9: Food
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Wow, the story already got on trending! Thank you for your support, everyone! I'm glad so many are enjoying this already! ^.^

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“Thank you, mister Sword!” the kid goblin yells and bows to you as Fig takes you back from Milty’s arms.

“A-ah.. yes, thank you!” Another goblin does the same thing, following the kid’s suit.

“Thank you for saving Milty!”

“Thank you!”

All the goblins end up bowing and thanking you.

“Yes, thank you, Mister Sword!” Petunia giggles after she repeats the boy’s phrase and also bows on her knees, putting her hands on her knees.

/Take care of those cuts right now!!/ you remind Petunia before she gets a serious infection. /Wash them out properly with hot water!/

“Ah! Yes,” Petunia winces when she moves her hands. It looks like with the excitement passing the pain is catching up to her.

/You need clean bandages. Why aren’t they taking better care of the farmers that provide armies with food?/

“Healers are deemed more important on the battlefields,” Fig says. “It’s easier to simply replace us once we’re spent.”

/Well things are going to change around here!/ You say to Fig. /Let’s go, time to start your training!/

“Ah, yes, that’s right!”

“Go, Fig! We can handle this from here,” Petunia encourages the young goblin with a kind smile, masking any sign that she might be in pain.

Fig goes forward through the potato field to where the field slopes upward toward another sharp collection of black rocks. Apparently, light, smooth rocks are forbidden in these lands.

/While it would be optimal for us to hunt down some of those wild wargs to increase my power, we cannot simply abandon the villagers in case the wargs or other foes attack from another direction./

“Right!” Fig agrees.

/Which is why we’re going to start with a good old strength and condition training./


/All of you are surprisingly resilient and tough mentally. Regular humans would probably crumble under these conditions. But you have no muscle! You can barely swing me around. And we can’t keep resorting to the all-or-nothing power-ups during every encounter. That will not end well. So, you’re going to run, you’re going lift weights, and you’re going to eat. A lot!/

“What!?” Fig is shocked and apparently offended. “I can’t possibly stuff my belly when even the children are not getting enough food!”

/Then they will more too. You can’t raise proper, strong farmers if they’re starving from birth. And with the training I have in mind for you, your body will give out unless we stuff it full of the most nutritious food we can get our hands on./

“But when Rogzor arrives for this month's harvest... If the village cannot provide the army with what is due everyone will be slaughtered! Or worse!”

/There are several ways to deal with that. Worst case scenario we can offer our services to the army and in exchange demand protection for the village. What little this tiny village will eat can’t possibly feed enough soldiers that could match us in strength./

“I do not think Rogzor and his kind will look at it from such a rational perspective.”

/But if you don’t get strong enough you and everyone in the village is done for anyway. Now, go run up that hill!/

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