Ch 14 First Strategy Meeting
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“ Open Status.”

Name: Never (virgin male) Stats:  
Life energy: 999,990 Strength: 1.02
Money:  $8 Intelligence: -9
Age:  19 years Charisma: 300 CAPPED
Pet name:  Useless Kitten (female) Stats:  
Life energy: 200,000,060 Strength: 5
Money:  $898,940 Intelligence: 10
Age:  4 weeks Charisma: 300 CAPPED
Name: Bubuga (female) Stats:  
Life energy: 226 Strength: 42
Money: $0 Intelligence: 204
Age:  4403 years Charisma: -50

“ Okay for our first strategy meeting, we should actually give a name to this purgatory world. What do you two suggest?”

[ Never always petting the Useless Kitten!]

“ The clean landfill,” suggests Bubuga.

“ No and no. We need something better than that.”

[ But master, you have the lowest intelligence stat out of all of us here.]


“ Why do all of our names suck? We all need a new fucking name here! Only retards call themselves ‘Never’, Useless Kitten, or ‘Bubuga’.”

[ Master don’t be mad, we all have good names here. Besides you’re the one who gave me the name ‘Useless Kitten’ and Bubuga is, well, Bubuga.]

“ Okay how about the ‘Super Clean Landfill’?” wonders Bubuga.

“ Fuck it. We are naming this place the ‘Super Clean Landfill’.”

- This purgatory is now named the “Super Clean Landfill”. It does not conflict with any other purgatory world names.

[ Aww master, I want you to use my name.]

“Status Super Clean Landfill.”

Purgatory name:  Super Clean Landfill    
Beings:  4 Life energy 342
Money:  $0 Charisma -9999999999999999

“ Wow, I didn’t expect that to work.”

[ Master who is the 4th Being here?]

“ OH FUCK! -9999999999999999 CHARISMA? AND A 4TH BEING? Wait why does this purgatory have a lifespan too?”

[ Okay master you need to stop cursing so much.]

“ Stop cursing or else I will make you eat trash,” warns Bubuga.

“ I’m sorry you girls. I will be a better man again.”

[ Again for like 200 times already?]

“ 201 times now I guess.”

“ Hmmm I do have an idea who this 4th being is,” says Bubuga.

[ Tell us Bubuga.]

“ Sure after you both listen to my life story,” smirks Bubuga.

Yeah, this isn’t going to work. Bubuga has good stats but is pretty airheaded about our situation. The kitten is a belly rub addict with money and life energy. I thought both of these girl’s intelligence would find a way to make money in this purgatory. But they are both useless.

It seems like we have 2 pressing problems. The 4th Being and the life energy of our purgatory.

Wait a minute, did Bubuga gotten hotter? She doesn’t smell that bad anymore. The brown sludge covering her skin is gone, leaving behind a nice white skin. Her head is starting to grow out hair again. The curves on her body are forming. Not enough to make my dick hard though.

But it looks like I have to do it myself again.

[ Master look! I gave my own life energy to this purgatory!]

Purgatory name:  Super Clean Landfill    
Beings:  4 Life energy 1,000,342
Money:  $0 Charisma -9999999999999999
Pet name:  Useless Kitten (female)
Life energy: 199,000,060

I take back what I said about Kitten.

“ You’re amazing Kitten!”

“ Hey, the 4th being is inside that kitten-treats bag over there,” points Bubuga.

I take back what I said about Bubuga.

“ You’re amazing as well Bubuga!”

We ran towards the empty kitten treat bag. Bubuga volunteers herself to check it out since she has the highest strength stat.

Inside the bag was a giant cockroach.


“ Why is there a cockroach in my purgatory?”

“ Can I eat it?” asks Bubuga.

“ I don’t think eating a raw cockroach is a good idea. Let’s kill it”

Bubuga instantly catches the fleeing roach and crushes it in her hands.

[ Wait master! We could have sold it for $0.01 instead.]

“...Nah we’re good.”

“ Maybe it came from the landfill when I teleported here?” says Bubuga.

Purgatory name:  Super Clean Landfill    
Beings:  3 Life energy 1,000,342
Money:  $0 Charisma -9999999999999999