Introduction Arc- Commotion-4
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As I promised, here you go your deserved chapter.*Smile*


As we enter the building, we see a tremendous amount of people chatting with each other, some looking around, others being baffled with the sight, few groups being formed, and others checking out girls and boys. 

It was a festival around here, different colors mixed within the crowd, the number of students here could reach hundreds. There were around eight different shades of colors visible, blue, red, brown, yellow, green, purple, white, and black, each representing their Platoons, which are Aqua, Ignis, Terra, Lux, Aura, Mors, Vita, and Serus. 

As we are wearing emerald lowers and olive uppers, which is a shade of green, which means, we belong to the Aura Platoon. Nicolette, on the other hand, was special. Which means, she has an affinity with two elements, Aura and Vita. Signifying, she could have opted for the white uniform and become a Vita, but like other stories, love prevailed, and she became an Aura. 

Looking around, the only people I'm seeing are, students, no teacher was present.  

[Are we to give lectures to each other? Self-study?] 

I try looking at the rostrum to see if the teachers were playing hide and seek with us but find it to be vacant too. 

A commotion starts, on the right side, a girl seems to have gotten the attention of a pervert.  

"Get the hell out of here, twatt!" 

Thinking it would be funny I mix, into the crowd to see what is happening. I unexpectedly see some familiar faces, I know. 

Jimmy Nickwell, being protected, by his sister Serra Nickwell, as they are encircled by four men, with an angry, beautiful girl in between, staring at them. 

Jimmy, as the name, sounds is a pervert to the core, but has no history of doing anything obscene, but has an eye of a veteran pervert. Even Miss Keyner, feels violated around him, he has a height of 5 feet 5 inches, brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, average body, and an average face. Serra, a protective sister, who protects her brother no matter what. Black hair, brown eyes, pale skin, a little small on the upper level, but developed on the lower, same height as her brother, maybe being twins make them the exact copies of each other. 

But isn't it funny seeing a rabbit protecting a shunk from a pack of wolves? 

The girl was around 5 feet 7 inches, hourglass, fair skin, green hair, yellow eyes, and a beautiful face. A perfect candidate to become the pervert's prey, the four henchmen of hers, had no significant feature that I needed to think about, but they all seemed ready to beat Jimmy, on the drop of the hat. 

The twin wore black and white, while the victim and her bodyguard wore red, and the situation was getting out of her brother's hand, as the girl speaks her next words, 

"This creep just tried to lift my skirt." 

"No, he didn't, you just passed him while he was raising his hand, and your skirt got attached to his hand." 

Defends the sisters, 

[Serra, that's the classic excuse that men use when they get caught.] 

"You want to say his hand got attached to the silkiest material? Do you take us for a fool." 

The four men look towards Jimmy with contempt and move towards him, Serra finding no option looks around and her eyes land on me. 

"Salvas, please help me. I swear Jimmy isn't in the wrong here." 

Suddenly when she looks at me and asks for help everyone turns toward me and I turn back and say audibly, 

"Who's this Salavs fellow?" 

Every other person looks at the fellow behind me, thinking he's Salvas. 

"Salvas, the Aura, who turned around and spoke. Please help us." 

Serra says, 

Everyone turns around at me like I'm an accomplice of the pervert who harassed the lady. 

Before I could say anything the twin gets behind me, seeing that one of the bodyguards approaches me and grabs my shirt by the collar, instinctively I garb his wrist and elbow then, twist it to make him kneel, then apply pressure on it. He gives a short cry, seeing it the other come after me, so I kick him on the face, hard enough to make it pain, and get in a position to intercept them. 

The second guy comes with a barge, so I easily dodge it, the third guy was right behind him, so I needed to duck down to escape his punch. The second guy turns around quickly and aims his kick on my head, not prepared, I jump back to protect myself, but with an unbalanced dive, I fall on my ass. Seeing a chance, the third guy attempts a kick on my stomach, but luckily my back-up arrives at the right time and hits the third guy on the face. 


Serra and Jimmy say, Nicky gets close to Serra, but when Jimmy turns toward her, both I and Jeremie, stare at him, to which he ducks his head. 

With a flex, I kip-up. 

As the fourth man starts to move, another guy comes in front. He's wearing the uniform of Lux Platoon, blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, little muscular, 6 feet, probably. With a smile, he comes in between, and says, 

"Guys, guys, guys..., it's not even the end of the first day, and you are fighting already." 

I look at the girl and say, 

"He's the boss, solve the problem by talking with him. Let's go, guy." 

And with that, I turn around to leave. Jimmy's the first guy who turns after me, the self-proclaimed arbitrator shouts toward me. 

"Hey, hey, hey.., what do you mean by I'm the boss?" 

I ignore him and keep moving, I put my arms around, Jimmy and ask him, 

"What did you do?" 

"Nothing, I swear, I was just talking with sis, and saying how magnificent place this is, and when I was raising my arm, the female's skirt got attached to my arm somehow and it lifted." 

I hear the female questioning the arbitrator, 

"Hey, Pervert King, do you think its funny lifting a girl's skirt." 

"No, no, no..., I'm not their, boss." 

I wasn't able to get far as other people wearing the Lux Platoon uniform barricade my way out. 

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