Introduction Arc- Seniors-5
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I knew to get away with this lame trick of mine, yes trick, won't get me anywhere, but I had to try. Turning to the side, I find the person who was around my arm, whom I was protecting to be missing, I look towards Serra and see the scardy cat behind her. Serra gives me an apologetic face. 

The blonde arbitrator and the fierce female come from the back; the blonde looks irritated while the female has an angry look. 

"What happened to you two? You guys look pissed." 

I had to give it a try, but it turned worse, the female had a nerve bulging from her face, and it looked way worse than what Nicky had. 

The female opens her mouth to speak, but blonde beat her to it, 

"What happened? Your friend lifted her skirt, then you beat her friends, and then you blame all of it on me? I'm the boss of a loser?" 

'Where did the cool guy, nice guy, approach of yours go?' 

When I look again at my friends, I see them in deep trouble.  

They were surrounded, by, three of the girl's hooligans, two of them were perfectly fine while the third guy was holding his stomach. 

Behind me are some four people of Lux Platoon, and their leader in front of me with the angry lady. So, deadlock, it is. 

I ignore the blonde entirely and look towards the girl, she smirks at that and says, 

"Surrender yourself to me, and I will spare your other friends." 


"Yes, become my servant, and I will leave your friends." 

Not only was I surprised, but even the blonde was. The girl approaches me, with a haunty smile pasted on her face, with her hand on her hip, she stands in front of me. 

"How about it? You can fight well compared to my lackeys, and you have guts." 

I couldn't think of a proper reply, that's when I hear the grunting of people and see the two lackeys of her fallen on the ground with Serra and Jeremie engaging the remaining lackey. 

"Well, that's against your script. Isn't it."? 

Her haunty expression goes away like a *Poff*, and an angry expression takes its place. 

But before anything else happens, a ring resounds through the hall, and our attention is attracted to the rostrum where eight students, stood, but with different clothes, and were 2/3 years elder, probably seniors.  

The Senior wearing the Ignis uniform took a step forward, and turn towards us. He clears his throat and speaks into the mic, 

"All the students get in line the Head-master will be coming here in a few minutes." 

The crowd slowly disperses, and when we start to mingle with them, and both the blonde and the girl get to the other side of us, the senior then says, 

"All who are a part of the fight are to stay after the 'Welcoming Ceremony for The 38th Platoon'." 

Before I could make a face, Serra and Nicky pull my hand and take me to the other side of the hall with Jeremie and Jimmy following us.  

The hall quickly gets organized with people making lines. Around 10 to 20 lines are formed, with at least 5 students each. My group was in the 7th line in the middle with Nicky and Jeremie sandwiching me, and Serra and Jimmy right beside us in the 8th line, we chose this place as no Ignis and Lux were near the proximity. 

The eight seniors who all stood in the rostrum had dignified faces, their dress had the same color as ours, but only the pattern was different. 

Ignis, Terra, Lux, and Serus were males, and the remaining were females. Leaving Mors who had her face covered every other female was a beauty of their own. 

The people who wore,  Ignis and Lux would keep on giving me, the angry look, Terra, on the other hand, had a stern face, Aura would look at us with an assuring face, and Vita would look between the seniors beside her and at us with a worried face, the rest kept on looking around the hall, Mors just stood there like a statue. 

"Hey, Jeremie." 

"Don't say another word, Salvas. We are already getting scolded on our first day because of your actions, don't say another word." 

Jeremie whispers, 

"Hey not my fault, Jimmy decided to be a man right now." 

I whisper back to fight for my innocence, 

"Jimmy did nothing wrong." 

Protests the sister, pervert nods to affirm her words, but the three of us, just look at him dodgily. 

"I swear." 

Says the Pervert. 

Not caring about him we look at the sister, Nicky asks, 

"Do you know the girl?" 

"No, its the first time we met." 


"No, I don't." 

"You really have bad luck you tease the person that you can't handle." 

I say, 

"He didn't do anything, nothing at all. The girl's skirt got stuck in his hand, really. I was there, the whole time he didn't even notice her approaching." 

I take a thinking stance while giving the duo side glances. Nicky hits me on the head and says, 

"Don't do unnecessary drama, Salvas." 

"Hey, that was uncalled for." 

"Guys, you are creating a scene again." 

Jeremie beckons, and we again find people looking at us, now with the seniors included. 

We all look down at the ground and decide to stay quiet, for now. 


"Thank you." 


I look to the side to see Serra smiling at me with tears around her eyes as she thanks me, 

"No problem...Serra, you don't have to feel ashamed for thanking me, that you have to cry." 

"Dumbo, she's not crying because she's ashamed." 

Nicky says, 

Serra chuckles after listening to us. 

Another ring resounds, and everyone quiets down and looks towards the rostrum. 

Three people come from the right side of the rostrum, a female appears, behind her, are two more people, one male, and another female. 

The female in the front looked stunning, her curves, shown by the dress she wore a black suit, that hugged her tight, she had black hair with a tint of silver, olive skin, light brown eyes that looked racy with the specs she wore. 

The girl behind her was also beautiful, but not as curvaceous as the lady on the front, but they had the distinctively same appearance, with complete black hair, brown eyes, and olive skin. She wore a white shirt, and a black mini skirt, she's seemed to be her daughter. 

The male on the other had had a cunning face, he wore a bluish coat over a white shirt, with the same bluish-colored pants. Dark skinned, with a snickering smile, he looks at the students. 

The lady on the front goes to the mic, 

"Good Morning, Students, I'm the Head-master of this school, Zoria Tris Grandeo. And I welcome you all, for you, are about to see and learn about the ways a Soldier lives." 

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