Dragon of the Sea
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Anton and Lillia

“It’s too hot… let me use my magic… please, father…” Lillia sounds weak, famished from the lack of sustenance.

“No, my love. Do not waste your power for something menial, only use it to protect yourself. Promise me.” Anton is adamant with his decision. Lillia sobs, she lightly tantrums in her father’s brace, rebelling.


The island is small, barely lively with tropical trees, there is too much sand, almost a desert, surrounded by a vast salty oasis. Undrinkable oasis. Anton wonders, if he should just leave his daughter alone to build a raft, or just stay with her, utilizing all the time they have left together.


“I’m hungry,” Lillia whines. She has only been eating a conjured food from the tasteless coconut on the island.


There is no other source of food, Anton had tried fishing, but to no avail. There is no reef nearby. The mound is an odd formation of sand, a very young island formed by an undersea volcano. It’s been a week, most of the foods were fed to Lillia, while Anton would just endure the starvation, for his 8-year-old daughter.


Anton swiped the air, using his power to pluck a young coconut, all the fleshy ones are already consumed by two of them, across the week. He conjures a spell. The coconut splits in the middle and Anton gestured a motion, mixing the juice and the flesh of the coconut in the air, turning it into a presentation, in a shape of a cat, all for his daughter. A tasteless food like that is not something palatable by a young child, a bit more presentation will be adequate, to at least make the food desirable for his daughter.


“I should’ve not committed the taboo…” Anton thought, he feels the regrets crippling into his guts. He feels like shedding a tear, but his eyes are dried. “My love, I’m going to the sea to conjure some drinkable water.”

Lillia gobbles the cat-shaped spongy coconut flesh voraciously. She nods. Anton faintly smiles. His daughter is cute.


Anton twiddle as he tries to stand up, a man nearing 40’s should not be that weak, however, the starvation began to cripples his basic movement. He walks a distance, leaving his daughter under the shade of the coconut tree, reluctantly.


Conjure. Back in the kingdom, he was the best at it. A blob of sea water raises upon the command of his gesture. He chants incomprehensible words. The blob began to animate, boiling. He conjures the escaping vapor and suspends it to the side. Freshwater. That is how they hydrated themselves for the past week. He calmly casts a cooling spell.


“Drink some, my love,” Anton trembles as he points the cooled water near Lillia’s mouth. She drank most of it. He drank the remnants. Lillia began forcing herself into Anton’s brace as he tries to sit. He chuckles. Amused by the clinginess of his daughter. Lillia giggles a jolly as if something funny has happened. That is the last happiness Anton would ever possess.


“Father, why are we sailing? Are we there yet? Who are we waiting for?” Lillia brushes her head against Anton’s chest back and forth.


Sadness enshrouds Anton’s domain. He fakes a jovial tone, “Ahh… we are waiting for a potato ship to arrive ahahahah!” His jokes are lame but mused Lillia anyway as she giggles weakly.


“What happened to the people from before? Did we win the race?” Lillia mumbles randomly. White lies. Anton told her before, the ships that were after them are racing against them to another island. The kingdom’s armadas are very persistent, however, the storm saved Anton and Lillia, in a way.


Anton mums a silence, his mind is awry, worrying. “What will become of her if I die?” Anton ponders.


“Father! Don’t ignore me!”

“Ahh, yes! What did you ask me?”

“I already forgot! Hahahaha!” Lillia being cheeky. She then yawns a big sigh. Sleepy.

“Lie down properly, my love,” Anton cuddles Lillia onto his thigh, serving her as a pillow for a nap. He brushes her bangs gently, full of love. Lillia eyes gradually sink into a dream.


“It’s my fault.” Anton reprimands himself. “I should’ve not resurrected her; I hold the law very well but I ended up violating it myself.” Anton was a part of a judiciary committee in the kingdom, he often punishes magic violator without a single hesitation and compromise, yet, here he is, a fugitive convicted with resurrection law violation. The consequence of the violation is punishable by the eternal fire pit, after drinking the immortal potion. A never-ending punishment.


“Remember me…” Anton affectionately brushes Lillia cheek with his dry hand. A lifeless body that was resurrected often inherit the life longevity from the original host, most of the time, it is a life exchange between a living creature with the lifeless body.


Tiny dots. Anton startled, his eyes dilate. He focused his sight to the anomaly in the sea.

“NO!!!” Anton screams in his head.

“This can’t be!” Anton thought while he gently puts sleeping Lillia aside. She whines a tantrum.

“Stay… my love,” Anton pleads, Lillia calmly goes back to her nap.


Anton rushes to the beach, his heart is exploding, exploding and exploding. “The army? Is it the army?” He panics. He conjures sea water, turning it into fresh water again. He consumes it, with a little salt, to energize himself. Battle is coming.


“All of that are not dinghies… what are they?” Anton frantically moves left and right. He grits his teeth tightly, almost shattering them.

“Too far! I can’t strike them from here!” Anton becomes furious. He stops for a while to properly inspect his sight.

A few men, hanging on a few planks of wood. It’s the army. Red breastplate. Yes, it is definitely the army.


“YOU BASTARD DID NOT DO ANYTHING AGAINST THE PLAGUE! NOW YOU WANT TO CLAIM MY DAUGHTER LIFE AGAIN?! SCUMBAGS!!!” Anton is furious, he feels the kingdom attitude in combatting the plague was lazy and discriminatory. The citizen that were unlucky enough to find early shelter in the castle were left behind in the miasma of the infamous Dark Cloud. Her daughter was claimed in the incident.

“I FOUGHT FOR YOU!!! IS THIS HOW YOU RETURN THE FAVOR?!!! COME ON!!! I DARE YOU!!!” Anton challenges the oppressing army. There were nine of them floating. Combat abilities are unknown, but Anton feels compelled to destroy them as soon as they are in his demolition range.


“Their ships wrecked too it seems, I wonder how many survived? It’s been a week, most of them should already die…” Anton tries to reason.

“Father!!!” Lillia yelled.


Anton's heart stopped beating. There are like twenty men, running towards Lillia from the other side of the island. The island is too small for Anton to escape, he is cornered.

“LILLIA!!!” Anton was horrifically anxious with the sudden development. He realizes the waddling men in the sea are baits. The twenty men do not move energetically, they seem to be exhausted. Their ship wrecked. That must be it.

Anton sprints wobbly strides towards Lillia, desperate to protect her. He contemplates whether to strike or to defend.


“My love! Remember! Only protection spell! Alright?!” Anton forced a smile, tries to calm Lillia who is in terror. Lillia nods, with her hand clasped together.

“Close your ears, alright my love?” Anton calmly instructs Lillia to shroud herself with a protection spell.

“Anton!” The golden breast plated soldier calls.


“We still have time! Kill her now! Surrender yourself!!!”



The soldier’s flinched upon Anton’s word. He is not a man anybody can mess with. A very talented sorcerer from the young age and a very powerful mage in the kingdom. He is a savior of the land, a reputation to be respected with.


“Anton! The king promised to lighten your punishment! Please! You have my words! Kill the abomination!”

“YOU BASTARD!!! SHE IS NOT AN ABOMINATION!!! TAKE IT BACK!!!” Anton began to conjure a technique, the sand around him raises and formed a spear.

“Anton! This is my last offer! Kill her! You can always have another child! Please! I’m still your friend!”


“So, be it!” Jarross began to sign the soldiers to secure the perimeter around Anton.


Anton looks left and right, wary. He flinched, the nine soldiers in the water are now at the beach. He is against thirty people now. He doubted. He reassures himself. “I’ll do whatever, for my daughter, even though it will claim my life!” Anton thought.


Anton focuses himself with the movement of the soldiers, he tries to identify which of them are a mage. It is vital to take down the ranged attack user first to increase his survivability.

“Father…” Lillia whines in terror. She trembles uncontrollably. Anton pats her head, calming her.


Anton notices a familiar gesture; a mage is conjuring an attack spell. Anton is not to be under estimated, he conjures faster than anybody else in the kingdom, he is unsurpassable. The sand spear blitzed in lightning speed, piercing the mage’s breastplate. It does not end there. Anton has a plan. He conjured a dispersion spell, causing the sand spear to disintegrates in all direction, akin to an explosion.

The mage body was shredded to pieces by the violent sand explosion. The collateral damages inflicted upon the nearest two soldiers, killing them instantly.

Jarross was unfazed. He knew it was coming, he knows Anton very well, a peer he rivaled when he was a rookie. Anton outgrew him so fast that he decided to give up being a sorcerer and becomes a soldier instead.


“IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED?!!! I DARE YOU BASTARD TO TRY AGAIN!!!” Anton fully rages in the heat of the day.


The battle stopped at a standstill while Anton is prepared with another conjured spear. Jarross took the endurance route. As a soldier, standing in the heat is nothing, but it seems to affect Anton greatly. Anton looks weaker by the second, due to dehydration.

Blinks. Anton blinks repeatedly as his sight blurs into a vignette. He suddenly kneeled out of exhaustion.

“Father?” Lillia grew anxious as she observes her father almost fainted.


Jarross raises his hand, he has been waiting for this moment. “NOW!!!” The soldier rushes in with some of them throwing daggers and some mage blasted a water projectile towards Anton.

Anton snapped out of his exhaustion and swiftly conjured a sand shield. It took an enormous amount of energy to do such a feat in his battered condition. He fades into black.

“Father! Father!” Lillia is in absolute terror.

Anton quickly regains his consciousness and it was too late. Jarross and his men are too close for him to react.



Jarros conjured a spell, turning his breastplate into a sharp lump of metal, thrusting into Anton’s guts.


“FATHER!!!” Lillia shakes violently as she observes blood spilling from her father’s abdomen.

“Li… Lil... lia…” Anton tries to reach his hand on Lillia shield spell. A soldier kicked him, causing him to sprawl to the side. He grunts in pain, tears gushing out from his eyes, looking at the soldier surrounding his daughter.


“Break it!!!” Jarros orders the soldier to break the protection spell, but it is oddly strong for a child size spell.

“No… Lillia…” Anton whimper in agony.


Lillia cries erratically as the men try to break her protection spell.


“She can’t have this much power to last this long! How is this possible?!!” Jarross began to show signs of frustration.

“Jarross… no… she can’t use too much of her power… please stop…” Anton cries a pathetic plead.



A blinding light emanates from Lillia, illuminating the island entirely. Jarross and his men were flinching and back off from the light. The surge of light gradually fades. Grotesques. Something otherworldly is happening.

Lillia is bulging, her limbs start to violently trembles and elongate. Some of her muscle began to enlarge, a bit of fur on here and there began to grow. Bizarre. The men are appalled seeing the horrifying scene. Anton gave up, his hope shattered. The dejected man lies on the warm sand, depressed and miserable. His daughter is becoming the thing he always tries hard to prevent, an abomination of a creature resembling the original soul he has taken to resurrect her.



Lillia is twisted in agony, she does not resemble a human anymore, let alone a child. Her body size grown to be almost five times the size of a man. Red scales on her legs and arms, menacing talons on all of the limbs, white fur blanketed her body, vicious fangs, a pair of antler, black eyes with red irises, a deep yet high pitched growl, she walks on all her limbs, a quadrupedal creature and a majestic feathered pair of wing. Her tail is long like a whip, adorning magnificent feathers at the end.

Dragon. Yes, that is what she has become, she looks akin to Dark Cloud, a similar type of dragon that was killed by Anton, and its soul was transferred into Lillia body, to resurrect her. The only difference they have is their fur color and Lillia had a pair of antler instead of spiral horns.


“My daughter…” Anton weeps as he gazes upon his physically distorted daughter.

“DRAGON?!!!” Jarross is bewildered in terror. His men began to scatter around, some retreated back to the sea, swimming to oblivion.



Lillia shrieked in confusion and began to flail around. She slashed some of the men in the process. She releases a mist, akin to a miasma, but it turns into a blaze of milky-white fire.


Jarross struggles in the burning white flame in agony, thrashed about trying to escape the pain, the fire will not be subdued.


“Lillia… my love…” Anton raises his hand trying to touch the dragon, his daughter.


Lillia rages continuously, terrorizing the kingdom’s army until she destroyed them all. Anton lights are fading, as the blood continuously pours out of his guts.


The sky is dark, thunders are rumbling. Drops of tears fall from the sky as Lillia whimpers and purred next to Anton, with all the mangled bodies scatters around them.


“It’s not going to be hot anymore my love, Lillia, it’s raining,” Anton reaches his hand touching the purring dragon. The dragon is teary as she whines sadly. Anton caresses her nose, lovingly.


“Remember me…” Anton's eyes turns greyish. He heaves his last breath. Darkness.


Lillia the dragon, whimpers, and whimpers. Continuously for days. This is how the legend began.


Lillia, the Weeping Dragon of the Sea.

Lillia the weeping dragon


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