2.14 – Return to Junker
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2.14 - Return to Junker


Leona spread her wings as she sailed through the air.  She started cooling down after that intense fight.  She sighed and let her breaths out slow and measured.  Several dirigibles were moving around through the areas. Smaller ones were owned by local news stations.  Leona flew in a wide arc, making sure to give them a wink, a smile, and a wave before taking off North towards the bay.  She closed her eyes and soaked in the sun.  She had something she was familiar with. It was a ‘runner’s high.’


She swept towards the bay, tilting to the side. She intended to dip her hand into the water and trail it, but as her wing touched the water, the cool sensation sent a ticklish shiver up her spine.  She pitched up, letting the droplets slide off, creating a light rainbow effect until she leveled off.  She looked around, wondering if the news balloons were anywhere nearby, but they seemed to have either not followed her or were left far behind.  She crossed the bay and reached Seaside City, driving upwards towards the glassy skyscrapers.  She darted between the buildings.  She still felt a thrill, but the exhaustion was catching up with her.  She found a comfy-looking private rooftop garden and settled down in it. She yawned softly and looked at a stone bench nearby. It looked warm and basked in the sun while the garden enjoyed the breezes high above the ground.


Aurora closed her eyes and fell asleep.  After a while, she woke up when her phone vibrated between her breasts.  She blushed and stretched as she sleepily answered.


“Hey you!” Quinn’s voice came across the line.


“Mmmnnn… okay…” Aurora yawned again.


“Tch… you were sleeping out there somewhere? Since when do supers need to take nap breaks?” Quinn asked, “Slacker!”


Aurora grinned and flexed her wings. “Oh… I just had a tough fight… if you were there, you’d understand.” She yawned again. “After all, I fought my first ‘technical’ supervillain.” She smiled excitedly. “I kid you not, Quinn, an honest to goodness Powered Armor guy going crazy and doing all the super villainous…” She sighed and grinned. “I guess superheroes really do attract the weird ones.”


“Was it like in the comics?” Quinn asked.


“Not quite, but pretty close.  He was like, I’ll get you next time!” Or was that a dream? Nah, he probably was thinking that the whole time.  “Anyhow, he didn’t know my superhero name.  Not like many do… but then, Kirby said it so he can curse my name if he remembers it.” Leona stuck out her tongue, holding her phone to her ear.


“You’re not exactly a household name yet, you know! He might not bother to remember your name!” Quinn laughed.


“Nah… he got burned bad.  Well not literally, but… yeah… first rogue in my gallery. They even got his whole gang pretty much, so I wonder how they’ll manage to break out again, if at all.  Well a few lucky ones ran with their tails between their legs.” She remembered the silly guy she found first in their junkyard shed.


“Anyways, after that fight I was a little drained and achy.  So a little power nap, literally, seemed like it was a great idea.  Especially being in my super form, I can soak up the sun and recover perhaps faster.  I don’t think I’ll ever be afraid of getting sunburned again. Unless I flew through space directly into the sun.”


“Don’t do that.” Quinn replied seriously. “What now?”


“Well, I’m going to go see Sarah now.”


“Is that one of your powers then? Power-naps?” Quinn chuckled. “Okay, I won’t waylay you anymore. Hey, when are you going to get rich so you can build a secret escape tunnel out of here so you can transform before you go?”


“Mmmm.. heckifiknow how to get rich.  Rich superheroes generally are rich to begin with, and then they pour it into their careers. I don’t have that kinda money, you know.” Aurora shrugged and tilted her head. “I could dig a tunnel with my powers probably. It’d be one heck of a project, and I’d have to be careful not to hit any of the city lines or water pipes or anything else… That's assuming I did anything like that.”


“Yeah, yeah.  Rent yourself out as a light show and to the church sometimes.  Anyway, get going because you don’t want to waste daylight, right?”


Leona smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I’m not sure it’s as much of an issue as I’d been afraid of, but I’ll still be careful anyhow.” Leona hopped up and down to warm up. “See you later, then sis.” She hung up and opened the maps application, opened the saved locations folder and plotted a course up to Junker.  She zoomed off into the sky and off further North, climbing higher and higher to the point where no one who wasn’t in an airplane wouldn’t spot her. She flapped higher than she could imagine having flown. She zipped around and through clouds on the way. Punching holes through, creating little shapes along the way. The phone beeped suddenly, far faster than she expected given how long it took in a car. She’d overshot her destination.  


Angling back she shot towards where she spotted the camp again. Lowering her altitude for a better view, she saw more, and it was pure serendipity that she saw someone she was sure was Sarah in the yard.  She was picking berries from some bushes.


Aurora thought about it and flitted quickly down next to Sarah.  “Hello! My name is Aurora. I’m the two cities new superhero.  I’d like to take you on a flight with me. Will you come along?” She winked at Sarah. “You bought some of my down for a friend at a certain convention, I learned.” Kinda true, since she was fused with Black Angel.


Sarah gasped as she introduced herself. “Ah… are you really an angel instead?” She marveled at Aurora.


Her arrival hadn’t been unnoticed, as other campers looked over towards her.  Aurora looked back to Sarah and saw her blushing as she looked up at her. She became star-struck.


“I suppose there’s a possibility of that, but if so, I don’t know anything more about God nor other gods than you yourself do.” Aurora smiled. “I think my race is an alien race, and I think our appearance resembles your visions of angels. That could be more than coincidence. It’s possible my race is so very old that you’d never know whether they’d been here, though here I am.” She reminded Sarah of her question. “Will you come fly with me, Sarah?”


“I… I’m not sure if I can. I’m supposed to stay here,” she said, looking around at the others.  “Th-there may be something wrong with me they’re fixing,” she said sheepishly, looking down towards Aurora’s feet while shuffling hers.


Aurora sighed and smiled. Of course she was a good girl like her, except right now she was challenging her to rebel, if it was her choice.  She prepared to leave, but Sarah spoke again. “If it isn’t for long…” Sarah gulped and looked back up at Aurora. “If it’s important, I can leave for a little while, but I have to come back, right away,” Sarah stated, relaxing a little.


Aurora was pretty sure if they stayed much longer the commotion caused would lead one of the counselors over, and soon. She’d have to speak with one, and it probably wouldn’t go well.


“I won’t keep you,” she said loudly.  She looked to the other campers to make sure they heard so they could vouch for them.  “I will be bringing her back soon.  Let your councilors know that a superhero who owes this girl a favor and friendship has taken her for a promised flight.” She wrapped her arms around Sarah, letting her field surround her. She spread her wings and took off right away, gaining altitude instantly. She hugged Sarah tightly as she held her.


As she look off, Sarah gasped and hugged her back, her face pressing a little against her breasts.  


After a moment, she leaned her neck back and avoided her gaze. “Ah, can you not hug me so tight?” she asked.


Aurora smiled at her. “I don’t want you to fall, Sarah. Not that it would happen regardless, but don’t tempt fate and get too squirmy.” She grinned at her. “That food in the camp must be pretty dull… isn’t that right?”


“Yeah… it’s pretty bad.” Sarah giggled nervously.


“Then what would you say to this nice flight with me, and a decent dinner.  I’ll spoil you for this brief time.” She smiled warmly at Sarah, so happy to see her and hug her.  “We’ll have you back quickly after, but I did want to have a little talk with you.”


Sarah returned the smile and laughed. “Um… w-what’s this about?” she asked, “you kind of flew down out of nowhere and… want to take me to dinner? It sounds kind of… unusual.”


“Doesn’t it though?” Leona giggled.  “It’s not every day you get picked up by a superhero. What this is about is you.  As you gathered already, I’m sure, I have a special relationship with Leona. You are very important to her, and because of that you are just as important to me.  Does that make a little sense to you?”


“Um… are you related to her?” she asked. Sarah’s face turned and she saw the world spreading below.  Her breath caught. “Oh, oh wow! This is amazing! Aurora, right?” Sarah smiled more genuinely and less nervous.  She turned back to Aurora. “Um, I’m sorry I got distracted. If you want to talk, maybe we should touch down somewhere …?”


“Enjoy this ride first. You never know what might happen. I want this to be a special memory for you.  Take in the scenery. Its a special show just for you.” she said with a tinkle in her eyes.  “There’s a little steakhouse around here I saw on the map app I use. It would be fine, assuming you want something like that.”


Sarah smiled and drooled. “Are you sure you want to waste your money on me?”


“It’s fine.” Aurora laughed and flitted through the clouds, feeling giddy and happy.  It was wonderful to show this with the girl who’d captured her heart. 


“This is really fun, but we should hurry. We’re not allowed to ever leave the grounds while we’re at the Camp…” Sarah reminded Aurora, who nodded a little sadly.


“My bad.” She laughed and spiraled down towards the town. She landed as quickly as she could to take cover.  The Steakhouse was right next to where she landed. At this time of the day it wasn’t too busy, which was what she was counting on.  A nice meal, something that wouldn’t be cheap like a burger.  But also the fewer people around was for the best.  Aurora let go of Sarah and smiled.


Sarah returned the smile but shook her head. “It’s a nice idea, and I like it, but I don’t really need this.  We really should go quickly.”


“I know you have to go back, but you still haven’t had your meal.  Anyhow, I know they’ll be pretty upset.  Your meeting a pretty superhero will set them back years.” Aurora laughed.


“Do this for me… go in and get us a table, don’t tell them much aside from maybe you’re waiting for your sister.  When I come in, I’ll look a bit different. I won't have my wings, but you’ll recognize me. Just don’t be surprised when I sit by you.  I can change how I look just like that.” She snapped her fingers and winked.


“And you’re not from that camp, anywhere near it.” Aurora grinned.


“Um… okay….” Sarah looked around.


After about five minutes she changed her appearance. Her wallet was along.  She reached around for it and after focusing it it appeared in a skirt in the dress she created.  To fit in, she made it a country day dress she’d seen in a catalog. Her hair was brown this time.  She walked over to the building and inside.