Chapter 21 – Test
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Chapter 21 - Test

We soon arrived at a large grass field that was located at the back of the building, the field had plenty of people with most of them being surprised to see us, or rather the Guild Master himself who is Iris's father.

"Well then, The guild will be personally testing these two little girls' strengths, please stay far back." Iris's father said as the crowd nodded and slowly moved away from the field.

"Okay, which of the two of you will go first?" He asks, I was about to raise my hand that was until Alisha stopped me and rose hers instead.

"I'll go." She said to me with confidence before I nodded and took out the weapon from the cute magic bag on my waist which immediately responded to Alisha's call and turned into a scythe as she grabbed it from me and started walking towards the center of the field.

"Are you ready, ojou-chan?" Iris's father asks as Alisha gripped her scythe and spun it thrice before nodding.

"Well then, once the coin falls, we go." He said as he threw the coin which didn't even take a few milliseconds to fall.

As soon as the coin fell, both of them disappeared from plain sight as clouds of dust appeared from where they were standing.

Not long after the clouds of dust had dissipated, plenty of sparks appeared in several spots as the two battled with speed.

"It seems like the two of them are equal in speed." Iris said before I shook my head.

"Alisha is falling behind, you know." I said after all the battle was very clear to my eyes, Alisha was being overpowered by the sheer speed of Iris' father who was only using an ordinary spear.

It didn't even take long before Alisha fell into a defensive position as Iris's father's speed of attack increased even more to the extent that my eyes, which should be naturally strong, couldn't catch up.

It wasn't just the speed that was increasing, so did the force each strike carried.

"Shouldn't she give up by now?" Iris asked as she took out some kind of eyeglass that was emitting magical power, I guess it should be something that allows her to see the battle properly.

"Yeah, I am worried." I said as I closely looked at the battle that was almost one-sided by now as the spear kept thrusting at Alisha's shoulders but not actually hitting them which made me relieved.

Slowly, time passed as everyone was engrossed in the battle that was happening, despite being fully one-sided, Alisha still managed to endure as she kept defending with a smile, everything was going on, as usual, that was until Alisha suddenly fell backward possibly from hitting a rock.

As if seeing a perfect opportunity, Iris' father immediately thrust his spear straight at Alisha.

Seeing the spear being thrust towards Alisha, my heart stopped for a whole second when suddenly Alisha twisted her body to the side before stabbing the scythe onto the ground and using the momentum to throw herself up in the air as she spun around once before hitting the floor with her two feet as the scythe's blade was now around Iris' father's head ready to slice it in half.

"Stop!" A shout came as a guild member approached the field wearing what seems to be a referee jacket as the whole scene became clearly visible.

Alisha's scythe was at the most perfect position to slice off Iris's father's head cleanly while Iris's father had his spear stuck on the ground where Alisha was supposed to be if she had fallen.

Everyone in the field had their mouths open before the referee clapped his hands and the two of them retracted each other's weapons as Alisha smiled towards me, making my body move at its own as it jumped towards her.

"Good job, Alisha!" I shouted as I cuddled up to her.

"Mhm, thanks!" She said as she hugged me back, allowing us to transmit each other's warmth.

"Okay, okay. Can you two take your sweet moment elsewhere?" Iris asks in a sarcastic tone as she approaches us with a smile.

"Ah-sorry!" Alisha said as we both stood up as I wiped the dirt off her clothes which were still the dirty rags, We should really get new clothes.

"Well then, it should be time for my battle." I said as the two of them nodded before a woman wearing luxurious robes and a hat appeared in the center.

"Are you two ready?" Iris' father asks as I grabbed Alisha's scythe which caused Iris' father to have his eyes opened wide before I nodded along with the woman who had a scythe ready as well before a coin was thrown up in the air.

My heart was beating very fast as I listened to the sound of the coin while keeping my eyes onto the woman.

As soon as I heard the signal, I casted wind magic onto myself to boost my speed as I appeared behind the woman and copied Alisha's ending move which caused an instant victory with the woman's eyes being wide open.

"Stop!" The referee shouted as I retracted my scythe before heading back to where the others were standing, only to see Alisha pouting.

"What's wrong?" I asked her while patting her soft hair.

"Althea is always better." She said, what do you mean always better? I was never as strong as you in mind and body, was what I wanted to say but kept it myself instead as I smiled.

"You two are insane, especially the movement you did, ojou-chan." Iris' father said as he patted the pouting Alisha's shoulder, get your hand off her!!

"So, did we pass the test?" I asked as Iris' father nodded.

"The one you fought was a C-Rank Hunter who specializes on Magic while ojou-chan right here, fought against half of my full strength which is peak C-Rank by the way." He said while winking, as I thought, that wasn't his full strength but still it was enough to drive Alisha to a corner though which is scary.

"Well then, I will be personally teaching you two, so be prepared!" He added as the two of us nodded.