5. Saving Sophia [Part 2]
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As I created a matte black belt holster for my Desert Eagle, I decided to walk over to Goddess Justine. She was currently tying up Fred, who passed out from the pain inflicted on him earlier. Upon seeing my arrival, she began to smile and wave. It was clear that she was in a good mood.

"Fantastic job, Owen! I expected nothing less from a legendary hero! Since we didn't kill these thugs, we can get a decent bounty for bringing them in. They're worth more when they're alive but we can also interrogate them if we need to. While I tie up the rest of them, I would like for you to untie Sophia", Justine happily stated.

As I nodded at the Goddess, I walked over to Sophia, who was currently sitting cross-legged. Since she was trying to speak, I decided to take off the cloth gag first. After breathing heavily for a few seconds, she finally began to speak.

"Kind stranger, can you please take off my blindfold so I can get a good look at you?", Sophia asked.

"I heard you were the Mayor's daughter. It may be a good time to introduce ourselves. I'm an aspiring Merchant named Owen and this is uh...my cleric named Justine. You can relax while I help you with these restraints", I said.

As Sophia's face began beaming, I slowly took off her blindfold. I immediately noticed how cute she was as I stared into her blue eyes. She had light blue hair, a pleasing voice, and an attractive body that made you feel relaxed. As corny as it sounded, it felt like it was love at first sight but I knew that I had to get a hold of myself. Even if she would've made the perfect housewife, this is the mayor's daughter we are talking about! There's at least a 60% chance her father is strict! I quickly slapped both sides of my face to stay focused.

"Ahem! Sorry for staring! Let me quickly untie you. I didn't mean to be weird or anything!", I said embarrassed.

"It's fine. I may have been blindfolded but I know you freed me from those molesters! You have my eternal thanks!", Sophia happily stated.

As I untied Sophia, she casually got up from the ground and stretched her arms, which momentarily accentuated her D cup breasts. Unsurprisingly, my mouth moved on its own.

"You have a really nice rack", I confidently stated.

"Hehe. Is that so? Do you want to touch them? I've noticed you staring at them for a while now. I want you to be honest, Owen. Do you consider yourself to be naughty or nice?", Sophia teased.

Sophia began walking towards me with a smile on her face and her hands behind her back.

"Pfft! I don't know what you're talking about. You're seeing things", I said dismissively.

As Sophia stopped in front of me, she placed her hands on my shoulders and stared me in the eyes.

"Ara ara. You aren't being honest with me, Owen. But since you're cute, I'll give you a reward anyway", Sophia said.

As Sophia suddenly kissed me on the cheek, my face became extremely red with embarrassment. It's always the unexpected ones that do the most damage. For the moment, I felt like putty in her hands.

"Since you guys helped us, we would be willing to give you a ride back to Fayhelm. Wilhelm and Isabelle already fixed the carriage for us so we can go when you're ready. It would probably be easier to throw those thugs into the back of our carriage anyway, right?", Sophia asked.

"Uh...yeah, of course! That sounds great! I'll confirm it with Justine and help load the thugs into the cart! In the meantime, you should make sure that you have everything you need", I said nervously.

Sophia happily nodded, as she ran over to her friends to check on them. I could tell by the attire that Wilhelm was Sophia's butler, but found it strange that he looked similar to Sebas. I also noticed that Isabelle had to be some type of server at a tavern. However, presumably when she began to speak about me, Wilhelm suddenly gave me a serious stare.

As I felt the butler's eyes staring directly into my soul, I could already tell that things were about to get interesting.

The Butler and the Mayor are very protective of Sophia so there will be a ton of funny moments in that regard. The Butler and the Mayor treat her like a Queen but treat any potential 'love interests' with an iron fist. Owen just wants to be a Merchant but Sophia complicates things.