2.09 – A beautiful friendship
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2.09 - A beautiful friendship


Leona laid down on her bed and thought hard on Black Angel’s reemergence. She rolled over and tired to let her tension slip away, but she couldn’t forget.  Eventually she dropped off to sleep, and she had a dream immediately.


It was about Sarah. She met her in a blank field, and it was in her transformed state.  She leapt into her arms and they cuddled and embraced.


When she woke up, she found that the dream was a bit more intense than she recalled, because she had a certain reaction.  The sheets were tented about her torso.  Having dreams like that were extremely rare for her, but it showed how much she missed Sarah. She lay there, letting herself relax, curling up to hide it in case anyone barged in while she blushed.


After a bit, she got up and got dressed, preparing for the day. She quickly gathered some clean clothes and cleaned up in the bathroom.  She rushed downstairs, feeling embarrassed.


Goonie and Quinn were there already. Her cousin looked as tired as Leona felt.  They shared a smile.  “You’re looking tired, but happy.  You gonna fight some crime now?” Quinn asked while pretending to box while she spoke.


“Leona is going to speak with the Police here in San Isidro,” Goonie pitched in while setting up a breakfast spread for Leona of fruit and Muesli. Leona settled in while she continued, “after that, I imagine she’s going to do some more practice sessions. Flight today, wasn’t it? Speed, distance, you can understand your limitations?” She smiled knowingly at Leona, aware of her plan to see Sarah.


“I don’t think she should go alone,” Quinn said, “Lend me the car, I’ll drop you off at work, and keep an eye on her.”


“Ha, nice try, Quinn. You get no car until we get yours released from the impound down in Junkerton. You have your DJ stuff to worry about, don’t you?”


“Hey!” Quinn exclaimed earnestly, “I know that family is more important than my interests.” She grinned and eyed Leona. “Besides, someone needs to watch her butt, right?”


“Well, when you develop powers and get a costume, you can be her sidekick,” Laguna laughed. “Until then, you are basically grounded, Miss Quinn.”


“And how come she gets to go out then? She went with me, you said it yourself, she could’ve said ‘no’...” Quinn sighed, despondent.


“Because your sister has responsibilities that go along with her power, Quinn. Honestly, if this had happened to you, I’d be obligated to let you out as well.  Leona has to learn the limits of her powers so she doesn’t endanger herself or others, and…” She looked at Leona. “She shouldn’t be doing superhero stuff until she’s sure of her limitations!” She wagged a finger at Leona.


Leona shrugged and smiled at her. “I couldn’t just let a criminal act pass. You taught me better than that.”


Goonie frowned a little. “Well, I hope you’d be a little smarter than to fight people with guns until you were sure you could survive a gunshot, but all’s well and all that, I suppose.”


The three continued to banter and eat until breakfast was completed. She got up and moved to leave the room, but Quinn hopped up and stopped her, pulling Leona into a hug. “Seriously, be careful, okay?” she said.


Leona heard the smile in Goonie’s voice. “It’s rare, but do as your sister says in this case.” She joined the hug and Leona was sandwiched for a moment.  After a moment, they backed off and Leona was free to go.


She stepped out and started walking, finding a private palace today to transform.  She didn’t want to charge off out of her window every time she went flying.  She returned to the thick copse and transformed as she took wing and headed into the blue skies.  She headed for the Police Headquarters in San Isidro. She got fewer looks as she flew above because perhaps fewer people looked up to the skies in San Isidro, but when she touched down at the headquarters, people did gasp and stare in awe. The civilians looked with concern, more than appreciation at her.  That was a strange contrast.


She didn’t have much time to take the scene in when someone in a button-down-shirt and tie approached her outside.  “You must be that girl who captured the Blue Max gang the other day.  Come on in. We have some questions for you,” he said, giving Aurora a bit of a forced smile.


She followed him into the building, the impressive and classic facade hiding a traditional interior. It looked more than a little dilapidated on the inside.  She followed him past the desk and into an open area where there were others sitting at desks here.


“San Isidro doesn’t have any kind of special super crime department, so I apologize that we’re just out in the open like this. I’m Ben Kirby, detective in major crimes. Thanks for coming in.” Ben extended a hand to Aurora and she accepted it, squeezing it.


“No problem,” Aurora said with a sunny smile, “I figured I should. I was a bit too busy yesterday to stop by, but it didn’t seem a good idea not to get in contact soon with the police in my hometown, though.” She looked around curiously at the rundown office. “Are you going to develop a super crime department just for me now?” Aurora smiled impishly.


“We might have to,” Ben said, sighing tiredly. “Still, I’m glad for any help we can get.”


Aurora grinned excited. “Nice to meet you too. As organized as Seaside’s police department seems to be, I don’t think that I care much for their super crimes Detective’s attitude. I ended up getting caught up in some stuff with them yesterday,” she said with a wry expression.


“I see,” Ben responded, nodding. “Well, they’re very new and have lots of money, not like us real cops down here in San Isidro.” He chuckled, raising some chuckles from the other detectives as well.


“What, you don’t care for all this opulence?” another detective called out in a jovial tone.


“Yeah, yeah. I think I can’t give up all the money,” Ben Kirby replied. “I’ve got too many payments on my yacht and summer homes. Sorry, I know you’re probably busy.” He turned to Aurora. “I just need your hero name, and any contact info you’re willing to give to us, and a basic overview of your powers, and of course anything else you want to give me.”


That was a striking difference between Ben Kirby and Marlene Ruffino.  Leona already liked Ben far more.  Aurora smiled brightly and went through the list of things to say mentally.  “I’m Aurora.” She said simply. “As far as contact information goes, I’m concerned about protecting my secret identity.  If you can think of a way to be in touch that wouldn’t subject my personal information to government scrutiny, I’d be for that.”


“Well, as you can probably guess, we don’t have a very big budget at all, so don’t expect a spotlight on the roof or anything.” Ben chuckled. “But that’s all we need for now.  I understand wanting to protect your identity.” He nodded. “We won’t press.”  Ben Kirby +100, Marlene Ruffino -1000.


At that moment, a uniformed officer approached them and looked over Leona and spoke directly to Ben Kirby. “Um, got some bad news, Detective,” he said, offering him a report.


Kirby looked at the paper and his expression soured. “Damn, looks like your work isn’t finished,” he looked at Aurora, offering her the report.  She looked at it and saw at the bottom a photocopy of a picture of a battlesuit standing in the middle of a broken wall.  “The report says the gang’s boss decided he’d break them out. Those guys you arrested the other day.  This happened about ten minutes ago,” he said. “If you hurry, you can get to the station he was at, maybe pick up a clue.


Detective Kirby got up and pulled on a sports jacket. “I’m going to head over there myself, but you’ll probably get there before me,” he said.


Leona smiled and nodded, pleased inwardly that she was already a part of the San Isidro crime fighting system! “See you there, Detective.” She exited with him and the moment they stepped out, she took to the sky, heading in the direction indicated. She had a real case! Aurora spun and barrel rolled, excited by the prospect, though the armor could be tough to deal with.