Chapter 5, Who told my Lover to go and get Immortality!?
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If only I could sleep…

*Pretending to lay on top of my wizard, with my non-existent chin on my non-existent arms*

He really is quite…

Nice jawline, not too thin lips, nor too thick…Longer eye lashes then me…

I wanted to touch his face, put a finger down his skin.

He was only like twenty right now, so still quite young. Why didn’t he ever go for the girls that had tried to follow him before?

Haha, I'm his only one hey!

His only...Wand...


I wanted to be extremely happy about this because I knew it was true! But...It's how it works...It's like saying "You're my favourite sister!" To your only sister!

How unnerving!

If I wasn't his wand...I wouldn't have any relationship with him, would I!?

Hang on...If it wasn't for this wand, would I had reincarnated at all?

No, I came to be this wand! It wasn't just some forced event that only would have happened because of this and this...My wizard, my Lover and I are fated to be! We are one!

*The invisible light I pictured shining upon us now disappears and I go back to staring at the men beneath me*



Man were horny, well most of them, and that’s that.

I accepted that and I guess I gave them some fun in bed. It wasn’t like I had been having sex since fifteen, I did wait a bit longer but…The men I slept with were always pretty happy at the end.

They told me that I had the look of enjoying myself.

The ‘Ahh’ and ‘Mmm’, the moving hips and faces…Are you telling me that's not what all the girls do?

Well, that’s what I had thought back then, you know. But now…I’m a stick…

I can’t even masturbate!

*Invisible tears streaming down my non-existent face!*


Today’s been so weird!

Not only did I find out what we were doing, but also what his plan was!

We are searching for the fairies, haha, fairies!

And immortality? As a gift?

Who the hell told my lover to go and get immortality!?

“It’s my birthday next week, go and get me immortality!”

Bahahaha! *Pretending to laugh my ass off while holding in my insides!*


What a funny present!

Ah, but seriously…That’s not it right!?

I am not that open minded to wonder about everything!

Perhaps…Perhaps he needs to get it for his mummy, who’s…Dead…

Would it bring her back to life?

Oh, that’s right, he was talking about me and how I might be bringing…Reincarnation…

Did he want to…Ok, now I’m confused!


He wants immortality, but what if I did reincarnation? Did he want both or was he waiting to see if I really did do reincarnation?

Ah! I know he talked about wizards and wands not long after I finished my Earth story and after we left his family but…I can’t remember it!

*Holds invisible head from side to side and pulls at invisible hair!*

‘Lover! Tell me what’s going on! I don’t understand!’


He moved…Stay still…*…Idiot, you’re a stick, you can’t move! Haha…Right! See, that’s why I want legs! Wait…You just said that you wanted to stay still, now you’re talking about gaining legs!*


Right, I really need to stay out of that stupid corner…I know I had a...Interesting part of me back on Earth but...It seems to show itself a lot more here...

I blame the stick!

*It's the stick's fault that I'm behaving so...Nonhuman!*

Hang on, maybe I'm onto something!

Perhaps...Perhaps the stick changed me, it is...Creepy after all!

*Shivers running down my spine*


Even a stick as a spine!

*Wants to scream hysterically while running away...*


A noise turned my attention and I suddenly saw something strange.

It’s strange because I heard something, yet nothing was there!

‘Hel…Hello?’ I say.

*Picturing punching myself in my invisible head!*

Derr…My voice won’t be heard!

Seriously, I never used to be like this hey. Getting turned into a wand and going through this existence has turned me into a weirdo!


‘Lover! Wake up! I’m being sticknapped!’


Would you look at that, he’s awake!

Within no time at all, I saw my lover looking in my direction with those deep eyes of his.

Wow, so dreamy!

Then, not only did I fall to the floor as I wasn’t the one that my wizard went for, I heard a strange noise coming from my wizard’s hands.

“Thank you, Little Kay.”

I was then picked up and flicked, seeing that a container was then in my wizard’s hands and knocks against it were being heard. “Got you!”


I’m not pretending, I could still get mad!

I did pretend that I was holding it in you know, *Standing still, closing my eyes and breathing hard type of pretending*

I was used…Wasn’t I?

He used me!

Stupid wizard…Not only could he be a psychopath, but he treats me terribly!

Legs…I need legs!