick scarf over their mouth and also a pair of googless that protected their eyes from wind and other things that may get in their eyes.

*Wave wave*

The leading Griffin Rider made some hand signs towards the other riders and as if on queue they all ascended fast.

After they gained enough altitude they descended rapidly aiming towards the bat like creatures.

As they were 20 away from their target they gathered elemental energy on their palms and at the 5 m mark they released a wind palm towards their target.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

More than 10 creatures fell down to the ground ,their fate unknown.

*Screeeee* *Screeeee*

The bat like creatures finally noticed the Griffin Riders and gave chase but to no avail.

 The Griffin's were faster and more agile then them so with no long range attacks on their disposal the bat like creatures were killed in under 5 minutes.


*Whoosh* *Whoosh*

The sound of wind against the Griffin's enormous wings was heard. A Griffin Rider descended to the ground and headed towards Faley Ang Girg.


"Mr Faley I have come to escort you to a safe location , please come with me."


Faley took a look around.

"I will but first explain to me what is happening."

"I'm sorry but there is no time to explain. I have been ordered to rescue as many important people like yourselves to a secure location as soon as possible.

The explanation has to wait as we have other places to be, so please."

"Sir, go with them."

"Gale... what about you?"

"I will be fine. I'll lay low until most of the creatures disperse and then I'll meet up with you again."

"No, you are my bodyguard and you have to be by my side at all times."

" I'm sorry to interrupt you sir but we have been ordered to only take you with us so your bodyguard has to stay behind.

Please hurry up."

"You heard the man don't let them waiting."

Gale then hugged Faley but the purpose was for him to convey a message.

'Don't trust them . They are not reliable on this situation.

Take this tracking ring and don't lose it. I'll be following you from the ground so It won't be long before I find the gathering spot.'

After the hug Faley left, flying on the back of a Griffin.