Training monkey 2
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I don't own dragonball I only own the original characters


It seemed like everything was going according to plan, till I ate the last piece of meat that the saiyan monkey was staring at after that it punched me in the face and after that we just ended up fighting like there was no tomorrow. Fortunately, it left me in a near death state inside the saiyan monkeys territory, which was a safe enough place for me to be unconscious and heal without worrying about any predators attacking me.


After being beaten to a near death state it would usually prevent people from trying that again, but knowing that my strength has increased  just made me want to do that again.

Over the next few days I repeated the process of trying to befriend the really strong saiyan child monkey. At first it seemed like nothing would happen but, after a while it started to share its pray with me, but damn compared to the pray of the saiyan child monkey my pray looked like it was garbage. 

But after a while we ended up having a strange friendship where we would eat our pray together and then fight till well mostly me being half death, not that I was complaining since I could feel my power increasing by the week, after all I didn't have senzu beans to heal me instantly. 

Over time we seem to be the best of friends heck I even gave her a name Celeria. She seemed to really like it. Thought I had really hoped that she wouldn't show her appreciation by beating me up nearly to death.

After becoming friends with her I tried to be friends with other saiyan monkeys as well, unfortunately they seemed to care about nothing more than fighting and eating, which made friendship through giving them food useless. I also tried to become their boss by beating them up, but they seem to not care that I was stronger them at all, it didn't take me long to remember that other saiyan monkeys have zenkai boost as well.

It seemed like Celeria was more of an exception rather then the norm.

Time skip 1 year 

A lot has happened in the past year, after becoming as strong as Ocarina, I started to teach her some ki techniques, well more like showing the techniques in different ways and hope that she gets it as most explanations usually fly over her head.

Amazingly enough it seems like she could learn those techniques just by watching me use them. Thought I do wander sometimes why she seemed so different from other saiyan monkeys, I had even tried to see if she was a reincarnator like, turns out she wasn't.

Of course did more than just fight and learn new techniques, we also explored as much as we could unfortunately we didn't find anything of note other than good hunting spots and places were we must stay as far away from as possible.

On a interesting note it seemed like pretty much all adult saiyan monkeys seem to have children at nearly the same time.

Interestingly enough, I went to visit my monkey parents to see if I have a new sibling as well, but the moment they saw me, not only did they make threatening  gestures but I was sure that if I hadn't left fast enough, we would probably have to fight to the death.

It would be a few days later, that I would feel the moon slowly turn into a full moon, thinking back I don't remember saiyans ever being able to literally feel the moon, must me a ancient saiyan thing since modern saiyans don't have that ability.

The first time Celeria and I transformed, I discovered that she was able to keep her sanity, which I had to train non-stop to even hope of mastering.

It would be a few days later that during one of our explorations, that we would discover a strange spring in the middle of nowhere, feeling thirsty and after I made sure there wasn't anything nearby which could crush us like a bug, we drank some water, but something happened that I could have never predicted, not only did the water restore all my energy, but it also seemed to heal hidden injuries that I had gotten from Celeria during our fights, realising that this is like a senzu bean normally I would have trained with Celeria to grow stronger, but knowing that treasures like these are usually guarded by very powerfull creatures, I took Celeria by her hand and flew as fast as I could, after all who knows when whatever that lives here will come back.