Volume 3 Chapter 3
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Ean begins to yell at me, telling me how dangerous it was for an Emperor to do something like I did. I on the other hand feel that he's overreacting a bit, I can't let my men do all the work. I would feel really bad if  I just sat there doing nothing while they were risking their lives, the lesser death counts is what I believe. "Are you listening to me?" He asks. I wasn't listening, Prince Semian comes up to us, "who are you to discipline the Emperor? Don't you know any shame?" He asks Ean with a glare. Says the man with the most shamelessness here. let's not count the many times Prince Semian has been quite shameful. But right now my feminine imagination has suddenly decided to rear its ugly little head, because at this moment the scene felt like two guys fighting over the girl they liked.

Only I'm a man; and on top of that, the emperor, and instead of these two man fighting over who gets to date me, they're having a spiff about my title. Should I just ignores these two dumb asses or what? I sigh, letting something like a simple bicker get to me sounds real petty, I'll just ignore them. I turn and walk to my tent, Prince Semian notices and immediately follows behind me, I could feel a sligh headache coming along, i pause and turn as we come to the entrance of my tent, "what are you doing?" I ask him. He smiles innocently, "just making sure you make it to your tent in one piece." He says. What is wrong with the men around me these days, did they forget that I too was a man? Is it that hard to believe? "Thank you for your concern but I don't need it, I'll turn in now." I turn to do so.

He grabs my arm mid-turn, "wait, I just wanted to clarify about what I said earlier; it was the truth." He says. I look back at him hoping that my face doesn't reveal any of my emotions , "I really don't know what you speak of." I shake his hand off and enter my tent. I stood there feeling my face heat instantly, that was dangerous I almost got discovered. I can't let him get too close, I have to keep my distance as I planned earlier.


Prince Semian....


Well he figured getting his attention wouldn't be an easy feat.Hm... but that doesn't mean he'll give up. First he should keep his eye on that Ean bastard, talking to an Emperor any way hr pleases. So what they're childhood friends, fuck. Prince Semian turns on his heel and was facing Ean who was standing behing him with his arms crossed, his glare was obvious as well, "you...what do you gain from being close to Fuja?" Ean ask him. Prince Semian can feel an irritating tick form at this moment, "that's Emperor, you lack proper ettiquette." Prince Semian says between clenched teeth. Ean chuckles, but it didn't quite reach his eyes, "I see then, you're like me. But not so much...after all I'm close enough to call him Fuja." Ean says landing a hand on his shoulder before walking past him.

Prince Semian whips around to grab his shoulder, "where are you going?" He ask feeling very bothered by this person, "what does it look like? I'm gonna go apologise to my dear "friend" you should know your place, nobelman." Ean answers removing his hand from his shoulder and entering the tent without so much as a knock. Prince Semian stood ther seething with pure jealousy and anger, it seems he has to worry more than he thought. He walks away and enters his own tent, then takes a seat at the table inside, damn. Not good, if he didn't find a way to get closer to Fuja, soon it'll be his loss. He can't let that foreign bastard win, not a chance.