Chapter 55
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- Shari -


We did it!
We really did it!


Yesterday killing Cid will surely throw this City into Chaos.
And today we have to deal with the aftermath.
The biggest problem is that they were in our room in the inn.
There might be some kind of confidentiality going on but this isn't including the other clients.
And the way things appear to be, half of them were on Cid's and respectively that unknown evil noble's payroll.
Like this, it's not too surprising how fast they found out that we were back and where we're lodging.
The only surprise is that we didn't directly walk into them on our way to their headquarter.

But this summons a problem.
While I don't know how fast the guard will come on false claims to take us into custody, there is at least the certainty that I can't stay there any longer.
Nonetheless, even if I have no idea about the state of all the items we left there, we still have to procure them.
Also, buying some fresh provisions and replacements is necessary.
Elin was at least right that they don't know about her, so taking her as a scout would be recommendable.

That leaves me with my second problem.
A certainly thoroughly finished boy we kind of re-abducted.


  • And that not in the gentlest way.


While I think I can coax Tamarah to give us a little bit more time at her place, leaving the scared boy by himself would be plain stupid.
It's basically an invitation for him to run away.
Having a lack of human resources I am left with only one option:


  • Resorting to the non-human.


"Liqu. Elin and I will go to our place and look for our stuff. I want you to look for the boy." (Shari)

"Uhh, why can't I come with you?" (Liqu)

"Liqu, please! I really need your help here. So for once, please do as I say." (Shari)

"Grrrllb. Fine, I will watch out that he won't run." (Liqu)

"And you remember our talk about children?" (Shari)

"Pfft!" (Elin)

"Not that talk!!!" (Shari)

"Yes, yes. I won't harm him." (Liqu)

"Good. And just to ease my mind. Did you ever... eat children?" (Shari)


W-why does she ponder this long?


"Umh, human ones?" (Liqu)

"Y-Yes?" (Shari)

"No. Never came to it. Watching was more fun! I have a rule that I don't dissolve what I observe. That's ruining the experience. I mean being full is nice but after receiving all these impressions from them..." (Liqu)

"Okay, okay. I get it." (Shari)


  • This must be enough.


Despite those disturbing parts, like the lack of general reluctance to do this or that other species had less luck.


"I-It stays at this! I don't want to ever see you act against children!" (Shari)

"Should be possible, as long I'm in control. They aren't big threats." (Liqu)


And again she is evaluating everything if it's a threat or not.


"Fine, we will be going then. And don't forget that we are guests of Tamarah. She is helping us out here. So please treat her well." (Shari)

"Yes, yes!" (Liqu)


Why do I have such a bad feeling about this?


Anyway, we head out.
The market is lively and looks rather nice in the daylight.
There is no sign of an economical collapse yet.
However, this could just be because Cid's death has still to kick in.
As I understood it, he was the one instance all the adventurer's goods had to pass before they were delivered to the respective shops and processing facilities.
So the problem will arise as soon the stocks are empty and no new deliveries are coming.
That aside, it's good that I don't have to deal with this problem right now.
The only thing I have to deal with is the still existing bounty on my head.
Even if I could just detach it and hand it over.

Yet I'm rather sure they wouldn't be satisfied with this.
You never know who lies in wait for us.
But that seems unlikely at the moment.
On the way, I added the money I fetched in Cid's office to our other reserves.
At that time I hadn't had the leeway but now I could finally count it.


There are two gold coins, four silver and fifty-three in copper.
The fifty are big ones.
And the three remaining, small ones.
Apart from those I've used as ammunition.
However, they did the job.
For that reason, I still have the other three of them inside me.

I buy two meat skewers.
Eight copper is while a bit of a luxury, still worth it.
They have the perfect size to bite them down under the mask and are like this great for dissolving on tours.
And I feel quite normal if I can pretend to eat like this.


"Aren't you a little too relaxed? We could get ambushed any moment." (Elin)

"In broad daylight? In the middle of the market? Unlikely." (Shari)

"If you say so. But you don't know how bold these people can be. The real attack might come any moment." (Elin)

"But scanning overly cautious the environment and like that looking suspicious won't help." (Shari)

"Well, you are the boss." (Elin)


  • And I have still no idea how it came to that!


Eventually, we make it to our inn.
Don't know what I had expected, but there are at least no forces in waiting.
Heading in there, everything looks the same as usual.
If not for an excessively displeased Marsha.
On the other hand...


"Just what did you bring over me?!" (Marsha)

"Excuse me?" (Shari)

"I'm asking you how it comes that every time you and your comrades seek shelter here I'm getting raided!" (Marsha)

"Raided?" (Shari)

"Yes, raided! Twenty men in the middle of the night intruding into my business!" (Marsha)

"Did they enter our room?" (Shari)

"Sure they did." (Marsha)

"You didn't throw them out?" (Shari)

"What do you take me for? My establishment has one rule: Don't intrude in the client's privacy! For sure I wasn't going to fight an army on my own. This is a place where no one asks questions and no safe haven. And because of this fact, I won't ask how you are linked to the one big topic all my other clients talk about right now." (Marsha)


  • Shit! News spread already?


"Are we having a problem?" (Shari)

"If the guard comes asking questions you are on your own. And tomorrow you are gone. I won't extend your rent." (Marsha)

"You are throwing us out?!" (Shari)

"I can't have someone burning down my inn, hoping to get you inside. So sorry, but yes I do!" (Marsha)


Harsh, but understandable.


"Then can I go get what remains of our stuff?" (Shari)

"Didn't look like they took much, yet I didn't!" (Marsha)

"I'll go then." (Shari)


I can fully understand her and am at least sure that she won't cooperate with the guard, having a reputation to live up to.
Hell, she might have even been able to overlook that we are monsters, for additional payment.
Unlikely, but not impossible.

Anyway, whatever could have been, now we have to leave.
There is just one thing vexing me.


  • We just renovated that damned room for her!!!


Nonetheless, I want to take our stuff with us.


It is no nice view.
Everything we owned is splattered on the ground.
We never had much in the first place.
Mine, Elin's and Liqu's bag was all we had for us since we all lead a life that cannot afford much luggage.
Yet for last night, these would have been too cumbersome to take with us.
The problem is that none of them is in good condition.
Apparently, something drives killer-squads who don't find their targets, to destroy their belongings.
We have still some money, but what happened here is not favorable.
Why the hell they had to slice our bags?
Just a smaller one from Elin made it, the others are unusable at that point.
And there is one thing that affects me.


  • These assholes spilled my powder!
  • Don't they know how expensive that stuff is!


Most of the provisions were already consumed, but that is really an annoying development.
In fact, aside from the money, we lost all we had.
However, I’m really glad that I always carry mother's heirloom in my cloak's pocket.
This thing is just too precious to leave it somewhere.
Not in this city!


"Shit, they destroyed my sleeping bag." (Elin)

"Seems like we all lost precious things." (Shari)

"You can talk. You have no problems with sleeping on the ground." (Elin)

"Elin! I will act as if I didn't hear that. Because if I had, that would make you the target of all my bottled up animosity towards my current situation."(Shari)

"Okay, sorry. But this is really a problem for me." (Elin)

"Seems like there's no choice. We have to replace the lost items. Time to go on a shopping tour." (Shari)

"Well, some new clothes might be right." (Elin)


I need to admit that my variety was a little lacking.
We stuff everything that is still there and halfway usable in Elin's left bag and leave the inn.


"And what now?" (Elin)

"We need to buy the necessary stuff. Tell me please, what you need?" (Shari)

"They got my cooking utensils, the sleeping bags, and the usual camping equipment, like fire starter, map. What is troublesome are my lost knives. I can't disassemble prey without them." (Elin)

"Good. Please be honest, how much do you need to replace them?" (Shari)

"Hmm, the same quality? Five to six silver. If I just make do with the bare minimum in quality three. But this wouldn't be recommendable." (Elin)

"Fine, here are six silver. I will go to the tailor and at this chance directly commission the sleeping bag. Without this, that much money should be more than enough. I expect the tailoring to take longer, so please come by when you are done." (Shari)

“Thank you, boss. Very generous!" (Elin)


  • Why do I feel like the leader of a syndicate?


We head back out, trying our best to avoid Marsha the angry.
Suddenly Elin stops.


"Don't look, we're being watched." (Elin)