Chapter 6, It just Happens! I Swear!
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With what seemed like a pat, I was put back into my sock and I watched as my wizard looked at the container that probably has a fairy in it.

It seemed almost sad, that such a small, little thing was in there...

"They are attracted to magic and you, my dear, have at least two kinds! I'm sure of it!"

'I see.' I mumbled.

I helped but still, should I be annoyed or happy.

He was happy, so...Whatever...


Seeing him flick at the container, to have it disappear, *Oh and by the way, that is awesome, I suggest every human to have them! Nerds or whatever know of them as universal bags or whatever, yeah, if they ever come into being on Earth, grab it!*

Stopping, I wondered what I was doing...

I must have started this narrative thing back in the box, waiting for my wizard...Why was I still doing it!?

*Because people will read your story one day! Well...Not the people on Earth! And just how am I going to write this story anyway!?*


"You...Dam it!"

Uh? My wizard is upset?

A blinding light goes over me then and I couldn’t see jack shit, or anything else for that matter...





"...Insisting, I'm not surprised!"

I felt strange, like a human just waking up...But not...

"She had learnt it, I knew that, I just didn't think that finally coming back…Would take such a toll on her memory and act so…Strangely…"

A tangling sense made me believe that they were talking about me...

I was able to hold that 'stupid corner' part of me back...While I finally get my bearings. I didn't like it though, it seems I had two personalities at the moment...


I had indeed reincarnated. It had worked...Then why does this man already know that I had achieved it?

Could it be?


In an instant, the unfamiliar man was looking at me, which was now a wand, instead of that of a person.

"Katherine! You remember?"

He was indeed not the same man yet...He knew of my name and looked at me with the same black eyes. 'Alma?'

"Yes, it's me!"

He was bringing me closer to him now, so close that I could see the pores of his skin, his much younger skin…


It didn't take me long to finally understand what had happened.

Alma had obviously had to change bodies because they still had not figured out how to make a body to become immortal yet…Not only that, they were sure that the wand would work best with the wizard that connects with the wand.

I was very curious! It seemed that Alma’s plans worked out! I wanted to know more!

'How long had I been gone?' I asked.

"Twenty-seven years."

Losing a slight part of myself, due to seeing a memory of these 'twenty-seven years', I then sighed.



I liked his voice...Calling out my name. It felt like it had been a millennium since he had last said my name...After all, my name never used to be called out before he came along...


'It is good to come back to you.' I state openly. Yet...Now that I remember that we had parted...I remember how we parted, and I felt like I was losing control. 'Alma, I am not compl...'

'Ah, I can finally see again! Did you think that I was that afraid of the dark!? Uh!? I'm not a pussy!'

I'm not some blind cat!

Watch out or I'll scratch you...No, I haven't any claws.

I'll make claws up out of my wand! They’ll be made up from the same materials of this creepy wand!

"Little Kay?"

'What!?' I yell out at him, just about ready to fight with my nonexistent body!


"I see. Are you angry with me?"

Poof! *An automatic invisible lever has been touched somewhere and my anger evaporated into nothing!*

Oh...What's wrong Lover?

Why does he look a bit sad?


With a quick jerk, I was back in my sock and it seemed...That the subject was closed.

...Did I miss something!?


Before I knew it, my wizard and that dude called Raven were walking.

*In my pretending world I was there walking beside them. Hands behind my head maybe, or I could skip around, bah, I’m not some little school girl! Oh! I could step on their shadows! Yeah!*


Again with the quick...


...Not again!

Just like that, the 'Raven' fella fell limp to the floor, like he was dead...


I didn't do it...I swear...

Is my master...Really a murderer?

What's going on!?

*You know, as a narrator, you suck! You need to know what's going on so you can explain it to everyone! Shuddup, I'm pretending to faint!*

But really, why…Why have I been flicked now three times and the same thing has happened?

Even if it wasn’t my intent, I was used to do it!


What do I do!? What’s wrong with my wizard!?