2.13 – Blue Max
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2.13 - Blue Max


The criminal was allowed to move in the ring in order to lead Aurora into the correct room.  A seven-and-a-half foot suit of powered armor looked out one of the doors.  The back had wings, jets, and possibly compartments for weapons. One arm featured a spiked tip, while the other had a firearm of some sort attached. Leona would have known more about it if her eyes hadn’t glazed over when she read.


“Boss, look out!” the guy she had captured cried out.


Aurora sighed, nodding. They were fiercely loyal to their boss, for the most part.  That was a somewhat possible quality if annoying.  She lifted her hand and casually released a blast dead center to the center of his back to put him out cold. It had been inevitable.  She didn’t have any doubts about her ability even though she was new at this superheroing stuff. She was concerned about protecting the assets of the company the suit was stolen from, but that was no longer her biggest worry. As Detective Kirby had said, the first priority was to take this man down.


She thought about the armor and he opened fire on her instantly with a blast of his own.  Leona sidestepped the blast, her wings helping her to move faster than a human being could unassisted.  She retaliated with a powered up blast of her own. It struck true on his chest.  He planted a foot to halt the skid he was sent into.  He stopped by inches from crashing into the far wall. 


“Ah, it’s you. I was hoping you’d be the one to find me.  But I wished to face you in the killer skies,” Blue Max said, laughing. He stood in the rig of the exo armor, crossing his arms. The machine mimicked his action.  “It’s my turn, yes?”  Aurora wondered at the rant. Did she have her very own super villain already?  Three pinpoints of light trained on her in that moment, and following them, three small missiles rocketed out towards her. “This should make short work of you!” He laughed.


Aurora launched herself while putting up her barriers.  She quick-drew as she flew, turning to fire on the missiles.  One was the width of one of her beams, which were large.  That one crumpled and exploded.  Aurora led the other two around the large warehouse.  She clipped around nearby tanks while blasting.


She peeked. To her satisfaction her blast had caught another missile, but the third was still training on her location.  She unfurled one wing and used it to cut a sharp turn around one of the larger tanks, moving sharply.  The missile struck the tank, and it detonated.  She was shielded by her power and the tank armoring.  The flames billowed around her harmlessly.


“Ha ha ha… I hope you still have some fight left in you.” Blue Max yelled. The room was filled with smoke and flames were spreading.  Her vision was obstructed, but wouldn’t his be too?


Aurora shot back, “ Plenty! Why don’t you come in after me and find out?” She gauged where he was roughly from the position of his voice and placed the tank quickly between them.  As she used her wings to navigate better, the smoke stirred and swirled.


“If you don’t want to come out and play yourself, maybe I should start executing people, like this hapless minion you disabled, hm?” Blue laughed.  His heavy exo suit’s footsteps were walking away.


Aurora sneaked a peek after him.  She saw a vague outline in the smoke.  He was moving towards his minion sure enough.  Aurora shook her head. Despite the situation, she couldn’t help fangirling.  This guy was really playing up the villain schtick.  Maybe he really did intend to be her arch-villain.  That was a little flattering.  She considered the situation, looking for any tools that would come in handy.


Her eyes fell upon a container marked with a flammable symbol, but there were several smaller tanks nearby. They were the right size to be attached to the suit.  She concluded that some might have fuel inside.


Interesting… Aurora tilted her head and ran silently over to the tanks.  She gathered a number of them, touching them to cover them with her field that negated gravity or weight.  She knew if he heard her it would take him time to turn around in that thing, but she had to be quick.  She swept past with the tanks in tow, hoping she’d drawn some particularly useful ones.


She flew right up and at Blue Max. As he turned, hearing the flapping of her wings. At that moment he turned she released the tanks. They slammed against Blue Max and she generated a halo around him.  THAT’S IT! I’ll call them my halos! What other name would be more appropriate for these lovely tight snuggly circles of light?


The tanks were bound to the suit.


“What’s this?!” he asked, one arm still free. It went around him directly as well.  When a blade extended from the arm, Aurora was shocked. He hacked at the ring, doing obvious but minimal damage to it. Apparently the Halos had a substance that could be physically attacked. “Damn you! I’ll get you!” He launched directly at her.   Aurora evaded, flying around the room, baiting him.  His jets opened wide as he accelerated to keep up.  Aurora dodged and avoided the strikes of his blade, the only way he could attack her, using the armor as nothing but supplementary legs.  She lured him closer and closer to where she wanted him to be.


“I have you now!” he said as he thrusted his blade. She stopped flying and dropped, pulling into a ball while concentrating on maintaining her protective field.  Foam flew from his mouth as he’d thrusted. His eyes opened when he felt the tip pierce something.  His lips spread and he grinned, but then he noticed what he’d struck was the big flammable tank. He hadn’t really looked where he was going.  “You BITCH!” He cried out as he yanked it out.  Just puncturing it wasn’t a problem, but his real miscalculation was the sparks that flew when the metal of his knife rubbed against the casing.  There was a titanic explosion! The force of the blast threw Aurora clear across the room like a cannonball.


She closed her eyes as she bounced off the wall and rolled across it.  She cleared her eyes with quick blinks and shook her head a few times. She finally stood and saw the tugs had gathered up around her, training their guns on her.  She looked around and saw the refiner was on fire.  She dusted herself off as she stood. Wow, what a thrill!


“Come now, guys… you know what happened the last time you tried this on me, right? Just give it up.” She smiled. “More importantly, your boss might be a little toasted at the moment, and I’m probably the only one capable of saving him. So be good boys, put down the guns and form a pretty circle so I can do my job properly.”


They didn’t seem to be particularly convinced by her words, but then the squawk of a siren caused them to look around and they realized the police were closing in.  They all started to drop their weapons, and soon Detective showed up in the doorway to this refinery’s warehouse.  He held a megaphone. “Thanks for the signal, Aurora. Did you catch their leader?”


Through a sagging ceiling, a large object shot out and as it rose, suddenly there was a small detonation and two trails of smoke followed it as it arced down towards Aurora.  “I’m not finished, yet!” Blue Max’s electronic voice was distorted.  Perhaps the armor had saved his life by covering the open cockpit in time.


“Hold that thought, Detective.” Aurora barked and she flapped her wings rapidly reactively, thinking about what she could do against him now.  She opened fire on him repeatedly to make sure she had his attention. She didn’t want Kirby getting caught in the crossfire.


She beat her wings and the air stirred up, staggered and sent flying the crooks that had surrounded her.  The cops surged into the room, bravely.  They made quick arrests of the gang members. It wasn’t the best timing for them to do that, but Blue Max was focused exclusively on her, and that would help things. “This way, Maxi-pad!” Aurora yelled to reinforce the rage he clearly was deep in.


He attempted to fly after her, but there was a bit of a malfunction.  The jets were popping and hacking while whining loudly.  Their spinning seemed somewhat off kilter. 


Aurora opened her mouth and began taunting even more. “Oh dear, Maxy! You don’t think you can outfly me in that sad state, do you?” She laughed and whizzed around him, making good use of her agility. She was tired and achey in places she didn’t think she’d hurt in.  She flew in circles, blasting, knocking him repeatedly off balance, delivering timely blows to knock him off balance over and over.  He finally recovered and raged out, screaming. His clever tactic to answer hers was to flail and swing uselessly until Aurora flew up right in front of him. She reached under the chestplate and with one hand, she blocked the incoming blade with her other. The edge bit into her field, but didn’t quite pierce it.


“By the by, Maxi Pad, The Junker Cat says don’t steal the nuggets from his box,” Aurora said. She engaged her field and forced the half-melted lever down with her force.  The speaker died as explosive bolts fired, forcing the top off and sending the pilot rocketing into the air.  She held onto the suit with her anti-gravity field, but it was too heavy with the system offline.  She opted to drop it and catch the pilot only instead.


As he lifted his arms to strike down at Aurora with both fists, unwilling to give up, Aurora halo’d his wrists, flitted to the side and snagged his arms, hanging him by them.  She lowered him to the police who were watching. Two officers and Detective Kirby charged over to make the arrest.


She dissipated the halo as she touched down and they grabbed Blue Max’s arms and cuffed him. 


“That was impressive work. Good job neutralizing his weapons and distracting him.” Kirby spoke, nodding. “I guess looking at that emergency lever really paid off, eh?” the Detective said with a smile.


The two cops hauled Blue Max off, who snarled and thrashed.  He shot a murderous look over his shoulder at Aurora but couldn’t do much in the situation.  Detective Kirby spoke again, “Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that guy’s face on a wanted poster or two.” He nodded. “I’m sure you have places to be at this point, so I won’t keep you.  I’ve got the report covered, though I may have a few more questions later. The fire department should be here any moment, so I think we have things covered.”


Aurora winked and saluted Kirby. “Send me his docs sometime if you would, just in case. I get the impression he REALLY wants to be the first in my Rogue’s gallery.” She chuckled. “See you around, Detective.  I’m gonna go take a nap.  That was a heck of a ride.” She laughed as she took flight, spinning into the air. The cool air felt so good on her skin.