Chapter 27
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- Shari -


I should have tried to find something to keep me occupied.
My rest was like always far too short.
How am I supposed to get into a normal day-night rhythm when I can only rest for three hours max?

The slime on the other side of the room didn’t help the slightest on that matter.
I could somehow forcefully urge myself to disconnect a bit more, but that had its limits.

To say it like this: It was a hell of a night.


For some reason, Liqu did not complain a bit.
And she doesn’t seem to be as troubled as I am.
There was just this staring at me, which I always noticed when I looked at her.
She stops for a while when I mention it, but eventually starts again.


  • Is it that what keeps her occupied?

That would be so concerning that I don’t want to dwell any further in this.


When the sunset finally came, I started to prepare a bit for the day.
Nothing excessive.

I applied powder just on the front of Liqu’s face, as we desperately need to conserve what we have, so she has to wear the hood.
And I let her refresh mine, which I tried to keep applied as good as possible during the night.
Nonetheless, we spent now almost half of the box’s content.
It’s needless to say how Liqu reacted to this event.
After that, I took a bit of the flesh we had stored in the bag to eat and gave  Liqu her share.


  • The last thing I need now is that she's getting hungry!


Yet, now I sense that she has a troubled look.


"Is something wrong?" (Shari)

"Ehm, I need to release matter! And you said you don’t want too much in here." (Liqu)

"Oh!" (Shari)


I haven’t thought about this.
At some point, I too will need to let go of the dead weight.

  • But how?


For nightly needs, this place has provided us a bucket.
But it should be obvious why we cannot use that one.
The questions raised when someone comes to empty it.

  • Urgh, unpleasant.


It's not like this place has no toilets, but they end up in one big container.
If there would be something like a working sewer system there would be no problem.
Yet, the only place I know where something like this exists would be the capital city.
This town at the border had simply more pressing matters than such a high effort project.
For now, it should be fine if we just use the toilet for now.
I just hope that no one is going to take a closer look.
Things I never wanted to rack my brain about.

  • Don’t you dare to remind me about my brain!


But for now, I lead Liqu to the toilet. Something she obviously has never seen before.
For once I will refrain from describing the talk we had, in which I had to introduce her to the concept, which she inquired about with the greatest interest.


  • Shivers.


Then I can finally change my clothes.
I change into a white shirt and brown pants.
While I let this sound like a decision, the truth is that my choices were limited to two white shirts and one brown sweater, while the pants are the only other pair I have.


I, or in fact everyone in my village never gave much thought to fashion so that I had just the very basics in my wardrobe.
The other half of the clothes are in Liqu’s stash and I want her to keep them.
I for sure have no intention to stop making a distinction between my clothes and hers.
I mean, I cannot really use underwear anymore, so those things are kind of the substitute for it. Sharing them would be plain wrong.


This ultimately leads to the point that I force her as well to change to her replacements.
A black shirt and black pants.
She looks a bit intimidating in these, but that might be for the better, while I think that white and brown are more sociable colors.
Yet it’s not like anyone will see much of them since I intend to always cover myself with the cloak.


The completely soaked laundry we should eventually wash in the river, to get rid of the slime.
Also, my bandages as they are not so cheap that I want to buy replacements.
By the way, yes for sure Ekoras has a river. To be precise most towns are built at them.
They are needed as a source of drinking water, to water the fields and also for the waste disposal. One reason why we shouldn’t wash the clothes too far down the stream.
Yet in fact, we are dumping as well by doing so.


After we are done with the morning procedures, I settle us in front of the door with the bag.
We’ve got some glances with our luggage from the innkeeper, but fortunately, this is the kind of business that isn't inquiring on the private matters of their clients.

Now we wait for Jacob and maybe the rest of the crew.
Well, at least I know that Jacob will not just abandon the money we are practically carrying with us.
I mean leaving the haul you already made?

  • Come on!


I don’t know if Chris prefers it to keep an eye on us or would rather have as much distance as possible.
With Myra, there could be even more problems.
The poor girl is terrified of how casually Liqu draws close to her.
But if everyone else comes, I doubt she will stay alone.
The most important for me right now would be to make acquaintance with the customers of our wares.


At the moment I have three goals in mind.


First, find someone to sell things to, so I can make money for my subsistence.

Second, gain information about valuable things one can find in the local wilderness.
The best would be if I could copy some pages from a book.

By the way: Yes I can read.
Mum forced me to learn it. Mentioning reasons like the importance to be able to keep track of an inventory or that it is necessary to read about the herbs you are looking for.
I believe it was simply that she wanted me to be educated regardless of utility.
Not that I blame her for it. It wasn’t too pleasant, but she had just the best intentions for me in mind.

The third goal is simple.
I want to become friendly enough with the guards, that leaving and entering the town becomes easier.
At one point they might even be friendly enough to look over my condition.
Or look the other way under the aspect that otherwise they need to admit, they let me go in and out as I pleased before.


  • Might be a little farfetched, but I'm allowed to dream, right?


My pondering keeps me long enough occupied until Jacob finally arrives.
Surprisingly Myra accompanies him.
Jacob looks already quite a bit more relaxed around us, as he is a very logical person and so able to recognize that we haven’t harmed them despite all the possibilities we had.
Also on my side, it builds much trust that we weren’t ambushed in the night by the guard, as he knew where we stayed.


Myra is also there. Taking cover behind Jacob and looks as if one wrong move of ours would send her running.
It doesn’t help that Liqu started waving in her usual exaggerative manner as soon she noticed them.
Although it might be the first time that someone actually came back to her.
When they are close enough I greet them too.


"Good morning! Glad that you made it." (Shari)

"You still have our bag? They are quite expensive." (Jacob)

"Myra! You came back to me! How nice!" (Liqu)


At the first chance, Liqu rushes to them and Myra seems close to her tears while Jacob seems more annoyed than anything else.
Probably because of his communication training with her.


"Liqu stay put! You scare her!" (Shari)

"But we are friends!" (Liqu)

  • When did she come to that conclusion?


"Just keep your distance!" (Shari)

"Are you maybe jealous?" (Liqu)

  • Breathe in, Breathe out!
  • It doesn't matter if you can do so, just make the movement and calm down!


"Just stay put!" (Shari)

"Pfft! Okay!" (Liqu)

"Sorry! She is troublesome." (Shari)

"No problem! It’s not as if anything happened." (Jacob)

"Thank you. And to soothe you, at most, she was just going to embrace her. But as it seems Myra might pass out by this alone." (Shari)

"Can you hold it against her?" (Jacob)

"Not really. I’m absolutely with her. By the way, where is Chris?" (Shari)


I hope not with the guards regarding a monster problem.


"He has still to recover from his injury, so I ordered him to stay in his bed." (Jacob)


Good to know. Then this venture will become much friendlier.


"So, how are we going to sell our spoils?" (Shari)

"For the special parts, there is an alchemist I would like to visit and sell the remains directly. Especially as we have done nothing to preserve them so that their value decreases by the minute." (Jacob)


Should have been aware of this myself.
One and a half day might not be much time, but still considerable.


"And the rest?" (Shari)

"I would like to go with that to Cid if that’s okay for you." (Jacob)

"Cid?" (Shari)

"He is something like the unofficial broker for the adventurers. For a rather extensive provision, he takes nearly everything we bring to him, to sell it to those who have a demand. For us, it is simply not possible to keep track with all the connections he has." (Jacob)

"Why should I be against this when I don’t know anyone to sell to myself?" (Shari)

"Because like this we will for sure just get a small part of the value. If we keep more than half of the actual value we can consider us lucky.
The one good point is that he is not going to rip us off with the parts of the rager since he is already taking advantage of us off in general." (Jacob)

"Sounds like a lovely person." (Shari)

"We don’t have much of a choice if we don’t want to throw most of the parts away." (Jacob)

"It’s fine! I agree with your approach." (Shari)


In the end, someone like this person was exactly what I was looking for, but to willingly jump at the chance to get tricked is not sitting well with me.


"Then I would suggest we get going with our perishable wares!" (Jacob)

"Sure! Please take the bag. We both lack the ability to carry it for long. We are just not steady enough to do this." (Shari)

"Fine, then let’s get moving!" (Jacob)

And so we start our business trip.


As two slimes, what a joke!