Chapter 75 – Uhh, no title?
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Chapter 75 — Uhh, no title?


A wooden wall with the length of a twelve-story building, coated in a translucent rainbow screenis this the border, this is much more different from what I had thought.


“Where are we?” Iris inquired as she examined the place before a cute voice replied… “We are inside the border right now” this is inside the border?! Then where is the city core they mentioned? I asked myself before noticing an enormous orb floating in the far center; the orb was translucent, making it difficult for others to even notice it.


“Anyone know what to do next?” I asked as the two of them shook their heads… it seems like they have no idea huh… well, not that I could blame them.


“How about we try heading up to one of the towers?” After a while of looking around, Iris suddenly suggested while pointing at a very tall tower which was also made of wood on the corner of the wall. The tower closely resembled a watchtower from the medieval times, with its length just slightly higher than the walls.


“Sounds fine to me” I replied as we started running towards one of the closed doors of the tower, not long after we arrived in front of the door, Iris immediately kicked the door open revealing a gloomy room with a dwarf-length figure in the center with a smile, the green figure resembled dryads, skin that was completely covered in leaves with vines stretching towards its neck.


“Do you wish to go up?” the dryad asked as we nodded before, we suddenly arrived at the very top… what’s up with everyone knowing how to teleport?!


“You have now arrived, please take care”, the dryad said as it bowed before suddenly vanishing out of nowhere… wow, such technology. I thought as tower suddenly shook violently... what is happening?!


“Wha-!” Alisha screamed as she stomped her foot on the ground as Iris clenched onto a nearby wall with all her strength, meanwhile, I took no time in stabbing the blade of my scythe directly at the floor, creating a puncture on it which was enough to balance me.


A few seconds… a minute… three minutes passed by before the shaking finally conceded as Alisha immediately ran towards a nearby window and started puking... yikes.


“What was that?” Iris muttered to herself as we walked towards a window and poking our heads out before witnessing almost a million or so red eyes rushing towards us… What in the world is this...? This is impossible! How can one fight against this much?! That’s literally a million or so enemies, that’s not a number to laugh at!


“Don’t worry, Mama!” While I was deep in thought, a soft voice suddenly spoke from the side, it was the fairy who was smiling brightly with no visible signs of fear, whatsoever… how is she able to maintain such confidence in a hopeless battle? I asked myself as her smile grew even larger as she opened her tiny mouth... “If I can prove to you that we can win this, you have to give me a veeeeerrryyyyy special name, okay?!” the fairy said as she winked at me... is that what you want? Fine, I will give you one if we can win this battle. I thought as she flapped her wings happily before a loud cough can be heard from the other side.


“It seems like we will need to kill some of them until the other groups arrive”, Iris said as she took out several rifles together with arc-shaped objects that had labels on them, the labels had a single word and that was "Ammunition"... wow, the otherworlders here really went all out.


“Pick one and spray as much as you can,” Iris said as she grabbed an assault rifle that resembled AEK-971 from my previous world before inserting one of those arc-shaped objects on it as she walked towards the window where I am at and going all out while smiling… strange, these rifles don't even have any kind of safety measure nor did it have recoil... it was just like those guns you use on arcades, those toy guns...


“Hmm… this!” Alisha murmured while grabbing a pink assault rifle that looked like a BR18 rifle before examining the weapon and taking one of those arc-shaped objects and attempting to insert it on the rifle like what Iris did before a cute voice yelled at her, “Mama, not that way!” the fairy said as she flew towards Alisha and helped her insert the cartridge onto her rifle before the two of them walked towards a nearby window and played around with the assault rifle… you guys can enjoy, just make sure I won’t get hit! I thought to myself as I looked at the selection of rifles.


Which one should I go for…? Hmm… definitely something that doesn't look too badass, ahh muuu! I’ll just randomly pick whatever I can get! I said to myself as I closed my eyes before taking a random rifle from the floor… soon I opened my eyes before seeing an assault rifle that was familiar to me, a rifle that was very famous in my previous world… the AK-47.


I did say not too badass, but meh! Whatever! I thought as I inserted one of those arc-shaped objects onto the rifle before holding the rifle on its grip… hmm, this is actually very comfortable… I thought before walking towards one of the windows and looking around only to see a field filled with red eyescreepy. I thought as I took aim on one of the red eyes before pulling the trigger... not a second after the trigger was pulled, a foggy blue object flew out from nozzle at supersonic speed, with a loud BOOOM following after as the blue object struck the target.


A few moments passed by as I kept firing my rifle as I suddenly realized something weird, despite me having no experience whatsoever on firing guns, I was still able to hit several of the enemies with pinpoint accuracy,  it was more like some mysterious force was assisting me as I shoot, precisely telling me where to shoot and when, if I had to compare it with something then it would be… inbuilt aimbot. 


Three hours went by quickly as we continued firing our rifles until the last group of Namiyans arrived, it was expected that they would be the group with the most fatalities, we had expected such a thing but seeing several of them missing really stings your heart... even if you expected it, you can't help but think about the fact that several families had lost one or two of their loved ones... all the children, the fathers and the mothers that had sacrificed their lives for this... it hurts!


You know what else hurts? Editing this chapter on ScribbleHub editor for two hours only to hit the back button and not being able to retrieve the edited chapter again. UGH, I want to cry.