13: Dangerous
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Despite the range advantage, your blade provides to Fig, he barely even tries to attack, resorting to a louse excuse for defense. Fig is clearly outclassed. Unable to use the advantages you provide, while suffering the full brunt of the disadvantages you cause. Dokoram is able to dance around Fig’s desperate sword swings while making another shallow cut, this time on Fig’s back, just below the shoulder blade.

/I’m surprised you’re still not asking for help from me or surrendering the fight./ you comment nonchalantly while observing the struggle and Fig’s poor swordsmanship.

“Neither of those is an option!” Fig answers you telepathically while dashing away from Dokloram’s piercing lunge.

/You’re losing this, you know that right?/

“We’ve come here to train. And that’s exactly what Dokloram offered.”

/It was a joke!/

“And if I use your powers I might end up killing him!”

/If you don’t, he’ll kill you./

“Dokloram is fighting for what he believes in. So do I. This is my fight!”

/His belief is that your entire village is doomed and you’re the one to blame./

“If I can beat him like this then I’ll prove him wrong!”

Fig steps to the side to doge Dokloram’s sword, but ends up eating a kick to the side, sending him flying again sideways.

/That’s a big ‘If’./

“Don’t interfere! I must prove on my own that I am powerful enough to wield you and challenge Rogzor!”

/Who said I have any intention to interfere?/

Fig is barely keeping up with Dokloram. And, after a cut to his left leg, nearly splitting his calf in half, Fig falls on one knee, no longer able to run around.

“This is the end!” Dokloram yells raising his old sword over his head. “Apologize to Talian in the Dark Lands!”

He jumps into the air, high and forward at Fig, ready to strike down the goblin. Fig raises you above his head, guarding against Dokloram’s attack, in the last defiant attempt.

Then, as Dokloram approaches down, Fig falls backward on his back and points you at Dokloram, who is still midair, hoping that Dokloram won’t be able to avoid the pointy end of your blade. He does. Fig has no longer any strength in his arms and your blade is long. It’s hard for the goblin to keep you steady, locked on target. Dokloram knocks you to the side with his own short sword and falls next to Fig, punching him in the face. From the force of the punch, Fig hit’s his head against the ground and loses his grip, causing you to fall to the ground not far from the two goblins.

“If you were fighting Rogzor right now, you’d be dead, and the entire village would be slaughtered soon after.”

“Haaah…” Fig can’t muster a response. He’s holding his hands at his face, they’re already red from his own blood, along with most of his face. It’s hardly a surprise that Fig’s eyes are overflowing with tears. The pain alone would do that. Not even speaking of the loss itself. Fig clenches his left fist and kicks it against the ash in frustration.

“There’s no way you beat Ragbazar like this,” Dokloram says and puts away his sword. “Why did you hold back from using the sword even when I was clearly about to kill you?”

“Because… Because I can’t keep relying on a magical sword fighting my battles for me,” Fig muffles through his other hand, that tries to keep his nose together.

“Magical sword, huh?” Dokloram says turns and looks at you.

Dokloram walks to you and picks you up with one arm. He holds you up and examines your blade, turning it slowly in his hands. He then puts you at his side, sinking the edge of your blade an inch into the ash before it hits the rocks beneath the surface layer. Dokloram keeps you from falling on the ground by placing his hand on the hilt.

“I’ll be holding on to this for now, for your own good.”

[Warning! Compatibility below 50%]

[Weilder: Dokloram
Compatibility: 14%]

“Huh?” Dokloram turns his head to his side and at your hilt in his hand. Purple energy seeps from you and engulfs his hand. “Wha—aaaah!”

You feel Dokloram’s life force rapidly streaming from his body and into you.

/Let go of me you fool!/

Dokloram lets go of the blade and you both fall in opposite directions of each other—Dokloram lands with a thud into the dirt and you—with a clang against the rocks, both kicking up the dust from the ground around you.

Satiation: 100/100 (+6)

Silence. You look to the sky. The dark clouds slowly, but endlessly roam the skies, not letting a single ray of sunshine through. Somehow you're able to see a black bird flying over your heads. Though it's not like you have eyes. Maybe because of that, you can see it, when the others most likely can't? Or do you feel it?

The first thing anyone hears is Gilk’s unsure footsteps, kicking up the ashes with each step. He slowly walks to Dokloram.

“D-Dok?” the boy asks with a trembling voice. “Are you… Are you alright?”

“Haaa…” Dokloram lets out a sigh. “I’m not dead if that’s what you wanted to ask.”

Dokloram slowly raises his upper body upright, supporting himself with both arms pressed against the ground.

“Fig, that weapon is dangerous,” Dokloram says.

“I know,” Fig answers, still lying on the ground himself. “That’s why I have to train.”

“This isn’t something you can train for!” Dokloram yells but even his vocal cords are damaged and he starts coughing and resorts to a barely audible coarse whisper. “That sword—”

“I understand what you’re saying,” Fig says. “But I won’t know unless I try!”

“You will—cough—probably die…”

“Then I will have to somehow kill Rogzor before that happens.”

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  • Scold them both for such horrible performance. Votes: 33 75.0%
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