7: Initiation of Martil Village
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7: Initiation of Martil Village

Indra ignored the noisy system announcement and continue his village building. It was just like he didn't care about such things, at the moment he doesn't know about how significant the Lord Point is. And how hard to get those points.

[Please choose the model of your Lord's Manor]

Picture of three wooden buildings. Three different styles of woodworking. All of it was traditional longhouses.

Rumah Gadang1Picture, , Rumah Tongkonan2It looks like this, , and Rumah Panggung3.

He chooses one of the options, and ... nothing happens.

Indra frowned after waiting for some time but didn't see any changes.

"Before Lord can begin the construction of the manor. Lord must also choose one of the three random village-level buildings. Please take a look at it first."
From the side, the advisor Raika said.

Indra then takes a look at the further option on the interface.

[Three random buildings selected, please choose one of these buildings!]
[Shipyard | Market | Fence]

'Shipyard is good to encourage shipbuilders and develop as a naval power. As for the market, it's good to enhance the economy. The fence, it could raise the defensive power of the village. Right now, my priority is to be a self-fulfilling village, the market is a good choice, however...'

"Build Shipyard!"

Indra placed the Shipyard just near the river northeast from the Lord's Manor. Wherein the Lord's Manor was in the west of the stone monolith.

Although encouraging the economy and make it to be a self-fulfilling village is a good thing to do, the potential of a ship couldn't be underestimated. His territory was located near the shore, and if he could make some of his villagers to do some fishing in the sea or in the river, he would gain early access to the ocean resources.

The construction began, it finishes in a matter of seconds. Truly a magical phenomenon.

A two-story wooden building arose from the ground. It was the Rumah Tongkonan of the Toraja tribe, he chooses it because he likes the bull-horn shaped roof. Aesthetically speaking, the Rumah Gadang was the best out of three longhouses, but Indra was an eccentric who didn't like what other people liked. He was full of contradiction.

Another wooden structure that looks like a big warehouse was built, that should be the Shipyard.

"..., okay then, what comes after this?"
Indra asked his advisor.

"It's enough for now. We can wait for new settlers to come to this place." advisor Raika smiled answering his question.

[Tutorial Quest 2, completed!]

[You received a Building Design, Job Change Platform]

[Ten farmers and two craftsmen are on the way to your village!]

[Becoming the first Lord to complete Tutorial Quest 2, granting 1,100 Lord Points and 1,100 Gold]

The stone monolith slowly sunk back into the ground.

Indra entered the manor and he could see that the basic furniture was already assembled.

He sat down on a throne-like chair in the center of the hall.

Fiddling his finger in the air like a madman. No, he was just organizing his inventory.

He used the Resource Package, and it automatically adds the number in his territory resource tab.

He then opened the Building Design but it said that he could only choose one from the available choice.

[Please select the Building Design from these available choices!]
[Carpenter Workshop | Mason Workshop | Blacksmith Shop | Weaver Shop | Watermill]

He chooses a Building Design which would likely need some time to be unlocked but also not that far ahead with his current tech tree.


[---|Item Details|---]

[Mason Workshop]
The building design of a basic Mason Workshop.
Type: Design
Grade: White
Special: Increase in Art, Economy, and Settlers' Productivity.
Chisel: Change [Villager <Lv. 1>] into [Mason <Lv. 1>]
Durability: 60/60 | Price: 2,000 G



He chose the Mason Workshop, this building now available in his Building Gallery.

To add the building design in the gallery, he needs to buy it with gold. And Mason Workshop was priced at 2,000 gold. Something that very expensive for him at the moment.

For reference, the Basic Housing just need 100 gold. The Basic Shipyard he just built for free is priced at 800 gold. The Lumbermill needs 200, and the Carpenter Workshop needs 1,000 gold.

The workshops need a lot of gold to unlock because it was a building that could change one's job.

Though, at the moment he would not need the workshop as of now he even hadn't yet unlocked the Quarry.

[Please select the Job Change Platform from these available choices!]
[Infantry | Ranger | Acolyte]

He also had to choose the Job Change Platform from the available option. The available option were all military-related Job, [Infantry], [Ranger], and [Acolyte].

With the village still in its initial stage, it was impossible to afford the magic-related Job. Not only it was expensive, but the requirement to be [Acolyte] was also high. And [Infantry] also didn't have good prospects in the forest terrain. Thus, he chooses the [Ranger].


[---|Item Details|---]

[Job Change Platform: Ranger]
It can be used to condense a Ranger Platform. Change the Job of [Villager] into [Ranger]; it can be further specialized into [Hunter] and [Tamer].
Type: Core
Grade: White
Quiver: Change [Villager <Lv. 3>] into [Ranger <Lv. 1>]
Leafgreen Quiver: Change [Ranger <Lv. 12>] into [Hunter <Lv. 1>]
Bluestalk Quiver: Change [Ranger<Lv. 15>] into [Tamer <Lv. 1>]
Durability: Indestructible | Price: 10,000 G



The Job Change Platform changes a person's job into another. It only works when the <Level> requirement has been met. For example, the requirement to change a Ranger is to have the Villager reached Level 3, if the Ranger wanted to promote into a higher job, they need to reach Level 12 to be a Hunter and Level 15 to be a Tamer. Of course, they could continue to level up with the lower grade job if they choose to.

From each Job Change, they would gain the so-called 'Occupational Tool'. Chisel for Mason, Hoe for Farmer, Saw for Carpenter, Quiver for Ranger/Archer, Sword for Swordsman/Blade Warrior, Spear for Spearman/Infantry, Wand for Acolyte, etc.

Indra then placed the [Job Change Platform: Ranger] just in the east of the monolith. He planned to change that place into some sort of city plaza which would be the place of every military-related job change to occur.

He could choose to hide the stone stele on the platform just like the City Core - Stone Monolith, so it would be fine.

Finished with the items, he then checked the Land Information.


[---|Land Information|---]

[Territory: Martil] | [Grade: Village I]
[Lord: Indra Prayoga] | [Rank: Baron II]
[Title: N/A]
[Population: 3/250]
[Immigration Rate: 15/day]
[Territory Area: 10 sqkm]
[Treasury: 6,700 G]
[Resources: 5,000 Food, 500 Wood, 500 Stone, and 500 Iron]
[Territorial Army: N/A]
[Industry: N/A]
[Political Index: 5/100] (determines administrative efficiency and relationship with the people)
[Economic Index: 0/100] (determines trade prosperity and ability to pay taxes)
[Cultural Index: 0/100] (represents the degree of educational development and life's quality of the residents)
[Military Force: 20/100] (indicates military strength and morale)
[Existing Buildings: Lord's Manor, Shipyard]
[Building Gallery: Fence, Well, Dining Hall, House, Farmland, Market, Campground, Shipyard, Mason Workshop]
[Subsidiary Territory: N/A (max: 9)]



'I can begin the work after the first batch of settlers came. In the meantime, what should I do?'

His attention turned into the new quest.


[---|Quest Detail|---]

[Tutorial Quest 3]
A Lord needs to be able to protect its citizens. To ensure the citizen's safety, Lord needs to have sufficient strength.
Objective: Reach Level 10
Reward: Experience Point, Gold, Warp Gate
Failure: None

      • Unable to return to Earth before this quest completed
      • Conquer another village will automatically gain 5 levels
      • Related to Tutorial Quest 4



'I can really go back to earth!?! Can I bring back the gold I have here? If that's the case, I can sell it into money! Damn, won't that make me filthy rich?!'

Indra looked forward to bragging about this thing to his family. The matter of having land and he was the landlord! And the gold that came from that. This was a great thing to have for him and his family.

But thinking up to this, he felt guilty with his mother and father. After all, he wastes all of their money to play online games. Though he enjoys the process but knowing that his parents were struggling, it twisted his sense of guilt.

'I want to immediately go back to Earth and apologize to my mother first.'

Indra solidified his resolve and then took a look at the next quest.


[---|Quest Detail|---]

[Tutorial Quest 4]
The forest is filled with dangerous monsters.
Objective: Subjugate the monster living in the forest.
Reward: Experience Point, Gold
Failure: None
Progress: 0/500


Seeing up to this, Indra stood up and stated his intention to do subjugation immediately.

"Raika, I want to go patrol to know better of the surrounding area. While I'm away, you'll be responsible for welcoming the new residents. I'll be back before dawn, Gordrak you come with me!"

"A moment please, my Lord! The forest is filled with dangerous monsters, I'm afraid that Lord will not be able to protect himself. How about buying a few units of bodyguard or basic equipment first?"
Raika stopped him and kindly advised.

Indra didn't need a long time before he agrees and nodded at her suggestion.

He then opened the Lord Shop to see what kind of item sold in there.

In the Lord Shop, he could buy numerous things. Starting from items, designs, skills, resources, and even special units. As long as he had gold available, he could buy it.


[---|Lord Shop|---]

~We offer what Lord needs the most!~

[Equipment] | [Unit] | [Consumable] | [Skill]

[Material] | [Design] | [Recipe] | [Pet]

[Core] | [I'm Feeling Lucky!] | [Package] | [Special Offer]



Indra opened the Equipment section of the shop.


[---|Lord Shop|---]



  • Bronze Helmet [20 G]
  • Cast Iron Helmet [30 G]
  • Iron Mask [50 G]
  • ...
  • Linen Robe [10 G]
  • Silk Robe [25 G]
  • ...
  • .


  • Steel Plate Helmet [120 G]
  • Lafite Steel Helmet [240 G]
  • Damascus Steel Mask [280 G]
  • ...
  • .
  • ...


  • Dual Horned Helmet [1,150 G]
  • Spartakos Helmet [1,240 G]
  • ...
  • Norse Sword [950 G]
  • .
  • ...



He had 6,700 G, he thought it was a small sum, yes, it does after he compared it with the price of the item he already used. However, seeing that the cheapest piece of equipment was only 10 G, it seems that having six thousand gold was plenty enough.

And come to think about it, he bought this land of ten square kilometers just for 6,000 G. So, how come that Summoning Token has the price of 120,000 G! It was 20x of his land, the Pale Orc was twenty times more expensive than his own land!

Unfortunately, even if he knows the price. It was impossible for him to sell it in the Lord Shop. He couldn't sell things directly to the Shop. If he wanted to sell something to the Shop, then he needs to build [Trading Post] or the [Auction House] first. Both buildings have designs that cost ten thousand gold if he wanted to buy it.

The item available for purchase in this shop was up to the Superior grade.

"Raika ..., is there any item above the superior grade?"

"Yes, the item grades are divided into seven grade, Inferior, Ordinary, Superior, Extraordinary, Unique, Epic, and Legend."

"Hmmm ..., then why can't I buy the rarer item in the shop?"

"It's because Lord's Lord Shop membership is still the default Bronze Plate. To buy the more exotic goods from the Lord Shop, my Lord needs to buy higher membership. I heard that Silver Plate could make you buy until Unique rank, the Gold Plate until Epic, Legendary Items will be available for Platinum Plate."

"And how can I raise this membership? Do I need to buy the membership or something?"

"Yes, but no. Lord just needs to spend as much money as you can in the shop. And when your total spending reached a certain number, the membership will be upgraded."

'That's ..., what dirty capitalism. If I want to buy the higher grade item, I have to buy the lower grade item in bulk first?!'
Although Indra sulked inside his heart, he didn't show it in his face.

He bought Ordinary-grade body armor, helmet, shin guard, and arm bracer for a total of 1,220 G. And a Superior grade one-handed sword priced at 900 G.

After equipping all the equipment, the youth with a somewhat plain look was having a huge transformation. The armor was not a set item, but Indra chooses the same tint so that there would be no discrepancy.

The armor was a chest plate with small pauldron protecting his shoulder made out of black steel. Inside the chest plate down to the abdomen area was covered in a fine chain mail. The shin guard was connected to the boots, and there was also a knee protector. The arm bracer was in a set with a leather glove, also dark-colored. As for the helmet, it was a T-shaped helmet forged from tempered steel with mysterious engraving on the side and wing-shaped visor.

Surprisingly, with all of the heavy armor equipment he wears, it didn't feel heavy at all.

The body armor has a special effect besides adding defense rate and physical strength, it was a 'cooling' effect. Because this place was in a plain near the beach and this is just right in the equator, it was incredibly hot and humid. If Indra stood outside for a minute while wearing a steel armor, it probably roasts him to death. So he bought this piece of armor that had the cooling effect just to make his body a bit comfortable.

Other equipment also has its enchantment, but all of them were stats related and not this kind of special effect.

And the thing that was pretty odd was that the ring Chelly gave at the banquet has enchantment in it. It raised Intelligence by 15 points, and increase the health regeneration by 10%. No wonder that his Intelligence stat was high, turn out it was because of stats enhancing equipment.

Indra asked his advisor.
"How is it?"

"You're looking great, my Lord ..., it suits you."
Said Raika with a smile that looks like an elderly person warmly looking at the young people.

Though, Indra didn't notice that at all. He then opened the [Unit] shop and take a look.

'As for the unit ..., huh, the price is a bit ...'

One Common Unit priced at least 1,000 G. With his 4,580 G left after buying the equipment, he could only buy 4 of the cheapest Unit. And that was the most regular [Swordsman] or [Spearman]. For him, it was too expensive.

"Raika ..., come take a look here,"
Indra beckoned his female advisor to come, he couldn't decide what kind of unit he would like to buy. In the first place, he thought it was an unnecessary expenditure with how expensive one Unit was.
"What do you think? Do you think it's necessary for me to buy it right now?"

"Hmmm ..., with Lord's financial situation, this will be a loss. Besides, the Inferior Unit won't be any help to you in the long run."
Raika went silent for a bit, she turned her attention to the pale orc wolf-rider,
"Gordrak, how confident are you in protecting Lord?"

"With all due respect, advisor Raika. I will protect Lord to death."
Gordrak bumped his chest with his right fist that houses elongated sharp nails.

"Good ...,"
Raika nodded before bowed to Indra once again,
"my Lord, I have a suggestion..."

Raika then told Indra to buy a skill set from the shop. It would not only raise his battle force but also ensure his safety.

Indra followed her advice and then bought [Iron Skin] skill, an active skill which raised his defense by 300% for 5 minutes with the cooldown of 30 minutes. And [Crushing Strike], an active attack skill which dealt 200% damage to the enemy and 500% damage if it's a Fatal Blow, the cooldown is 40 seconds.

The skills required mana to activate. The [Iron Skin] needs 30 Mana, and the [Crushing Strike] needs 12 Mana. He bought these two skills for 520 G.

"Alright then, I'm more than ready. Let's go Gordrak!"

"Yes, my Lord."

After bidding farewell to the female orc advisor, they left the Martial Village.

The forest around the village had a tall tree and the interior was damp and wet. It was filled with monster-like creatures. Even the harmless-looking forest squirrel was in fact a feral beast.

But with the super-inhuman bodyguard like Gordrak, the journey in the forest was relatively safe.

They traveled by foot, the grey dire wolf was also here but it couldn't be mounted by two-person. It actually could, but the wolf would get tired really fast. The wolf was helping them tracking down some monsters. With his enhanced olfactory sense, the monster hunt becomes relatively fast.

"Raunggg ...!"

A carnivorous White-spotted Panther monster emerged.

"Alright, this one is mine!"
Indra told Gordrak to wait from the side and challenge it.

Gordrak wordlessly obeyed Indra's order and retreated a few steps.

Indra brandished his sword and sent a slash to the monster with all his might. The Superior-grade sword slashed the thick hide of the White-spotted Panther. Although the beast tried to dodge his attack, Indra's sword was faster than his movement.

"Graungg ...!"

The White-spotted Panther monster roared and lunged to the young boy, trying to scratch his flesh with his razor-sharp claws. Yet, the boy magnificently evades this beast lunge by jumped to the side and rolled in the ground.

"Grrrwwllll ..."

The beast and youth separated by six or seven-step. The beast didn't attack immediately and silently leered at the boy, letting out a long growl. On the other side, Indra stood up with serious expression. He tightens the grip on his sword.

The dodge just now was a reflective move. He had this crazy fast reflect and able to react just in time before the claw managed to land a hit. It was the result of bitter training on martial art and his unnatural muscle memories.

But deep down in his heart, he felt fearful with the beast quick counterattack just now. Its speed was faster than even his Guru at the Perguruan.

Indra silently watched the big black cat. Compared to the actual panther, this beast was bigger, at least it was two and a half meters long from head to tail. The White-spotted Panther also glared at the youth with its feline eyes. Growling and walked around in guarded stance.

Indra felt that whoever made the first move would lose the battle, it was something like intuition.

He knows better than his intuition was the worst in the whole earth.

When he felt something isn't right and go along with it, it would end up as a disaster. But if he did the exact opposites it would turn up into a slightly better situation.

Thus, he charged fearlessly.


With his sword swung from above his head, he activated the skill [Crushing Strike] just before the attack connected.

It was a Fatal Blow! Five times damage!

The panther whimpered and tried to jump and bite him, but his four-leg wouldn't allow. Indra sent an abdomen kick, but the beast didn't budge. After all, its body mass probably weighed more than the feeble youth. Indra proceeds by stabbing the beast's rib.

This continues for a little while. The beast tried to hurt him, and some of its attacks landed. But after that Indra sent his brutal slash, stab, or hack. He killed it after a few bouts, although he destroyed the unique hide of the beast with his sword.

[You have slain White-spotted Black Panther! Gained 320 Experience Points.]

'Oh, this is unexpected. I never thought this beast will give me three-time exp than the rest. Is it because this beast is a carnivore?'
Indra thought reading the notification.

This battle outcome amazed the orc.

Gordrak first thought his lord to be a weakling without any experience in combat. At first glance, his body was frail and not athletic. It was understandable that Gordrak thought so. Yet, he could slay a carnivorous monster after just a few bouts. To Gordrak, it was an amazing feat.

"Amazing, my Lord! I never thought you have some skill in fighting. Have you practiced martial art before?"
Gordrak complimented.

"Yeah ..., something like that, I think."
Said Indra while catching his breath.

But he was unsatisfied with the result of this. The hide of the monster must be worth a sum, even if he couldn't sell it, he could collect it as a trophy or something. If he could minimize the damage on its body and hide, it would be best.

The shallow cut on his left wrist and elbow twitching in pain. In any case, it couldn't bear the massive cutting force of the big black cat claws.

'It's hurt ..., I don't know how I managed to ignore the pain while I fight that. But after the battle ends the pain invades.'

Indra checked his Health Point, it decreased to the 76 from 100. He drank the Minor Health Potion which recovers 25 HP.

After that Indra learned how to kill the monster effectively and not damaging their hide. He also learned how to dismantle the carcasses from Gordrak.

At the end of the noon, Indra and Gordrak had hunted 40 monsters of various species.

Hides, scales, horns, tusks, fangs, intestines, eyes, meats, everything that seems to be precious were gathered. He also gathered some of the herbs, seeds, and fruits all along the way.

Indra reached level 5 from the hunting. To reach the next level, it'd need another 7,300 Experience Point. Killing one monster gives at least 100 to 150 Experience Points, depending on each monster type. It would be a long way to reach level 10.

The White-spotted Black Panther seems to be a higher grade monster because it gives 320 exp when it killed. Unfortunately, he didn't find another dangerous beast like the panther along the way.


[Congratulation! To Lady <Sekijō Hikaru> for becoming the second Lord to establish a village in the Primary World! Granting her special reward of 1,000 Lord Points.]

[Congratulation! To Lady <Sekijo Hikaru> for becoming the second Lord to establish a village in Asia! Granting her special reward of 1,000 Lord Points.]

[Congratulation! To Lady <Sekijo Hikaru> for becoming the second Lord to establish a village in the Southeast Asia Region! Granting her special reward of 1,000 Lord Points.]





[Congratulation! To Lord <Samuel Christoff> for becoming the third Lord to establish a village in the Primary World! Granting him a special reward of 900 Lord Points.]


[Congratulation! To Lady <Xi Lina> for becoming the fourth Lord to establish a village in the Primary World! Granting her special reward of 800 Lord Points.]

[Congratulation! To Lady <Xi Lina> for becoming the third Lord to establish a village in Asia! Granting her special reward of 900 Lord Points.]


[Congratulation! To Lord <Rajeet Kabul> for becoming the fifth Lord to establish a village in the Primary World! Granting him a special reward of 700 Lord Points.]

[Congratulation! To Lord <Rajeet Kabul> for becoming the fourth Lord to establish a village in Asia! Granting him a special reward of 800 Lord Points.]


[Congratulation! To Lord <Abraham Collins> for becoming the sixth Lord to establish a village in the Primary World! Granting him a special reward of 600 Lord Points.]


[Congratulation! To Lord <Joan Hendriksen> for becoming the seventh Lord to establish a village in the Primary World! Granting him a special reward of 500 Lord Points.]


[Congratulation! To Lady <Katya Kuznetsovna> for becoming the eight Lord to establish a village in the Primary World! Granting her special reward of 400 Lord Points.]


[Congratulation! To Lord <Mahmoud al-Akbr> for becoming the ninth Lord to establish a village in the Primary World! Granting him a special reward of 300 Lord Points.]


[Congratulation! To Lady <Chae Dahye> for becoming the tenth Lord to establish a village in the Primary World! Granting her special reward of 200 Lord Points.]

[Congratulation! To Lady <Chae Dahye> for becoming the sixth Lord to establish a village in Asia! Granting her special reward of 600 Lord Points.]



On the way back to his village, there was a notification about the other lords establishing a village.

"It has been six hours since I establish my village. How come that the other lords are so late?"
He muttered.

He realized that the notification was a bit different. If the Lords were in the same region or in the same continent, it would show all three or just two notification. However, if they were not, then it will only show one notification. And the reward was reduced by a hundred points.

After the first ten villages in the world established, the notification was only from continental and regional.

Indra was puzzled, why is it the Second Lord to establish a village that coincidentally in the Southeast Asia Region has a Japanese name? Wasn't Japan Islands supposed to be in East Asia? But why in Southeast Asia?

Not long after that, all first-ten spot of Asia Lords has established their village. Neither of them was from Southeast Asia.

[Congratulation! To the Lady <Saegusa Chie> for becoming the third Lord to establish a village in Southeast Asia Region! Granting her special reward of 900 Lord Points.]

[Congratulation! To the Lady <Fu Cailin> for becoming the fourth Lord to establish a village in Southeast Asia Region! Granting her special reward of 800 Lord Points.]

And then came the third and fourth Lord who established a village in Southeast Asia Region. Yet, it was another Japanese with a Chinese person.

'Well, that has nothing to do with me anyway. Let's stop thinking about this announcement, can't I just mute it? Oh, there's such a setting. Cool.'

Indra closed the notification windows and proceed his journey back to Martil Village. He and Gordrak arrived at the Lord's Manor on time just before the sunset. With the Martil Village location, he could see the setting sun on the west to the Manimbaya Peninsula and westward to the Makassar Strait.

He warmly greeted the immigrant that already built their tents outside the Manor.

The first batch of immigrant were twelve men and women. Two middle-aged farmers with their wife and children, and two carpenters.

Don't be surprised, they are all human not orc.

Indra took them to the Manor and opened the food supply.

"My Lord, please let us do the cooking. You have tired your body with the hunt, how could I allow Lord to tire himself even more with this?"

"Nah, don't worry about it. This much is nothing."

The women told him to just wait with the other men at the hall but Indra insisted to help them in the kitchen. In the end, they let him do as he please.

With the help of the housewives and Raika, he cooked a simple meat soup from the bull-like monster and some spices. It was a simple dish, yet the other was surprised by his level of expertise in cooking.

After the meat soup was finished, the ladies were surprised because their lord was able to cook this unknown yet very delicious dish. They asked the recipe from him and Indra kindly told them about it.

The diner was a sumptuous feast. Indra had shown all of his skills as the best chef in his class and let them taste his dish. He was also quite proud of this cuisine.

The night come to an end, Indra asked the immigrants to sleep in the Manor just for tonight. And after some persuasion, they finally accept their lord's goodwill. This simple gesture was able to grab the immigrants' heart and their loyalty. Though, the advisor was a bit troubled with his unlordly manner.