2.07 – A strange family
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2.07 - A strange family


Leona walked out of the station, cheered up by the positive reactions she got from the rest of the police aside from Ruffino, who frankly was a meanie.  The sun shining on her wings helped improve her mood as well.  She flapped them powerfully and rocketed into the sky. She made a few laps around the precinct, enjoying flying. She wasn’t wanting to go home just yet, but she was reconsidering going to the camp today. There’d already been an incident to worry about. She turned towards the bay and enjoyed the currents rising from it.


She considered Ruffino’s attitude as she flew, flapping her wings majestically.  Quite soon, she reached San Isidro’s limits. She wung around the buildings and jetted towards the condo complex she lived in.  She flew low and landed in the same small copse, which seemed to give the most cover. She reverted to her normal form, and this time she was returned to her street clothes and her cellphone and Ruffino’s card moved to her pants pocket. 


Hopping and climbing, she made it back into the complex and ran into their condo.  As she passed the clock in the living room, she noted that she had two hours to spare before Goonie returned from the cafe.  At that moment, Quinn stepped out from her room and smiled warmly. “How'd it go? Was she surprised to see you? Did you tell her your identity? What about the staff? Did they totally freak out?”


“It didn’t go.” Leona sighed and leaned against the nearby wall. “There was a near disaster in Seaside City. I had to stop a crane from falling down onto the streets.  I had to go to their precinct and make a statement. This time it was forced.  By the time I finished ‘formally introducing’ myself to the crabby detective there, I decided it was too late, and honestly I’d had enough to worry about.” She groaned. “There’s always tomorrow, though, right? I still need to worry about what Mom will think.”


“Yeah, well don’t tell mom that you intend to go see Sarah.  Good work on being a hero, though.” Quinn tried to sound grudging. “So you introduced yourself in Seaside, but not here? Nice work. They sure get all the shiny new stuff up there, pfft!”


Leona laughed and grinned. “Yeah, it just worked out that way. Because I had to destroy the crane to keep it from falling on people and causing accidents, I got majorly sidetracked. Anyways, supers aren’t really common in either city right now. Crabbyno thinks I’m unnecessary. I think I’ll introduce myself to the police here tomorrow morning. It’s only fair since this is my real city.  It’ll be nice walking into a Police Department without being escorted by a police officer for a change.” Leona shook her head and her lips twisted.


“A police escorted you? Was he cute? Did he excite your superness?” Quinn teased. Leona stared at Quinn as though she’d transformed into a strange monster and Quinn shook her own head “Hah, my sister, professional escort to the police. What shame!” She faked a fainting spell and chuckled all the way back into her room.  Leona shook her head and stomped. She decided to relax and wait for Goonie to come home.  She had a bit of a nap in her bed, but was woken up by a racket downstairs.  She’d come home sooner today!  She looked at the globe she’d shattered and decided to pick up the little bits of glass before greeting her. She wondered what her auntie would think.


Speaking of which, she yelled upstairs. “I’m home! I have dinner.”  Leona blinked and chuckled.  It was usually something vegetarian, but once in a while there was chicken or shrimp for the kids.  She smiled wryly and headed downstairs to eat.


“Can I help set things up?” Leona asked and without waiting, she started helping Goonie set the table.  She was totally kissing up so her response would be more favorable later.


Leona recognized that she’d bought some squash pasta. Goonie spoke, “Before you think that’s all I’ve got, for my cute daughter, I got some chicken tacos from the little Guatemalan place near.” She smiled at Leona.


Leona beamed at her, looking forward to having the tasty tacos. Her mouth watered. At that moment, Quinn entered the kitchen with her headphones wrapped around her neck. She pitched in by getting everyone drinks. The three started eating soon and Quinn shot her little sis a significant look, asking silently whether she’d said anything yet.


Leona shook her head negatively at her and gave her a hard look as if to say, do you think Mom would be this morning if I had already? She grinned and ate.


The dinner proceeded as typical. Laguna spoke up and asked, “How’d your days go today?”


Quinn responded first. “Well, I’ve been messing with my deck, but I imagine Leona’s been flying around all day.”


“Ha ha, yes, I’m sure of that. Your sister’s much more of a homebody.” Goonie rolled her eyes.


“How do you know that? How do you know what your pet cat does when you’re working? Does he do a little tap-dance and chart the sky? Maybe Leona’s been spreading… enlightenment,” Quinn teased.


Goonie eyed Quinn oddly. “Is that so?” She laughed. “Is this some kind of weird philosophical thinking from my wild child?” She shook her head. “Are you implying that your sister is getting a Buddha belly?” She examined Leona. “Are you?”


“No!” Leona blushed. “I’m skinny and I’m staying that way!” She hopped, smiling.  Silly Goonie and Quinn!  “Anyhow, could I help it the way we usually eat? All this wonderful healthy food, and plenty of it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if my heart stopped.” It’d just be harder with their diet.  She crunched into the taco, which was amazingly tasty. “Um… d-did you hear about the superhero in Isidro and Seaside today?” She nomed her tacos and glanced at Goonie.


“No, I haven’t looked at the news lately,” Mom responded.


“Oh, I heard she’s a real troublemaker,” Quinn teased further. “She flies around causing all kinds of accidents she fixes.”


“Oh, what a shame.  It’d be nice if a superhero took up around here.” Goonie sighed.


“Plus, I hear she tries to influence the mind of pure and innocent girls,” Quinn spoke, smiling.


Goonie looked at her pointedly. “I can’t tell if you're trying to make fun, or if you’re trying to sarcastically say you’re innocent. Well, I guess you just have a bad reputation, so I’ll say the former,” she shot back teasingly.


Leona giggled and stuck her tongue out at Quinn. She was determined to get her back for all the teasing. She pulled out her cellphone and searched for anything she could show Goonie.  A news article on her actions today.


It was easy enough to find. On a forum site she checked frequently, there was actually a ton of cellphone footage of her exploits back in Seaside! There wasn’t as much covering the blimp heist, but they discussed it. She showed it to Goonie, dashing around the table.  She watched the videos.  While it was running, the cameraman muttered about how hot she was and he wanted to sex up the superhero.


Leona nearly dropped the phone like a hot coal, blushing furiously.  Oh jeeze! Were people all perverts?!  She looked mortified at Quinn, though she couldn’t help being very slightly flattered.


“Yeah, she’s pretty hot, I hear.  I guess Leona has a new girlfriend to pine over instead of Mistral,” Quinn joked. “She’ll be oh so very disappointed in you, little sis.”


“Well, I can see that she is pretty popular,” Goonie commented, not sure what else to say about it. “Are you looking to cosplay like her next? It looks a little less… official than your Mistral costume does.” Goonie didn’t quite approve of her choice of wardrobe it would seem.


“Well, I heard she came here directly from a Mardi Gras parade,” Quinn fired another joke off. “But she lost her beads in transit.”


Damn it! “Hey now!” Leona stomped and protested. “I’m going to get you, Quinn!” She pouted and set her phone down, looking to mom.  “Um… I gather you don’t like the costume? I thought it looked really nice… like it’s super sexy and feminine both…”


“I’m just saying,” Goonie replied, “when I was younger, their uniforms were… very uniform-like and professional.  Oh, there’s nothing wrong with it, she does look attractive and friendly.” She looked to Quinn. “Don’t you think it’s a very sexy costume?”


“Actually, yes… for sure,” Quinn said sheepishly.


“So yeah, we both think it’s sexy.” Goonie said in a matter-of-fact tone.  “It’s just more revealing than something you’d be comfortable wearing,” she said. “I was a little surprised by it is all. But I’m glad you’re getting comfortable in your own way.” She reached out and stroked Leona’s cheek lovingly. 


Leona gaped uncertainly. Had she actually guessed what she was building up to say? Could she actually imagine her daughter being a superhero? She was dazed.  “Umm… actually Mom,” she took a deep breath. “Okay then… what if I told you I was actually really spending the day flying around just like Quinn said… what if I said everything she implied was true… except for the sexy part!” She huffed a little at the end, blushing.


Goonie looked at her daughter quizzically. “I’m not understanding. Were you really running around the town all day?”


“And enlightening people,” Quinn added.


“Are you joining some kind of a weird cult?” Goonie asked. Leona gaped. Had she actually missed the point when she seemed like she knew it all?!  Quinn chuckled and went back to her eating, satisfied that her damage was done.


Leona shot her a glare. “You’re being way mean to me right now big sis!” She stomped and clenched a fist at her.


Goonie started at Leona and she sighed and shook her head. “Okay, I guess I have to be obvious about this.  Don't freak out, okay?” She closed her eyes and willed the transformation.


Her auntie freaked out when she flashed and rubbed her eyes.  “I’m gonna need to get a set of goggles. They’d be really stylish, and they’d come in handy when Leona does this,” Quinn said casually, staring down at her food.


Rubbing her eyes, Goonie looked over Leona. “Wh-what…? Who are you?” Her jaw dropped.


“That’s Leona, of course.  New and improved.  She died and came back from heaven.  Don’t those wings prove it?” Quinn kept teasing.


Goonie gasped. “Oh God, are you joking? I hope you’re joking! Oh GOD! It was the bacon!” She exclaimed.


“She’s just joking! It’s what she does!” Leona stomped, blushing, now in super-heroine form.  “If you keep that up big sis, I’m gonna sit on you or bind you so tight you can’t move or talk!” She gestured for good measure and a golden ring appeared around Quinn.  She bound her arms to her side and stuck her to the chair.  While she was bound, she went on to explain in detail what happened to her that day.


Quinn didn’t stop jabbing and protesting as bitterly as the criminal had when he was bound similarly during the blimp heist episode.


“Well, so that explains your nightmare last night and the weird lights coming out from under your door too. It’s not like I didn’t see those. I thought it was just an electrical issue I’d need to look into.  So have you… talked to anyone else about this aside from your sister?” Goonie asked.


“”She only talked to me and the police in Seaside… and a few police in San Isidro here.” Quinn helped a little, still struggling in the chair.  She seemed like she was enjoying herself a bit too much.


“I mean, like have you talked to anyone important about this? Another real superhero?” Auntie asked.


Leona shook her head. “Where would I find one, exactly? They don’t patrol here in either of the sister cities these days.” She shrugged, sitting down and adjusted her appearance to become an older version of little Leona, complete with the same clothes she was wearing, just larger.


“It’d be really nice, but I don’t exactly know how to… and if I did, what would I and they do?” She smiled shyly. “The Detective in Seaside doesn’t like me. She was clear about it, pressuring me for everything she could get on me.  She’d have forced me if she could have.  What would it be like if I met a superhero? Would they like me? I’m really nervous about it. Do they jibe each other like we do? Are they always super serious?  I really want to meet someone though… and someday Mistral, for sure.” She became starry-eyed.


“Well, you’re on all these fan sites now, don’t they have a way of knowing you’re here? Won’t they come checking? They can contact the police too and get their statements.  Anyhow, maybe it’d be best to get you cured.” Goonie hugged Leona. “It’s too much trouble.”


“What? But I don’t want to be cured.  This is a dream come true!” Leona blinked at her auntie suggesting that. “It’s not easy for sure, but I never thought it would be so fun. It’s such an amazing feeling. I love flying. Do you know what that’s like? To float in the warm air, feeling it blowing around you, whipping your hair all over, feeling the sunshine soak through you to the brim.  It’s positively heavenly.” She sighed and smiled. “I never liked the sun as much as now.”


Goonie smiled and nodded in return. “If you’re that set on it, we’ll keep your powers and identity a secret.” She eyed Quinn who was still happily fidgeting in her chair.  Sweat-drops. Leona eyed her and gestured to recall the ring.  Quinn pouted when she was able to resume eating.  She had a very strange sister.


“So, are you completely a girl in this form?” Goonie asked.


“SHE IS!” Quinn exclaimed. “Very very very much.” Her head nodded.


Leona blushed and grinned. “Yes! Well, when I’m like this, I can be the same ages as big sis, technically, without the boy-bits down there. I’ve been so fixated on my wings that I haven’t really thought about the fact as much as I should have, though it makes me happy too.  It means a ton to me, and it was the first thing I did notice when I changed.”


“Well, I’m sure you’re only transforming when necessary, and it’s not just to explore a fully female body.” Goonie smiled wryly.


Quinn looked away petulantly and nibbled at her food.


“It’s probably more important to test your powers than anything else.  Are you planning to patrol the city at tonight from this point on?” Goonie stated.


“For now, yeah.  I don’t know what my powers are like at night yet. There’s a lot I don’t know.  I feel there’s an affinity I have for the sun, and if I fight at night, I don’t know if that would be a problem. I do need to test the limits of my powers so I can understand them more fully. It’d help keep me from getting into a situation where my lacking of knowing about them might cause a problem.”


Quinn scoffed and fixed her clothes, walking off, “Hmph.”


“Seriously,” Laguna said, “have you given any serious thought as to where you can practice, or what to practice?”


Leona shook her head. “Not so much yet.  I guess seeing what I can do at night is a good idea.  But where? I don’t know. I could go out onto the bay and shoot at waves or something, though if my powers cut out, I’d probably be doused however far from the shore I was.” She smiled wryly. “I don’t know if that’s a risk at all, but I know I was drained when I was dealing with that huge crane.  I didn’t feel as though the transformation would ever reverse against my will, but I was tired.”


“Well, maybe I can drive you someplace tonight to try out your powers and experiment. What do you say?” Goonie offered.


“I think that’d be a good idea,” Leona responded with a warm smile.