2.18 – Confrontation
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2.18 - Confrontation


Goonie walked into Leona’s room and gave her a little kiss on her forehead. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think you’d get naked until you got into the bathroom.  “I’ll be downstairs with Quinn if you need anything. The water’s warm and has the nice scented oils you like.”


Leona smiled as she left and got her towel, wrapping it around her chest and waist.  She popped out of her room around the corner and into the bathroom.  It was filled with the scents of her favorite mandarin orange and sandalwood oil.  She jumped into the bath after tossing the towel onto the sink.  She sank down to nose-level and relaxed.  It was hot and that sensation spread through her body wonderfully.


She stayed there for nearly an hour.  By now the sun was down. She could see the sky darkening through the window.  She washed up and when she was finished, she hopped out and wrapped her towel tightly around her.  She rubbed herself down, feeling more at ease than this morning.  When she was done getting dry, she put on her own robe and tied off the belt.  She returned to her room. There was a soft cool breeze wafting in. It slipped right beneath the robe, giving her a chill.


Why was her window open? Did it blow open? She moved to shut it.  At that moment a gust of wind swept in and knocked her into her bed.  She blinked in shock at having been knocked over by wind coming through her window, but her jaw dropped when a familiar lithe form slipped into her room.  Her platinum blonde hair shone in the moonlight.  It was Mistral, herself! She was in HER room!


The window closed behind her when she gestured.  The winds swirled around her.  She looked at Leona with a serious expression. “Young woman, I need to speak with you privately.”


It was like a reversal of what had happened between her and Sarah.  Was she about to be kidnapped by her hero?!


Mistral’s expression was grave and cold.


Leona stared at her and her jaw dropped. A wondering expression crossed her face, fading into a pure grin. She started to squee, the pitch of her voice increasing by the moment.


“It’s YOU! Mistral! Is it really true? You’re here! Kyaaaaaaaaa!” Leona screamed with joy.  She was so caught up in her excitement Mistral’s serious and confrontational expression didn’t really register on her. “I’m SUCH A FAN! I love you!” She blushed super redly and bounced up and down. Her heart was about to burst from the excitement.  She nearly popped out from her bathrobe which had been loosened considerably by Mistral’s huge gust.  Leona quickly wrapped it around herself so nothing would hang out and point at her.  Leona fidgetted.


“L-look by my bed! I’ve got so many posters of you! I’m so embarrassed you’re here! Kyaaaaa!” Leona clapped her hands to her cheeks.  Her wall was covered in Mistral posters and newspaper clips.


She looked around with hard eyes when she spoke about the posters and despite herself Mistral smiled for a moment. “I’m flattered,” she said, seeming to relax slightly. She walked over to the bed, putting on a serious look again. “May I sit?”


“Yes! Please!! Can I get you anything?” She asked excitedly, her heart thudding. “I can put on some clothes real quick and get you some tea or anything else you might like! I’d really REALLY like to talk with you!” Leona squealed.


Mistral smiled more as Leona gushed, unable to help it.  “Just answer me this question first,” she said, looking around the room again as she sat at the foot of the bed, keeping an eye on Leona.  As she moved her skintight suit stretched over her body, accentuating her sexy curves.  “I sensed some familiar power rekindled days ago.  I teleported here and watched.  I saw the things you’ve done.” Mistral shook her head. “Yet, I would like to use my magic to scan your memories and emotions.  There’s things you may have witnessed that you don’t remember.  Is that acceptable?”


Leona flashed a sunny grin at Mistral. “I trust you completely, Mistral.  You’re my hero! My role model! We were both trapped, and you became strong again even though everything went wrong… you powered on. Anyhow, you don’t have to…” Leona trailed off, squirming as she bit her lip. “You probably sensed Black Angel’s return. I know about her. It’s not bad though… not exactly… see… my friend got me a present at the recent big convention… she got it because it was supposedly memorabilia from a fight you were in with her. The last one.  I thought it was a knock-off… it was a nice thought she had, knowing how I l-l- you… The tuft was kinda grey, not like her feathers at all, so I didn’t suspect it was hers at all.  It was probably just pigeon feathers in a glass bauble.  I know what people do to make a buck and I’m not a sucker for things like that.”


“Anyways, a few nights ago, I had a dream about being in the cemetery you landed in.  Black Angel was chasing me around through it. She was all sinister and creepy and weirdly sexy maybe, but I just wanted to get away from her. She had me all bound up and locked me away.  When it seemed she’d won, her good side stepped in and saved me.  A side of her that she’d tried to bury after she fell.  She said she wanted to help me fight off Black Angel and was ashamed about how her powers were used by her dark side.  She asked me to become a hero to expiate her sins or something. I couldn’t get away so I accepted her help.  I knew I’d get them both in the deal, or suspected it, but I feel that if I’m a good person who only wants to do good, she can’t do more than tease me in the shadows of my mind.  Well, I’m not ever going to let her do anything to hurt anyone. I have full control of it, though.” Leona wiggled embarrassedly, happy to be sitting beside her in her room on her bed.  It was a dream come true.  “I can show you her… the angel.  Aurora.”


“I’ve seen her.” Mistral nodded. “I see, I’d like to see for myself your history, if you’re willing,” she insisted.


Leona hung her neck for a moment but she smiled shyly. “I trust you, Mistral. You’re my hero, truly.” She closed her eyes and impulsively transformed.  In a flash she was Aurora again. The wings sprouted from her back and scuffled up the blanket on the bed.


Mistra froze for a moment and she looked away for a moment.  Finally she leaned forward and caressed Aurora’s face. Her expression was kinda serious again. “You look just like she did, but you’re not dark at all. You shine. I’ve watched.” She took a deep breath and stood, beckoning for Aurora to stand.


Mistral spoke again, “I’ve cast a spell to ensure our meeting is private. But too much power or commotion will cancel it. Stand slowly, please, and don’t make any sudden moves.” Her eyes narrowed.


Leona nodded, putting her hands up. She stood still for Mistral, extending her wings. “I won’t. I know why you’d be worried. She hurt you I know… I’d hoped some day I could go to you and tell you that her powers were turned to the good side.  I’m glad that it happened early too.”


“I’ll connect physically with you now.” Mistral maintained her sobriety. “So I can ensure that what you’re saying is the truth.  It’s not that I don’t believe you. I know what you’ve been up to, but your last action made me question your intentions.  I need to know that it’s not just as you hope the situation is.  If it’s true or not, I may be able to help you get rid of these powers if you prefer to return to your normal life,” she said.


“Mistral… if I can call you that directly… oh gosh… I’ve been doing that the whole time haven’t I? I mean, good.  I know, I understand your reasons. I follow you like crazy and idolize you.  And I know about Black Angel. What she’s done and what she’s capable of. I don’t want to get rid of the powers, though.  I’m happy with them, because even if she scares me, leaping out from the shadows once in a while.  I wouldn’t mind if she got lost, but I’m not even sure that’d be completely fair to her either.  That’s the same as killing or saying someone doesn’t have the right to exist.”


Mistral nodded, swallowing subtly. Her eyes didn’t change.


Aurora finished, “I just trust you, anyways… and I know you won’t hurt me, Mistral. I appreciate your help.” Leona smiled warmly. “Would you even think about becoming m… m… my…. M… mentor?” she asked in a small shy voice.


Mistral couldn’t hold back another smile. “First thing first,” she said. “You know my magics are primarily based around the weather, but I know enough other sorcery arts that I’ll be able to connect with you mentally.  Just relax, okay?” She’d been stiff and official, but she spoke as a real person to Leona now.


She chanted and reached out to touch Aurora’s forehead. For a few minutes nothing seemed to happen. Then there was a sudden wrenching feeling and she blinked to find herself in what looked to be a gazebo in an open field. The ceiling of the gazebo was open, and there was an amazingly bright starfield spreading above the grass.  Standing there was Mistral, wearing a bare-shouldered dress version of her costume. And Black Angel’s good form was there wearing Aurora’s costume.  It was an older and idealized version of herself.  Leona still wore her bathrobe and was returned to her normal form.


Mistral looked around and nodded. “Excellent… I have brought us here to see the truth of what has happened.”


The ‘good’ form turned to nod to Mistral and Leona noticed that on the back of the good form was Black Angel’s normal form with a sly smile.  She winked at Leona creepilly.


Mistral gestured and cast another spell, and she witnessed the episode where Black Angel tried to take over Leona. She saw how the good form helped Leona, nodding all the while it played out.  When the event ended, she looked at Leona.


“You’re a very lucky girl,” she said with a sigh. “You think it was her good side that did all the hard work, but the truth is you were strong enough to allow the remnant of her true self to help you.  It was your heart that called to her and restored that glimmer of good in her.  I can still sense the presence here…” Mistral said “but you’re right. It is very weak and submerged.  I believe I can explain exactly what happened, if you’d like.  And afterwards, perhaps you would allow me to take you somewhere very important.”


Leona looked at her and bounced, happy to know that her willpower was what was holding back Black Angel, keeping her from resurrecting.  It wasn’t just her own power turned on herself, but instead her mind and feelings were responsible.


“Of course!” Leona squeed, bouncing. “Of course! Please do share with me, Mistral! I’m glad that everything turned out to be good! I beat the bad side myself!” She exclaimed happily, and yet she felt wondering.  “That makes me feel better… like the powers are really mine.”


“Well, in a very large part, yes. The down was part of Black Angel’s body which remained after her fight against me.  She shut out Garou and blinded him.  We collected as much as we could and confronted her.  Anyway, it was apparently very psycho-reactive. It keys into your emotions. Your dark emotions fed the dark aspects that were imprinted there, but your inherent goodness was also able to connect to her true original nature. I’ll explain more about her in a moment.  But in all honesty, these aspects are more part of you that have found refuge in her psychic echoes. Truly, your latent mystic profile was quite powerful as it was, so it’s a good thing it had this as a manifestation instead of something more perilous.”


She walked over to the image of Black Angel’s good self, turning her physically so she could clearly see the evil and good versions both. “This is more part of you than her, though there are mystic links nonetheless.  Honestly, you may have, somewhere in your ancestral tree an ancestor with some connection with her race. Either way, it was your psyche that made the connection, it simply needed a way to tap into the mystic potential you have.  You won’t usually talk to her good side because that’s the side you are.  However, her ‘bad’ side will always be more accessible when you are tempted to do bad things.”


“To make it a little more complex, these echoes of Black Angel are real, they do exist, so this isn’t entirely you in either fashion.  However, you are so aligned with her goodness that you will rarely see her, and because you are not aligned with her bad, you will see her more easily. Do you understand?”


Leona nodded, thoughtfully. “I get that. She wanted out for an hour today when I was frustrated and angry.  She said she’d solve all my problems for me.” Leona stuck out her tongue to show what she thought about that.


“Yeah, right.  I’m not going to let her out to do ANYTHING.  I’ll never build a good superhero reputation like you if I ever did.” Leona smiled, feeling a little better with all this information.  It was creepy to think that this Black Angel might be a real dark side she never would acknowledge.  Her dark side combined with an echo leftover from Black Angel.  Knowing how weak it was reassured Leona.


“If you ever truly fall to despair, you may find it difficult to resist… but seeing you… seeing this, I am confident you will keep hold of it. Now, I think you should have an explanation of Black Angel herself.  Shall we return to the real world, I have a special place I’d like to share with you.”


“Yes!” Leona said unreservedly. “Can I tell my Mom and Sis I’ll be gone for a while?” Leona squirmed at the thought of going with Mistral somewhere.  She couldn’t help hopping up and down again. 


“They know my secret, I love and trust them too. I’d be honored if you’d say hi and bye real quick with me.” Leona smiled.


“I’d be happy to meet the family of such a brave girl,” Mistral smiled and walked over to actually HUG HER! Leona kyaaaaaad endlessly in her head as she was hugged by her hero.  She hugged her back super tightly.  She held her a bit longer than expected, not that the hug was expected in the least.  When she broke the hug, Mistral touched her forehead gently at arm’s length.  She took a step back as the scenery faded. “I’ll wait in the hall for you to get dressed if you want to change back to normal first,” she said.


Leona came to the real world and shook her head, continuing where the conversation left off. “I don’t think it matters. My family knows me in either form.” She was Aurora again.  She blushed redly remembering that wonderful hug.  Kyaaaaaa! She tried to summon a little ‘adult’ decorum so she wouldn’t disappoint her idol. “They’re downstairs. I was just getting dry from my bath and I’d have gone down to munch popcorn and watched a movie with them.” Leona giggled. 


They stepped downstairs together and Mistral went first.  When Goonie and Quinn laid their eyes on Mistral their jaws dropped. Of course they knew who she was.  Leona wouldn’t have it any other way.


“Um, family…” Leona peeked out from behind Mistral in her Aurora form. “I’m incredibly honored to introduce you to Mistral. She’s going to take me somewhere special tonight. I didn’t want you to worry, but…” Despite herself, Leona bounced again, unable to hold her excitement for too long.  She forced herself to still.


They gasped and mistral nodded affirmatively and smiled.


“I apologize for barging into your home,” she said, “I was concerned for your daughter’s spiritual health and didn’t want to take the chance of a trap being set. I took the initiative.”


Quinn stifled a giggle at the mention of traps, eyeing Leona.


Leona’s eyes widened.  Damn it!


“Ah, Mistral,” Goonie said, standing quickly. “You’re my daughter’s favorite superhero. Please sit down. I’ll get you some coffee or--”


“Please,” Mistral said, holding up a hand. “Don’t trouble yourself. I’d like your permission to take your daughter to my spirit circle and introduce her to some of her heroic peers. I realize it’s short notice--”


“Oh, no, please… we’re all very aware of what kind of heroine you are,” Goonie said with a broad smile. “If Le-oh… uh… Aurora trusts you, then I don't see why we shouldn’t… um… do you have a time when she’ll be back?”

“Well, I don’t want to keep her out too late, but it might not be for an hour or two. Do you want her to call if we’re going to be later than, say… 9?”


Goonie nodded. “You know your curfew is 10 PM, so just give us a call if you’ll be later, okay?”


Leona smiled at her Mom happily. “Thank you Mom! This is pretty important. I’m glad you understand.” She grinned. It was a little embarrassing talking about curfews with Mom like this, but it was inevitable in a way.


“I’ll definitely keep you notified.” Aurora said, looking to Mistral. “Should we go back upstairs, or would the front door be okay?”


“We’ll use a mystic portal to go from here,” Mistral said, “it won’t affect anything in your house, so don’t worry about privacy or anything like that.” She smiled reassuringly and looked at Goonie and Quinn. “So don’t worry about privacy or anything like that.” She turned her smile on them. “It was my pleasure meeting the family of such a unique girl.” Mistral offered Aurora her hand. “Are you ready, Aurora?” she asked.


Leona nodded and she gestured with her other hand. Right in front of her family, the portal opened. An arcane portal leading elsewhere. Everyone’s eyes widened.  It was a popular theory that Mistral had teleportation powers, but this was confirmation!  Leona wasn’t sure her family could see it quite like she did, but the saw something.  There was some kind of a log cabin on the other side.  If it was in Canada, she’d be leaving the country for the first time in her whole life! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!