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Today was a huge deal! #1! I'm so happy! Thank you all for helping the story to trend so strongly! <3 I'm grateful that we got to shine a bit more. It's only a shame that we had to lead with two dramatic chapters, which many may appreciate. It shapes the storyline.

Let's talk about Leona/Aurora's motivations.  She wants to be a Paragon, as much as she can be. She's young and afraid to make mistakes.  Just one foot placed in the wrong place can result in the end of your career.  She could go out there and blast every evil in sight, but inevitably she'd go out in flames, or else become another Black Angel.

If the chapters made you feel sad, but then good right back again, the storyline is doing its job.  I cried too.  I keenly felt Aurora's frustration and desire to wrench Sarah from Padua's clutches, but she just can't quite yet. 

Now onto the next bit.  If you have a bit of time after you've read, assuming you haven't checked out my friend's story: Schwarz is My Destiny

Lastly, let's get to the teasers for the upcoming episodes! Tomorrow we move back to a 2 issue day.  If we trend the day after on the first page, I'll spoil you more with double the issues! *winks* So please comment, favorite, read, etc! Thank you so much for everything you've contributed! <3 <3 <3

2.19 - Mistral gives more information about herself and Black Angel's origin. 
2.20 - Aurora meets a mysterious being who supports the superhero privacy.
2.21 - Aurora gets a special interview opportunity.
2.22 - Continued from last ----
2.23, 2.24 - *teasing grins*

It's been great so far! You'll get 2.19 before the roll over in 9-10 hours. <3 <3 <3

I love you all! Thankies! *ultra purring* =^.^=