Chapter 46
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- Shari -


I apply the powder on us before we approach the gate.
I am not too sure if the guards would let us through without face control.
There might be those from last time on duty but even in this case, there is still a risk just to trust on our last agreement and hope it might work out.

Coming closer, I discover that they truly are the same guards as last time.
Maybe it's something like a set position they have.
However, now it counts!


We approach the gate again and the guards perk up since almost no one is coming out of this direction, ever!
I mean in the east only lies Akaras, a fortress city, the wilderness, and our abandoned mine.
While Akaras is to a degree supplied from Ekoras with general goods, this isn't the usual route.
So the only ones who could come from there are we who left in this direction.
Naturally, Liqu and I have our cloaks and masks on.
And naturally, the mood is still downed.


"Ah, you made it back!" (Horace)


  • Please, don't ask where Chris is now!


"Mhm." (Shari)

"I take it. It didn't go well." (Rodin)


At least he does remember us.
This might be due to the fact that we were the only ones leaving that way.
Usually, adventurers would use the south gate, as it is the more direct way into the forest.


"Not that much. Could you please make fast? We really need some rest." (Jacob)

"Sure, but I have to ask what you brought there with you." (Rodin)

"Just some voidstone, monster parts and proofs of subjugation, aside from the equipment we initially brought." (Shari)


I show a sample out of Elin's bag.
But the moment I touch I already feel the drain.
I realize that it was a bad idea when only my gloves are keeping my hand from disintegrating through direct touch with this anti-monster repellant.
So I fast put it back in.


"Oh, you really were going to that mine! Have heard it is especially bad there!" (Horace)


With a rather dark tone, Jacob speaks.


"It was. You can see." (Jacob)


  • Honestly! What a stupid question when less come back than initially ventured out!


“Uff!” (Horace)


Rodin gives Horace a jab in the side.


“Well, it seems that everything is fine, so you can enter.” (Rodin)


It seems painful embarrassment can speed things up.


We take him up on this invitation and just like this are back into the town.
It was a hard time but nonetheless, there is first something we have to take care of.


“I know you want to go and call it a day, but before this happens we have first to go to Tamarah. We need the money now and I’m sure that you don’t want to have to meet up again tomorrow.” (Shari)


They grudgingly accept, even if Myra’s mood is rather dark.
At least she didn’t make a scene at the gates.
Like this, we make us on our way and eventually reach the market where Tamarah’s shop is located.
As soon we open the door I again notice the abundance of disturbing residues in the air.
I am rather sure Liqu can identify what they are, having dissolved each of them at least once, yet I lack this knowledge.


“Hey Tamarah! We are here and brought your stones!” (Shari)


And out of nowhere she suddenly stands behind the counter.


“Ah, if it isn’t my favorite business partner! Oh, Elin! You've met them?” (Tamarah)


  • They know each other!?


"Yes, quite some interesting folks, right?" (Elin)

"You can bet on it! It was a fortune to met such outstanding individuals and gain their favor." (Tamarah)


This comment makes Liqu again a little jumpy.
Probably because she doesn't like it that anyone who isn't her gains my favor.


  • Best to brush over it.


“So here they are!” (Shari)


We empty the bags with the stones on the counter and Tamarah starts in an inquiring manner to examine them.


“And? Satisfied?” (Shari)

“Well, overall it seems fine yet there are some with significant impurities. However, since I value the deal we have agreed upon I think I will take them all. After all, your liquid is of especially high quality and I could nowhere else get it this fresh!” (Tamarah)


  • And again I shiver inwardly!


At next she goes into the back room and returns with a box.
When she opens it I look at a fortune.
The box is really crammed up with coins to the brim.
It is rather trusting to show this to us, but Jacob is more of a decent guy she seems well acquainted with and I on my side cannot really risk being involved with anything that might put the guard on our tracks.
Despite this, I have still some ethics going for me.
Anyways, you can see here that her common clientele is of the wealthy kind.
Out of that box, she takes six gold and sixty silver coins and places them on the counter.


“Ummh, Jacob. Take the sixty silver. I… guess you will need it.” (Shari)


Not that I’m especially generous but because of me their team will now go through a rather hard time, since… not much is left of it.
So I want to do something to ease my conscious a little and this helps.
Also in my opinion Elin hasn’t earned her share and gets rewarded in another way, so I will distribute it like this.


“I don’t like this. It hurts my pride as a professional. Sigh! But you’re right, we don’ have much of a choice.” (Jacob)


With this Jacob accepts the money and the two of them leave.
Rather hurried that is.


“Did something happen?” (Tamarah)

“Chris… died.” (Shari)

“Oh, did a monster kill him?” (Tamarah)


  • A monster, huh?


“He tried to kill both of them. And failed.” (Elin)

“My condolences then. I hope you two don’t blame yourself too much. Haven’t known him long. Was Liqu very bad on him?” (Tamarah)

“No comment!” (Shari)


  • Not everyone needs to know!


I take the money with this.
Six gold should also be easier to transport.


“Oh and I would like to take you up on our agreement! You weren’t here for quite some time.” (Tamarah)

“Uh, sorry but both Liqu and I are full right now and have barely anything to spend. It would just be detrimental for us if we would give the matter which contains energy.” (Shari)


We just ate all our provisions and intentionally emptied ourselves since it's less consuming to travel like this.
After all, we have to refill it costly by taking stuff in which we have to buy.
And I would want to limit this as much as possible for reasons of inconspicuousness.
This deal wouldn’t make sense for me.


“Oh, now that you say it. Last time I didn’t think about this, but now I've got an idea and would like to buy a liter of the rich one for five silver. Is that alright? (Tamarah)


This on the other side sounds much more appealing.
Considering the price for the flesh from last time this would be a huge profit.


“Fine, if it’s just this.” (Shari)

“But naturally I want you then.” (Tamarah)

“No! She is mine!” (Liqu)

“I just meant her matter.” (Tamarah)


The offer is of value, but I really don’t like to sell… well, myself.


"I would even add a nice little asset.” (Tamarah)


Liqu is nonetheless grumbling.


“She is still mine!” (Liqu)

“Okay, you can have it.” (Shari)


  • Before this slime embarrasses me even more!


“Great!” (Tamarah)


She brings a flask from behind the counter.
Big enough, but it looks uncommon.


“Please fill it in here and don’t stop before you give it to me.” (Tamarah)


I take the flask with one hand and let my glove glide down from the other.
The now bare hand I bring to the opening and completely unobstructed it runs in.

You never feel this much that your body is made of liquid and not normal, as when you have it filled up in a bottle.


When I hand it to Tamarah, in a blink she has grabbed it and corks it up.
Like this, there is now a bottle filled with me, ready for sale.


  • I feel considerably conflicted about this!


Especially with the look with which Tamarah examines it now.


  • Even more this smile! Shivers!


“You have what you want, right?” (Shari)

“This will be surely interesting! Such an ingredient is not to get by in any way!” (Tamarah)

“Then please our payment!” (Shar)

“Sure!” (Tamarah)


She procures another five silver from the box and also two more of these flasks.


“What’s the meaning of this? I won’t give you any more!” (Shari)

“No, no! They aren’t for me, they are yours!” (Tamarah)

“Excuse me?” (Shari)

“I said I would have something for you. These flasks are made of a special kind of glass and imbued with earth magic to make them more durable and much more important impervious. Like this, the energy should stay properly contained!” (Tamarah)


This sounds interesting, however…


“And why you give them to us? They should be incredibly valuable. (Shari)

“See it as an investment into our relationship. You can use them to fill mass inside and always have some for emergencies at hand. And with those bottles no one will be too suspicious. ” (Tamarah)

“Then, thank you I guess.” (Shari)

“No problem. Please come back soon!" (Tamarah)

"By the way, can I buy here some cloudshroom?" (Shari)

"Cloudshroom? Why would you want this?" (Tamarah)

"Personal reasons! Can I?" (Shari)

"I have some but... well, I guess you don't need to be too cautious. So the safety instructions are kinda obsolete. " (Tamarah)


With this, I get the particular mushrooms from her and have to pay one of our just earned silver directly back.


"It was a pleasure to make business with you." (Shari)


Just half true, but there's no reason to be rude.


"As well as on my side! Come back soon! After all, you have quite a value for me.” (Tamarah)


  • I know she means as an ingredient!


Kinda creeped out I hurry up and leave the shop.
Now I have to plan my next steps!