Introduction Arc- Head Master-6
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Well Hello readers, but I got bad news.........

My other story kinda had some grammatical errors due to which all of my works are delayed a bit, but I will still try my best to give you the story in time.

Cheers for me, Guys.

"Good Morning, Students, I'm the Head-master of this school, Zoria Tris Grandeo. And I welcome you all, for you, are about to see and learn about the ways a Soldier lives."

"You all must know about the attack launched on us by 'Rilyaltor' 40 years ago, the attack had nearly destroyed our nation, but with vigor and compassion, we successfully repelled their attack within months, acquired the stolen land. And after some years we had war heroes who had obliviated the Riyaltor nation, and out of all the war heroes, there was one, who taught us how to fight, know of our shortcoming, about timing our shot and taking him as out predecessors, 'Revole Mag. 6' came into existence, and we kept on sending the students or platoons who befits the army the most, we became the promising school for our nation, and we plan to soldier on."

The Head-Master says, then she looks over at all the students, she has a refreshing smile, the female behind her has a stoic face, and the guy has a cunning face. All the other seniors have the same look.

"Many of you must have come from a well-off family and may know what I'm about to say, but I'll repeat it, so no one is ill-informed, and everyone gets to know what they are signing up for, every one of you must know of the elements, there are eight elements that each person can use. They are Ignis, Aqua, Terra, Lux, Mors, Vita, Aura, and Serus, and they represent Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Death, Life, Air, and Darkness.

Every person in the Drool nation, are injected with the secret serum that allows a selected number of people to command an element to their bidding, that is if you have, the special metal or the weaponry that can harness the elements. The uniform that you wear tells you which element you are."

She again stops and looks around, 

"The course will be for three years, where you will be tested and trained by us. The first half-year, you will be introduced to the elements, know about what all you can do with it, we will also engrave proper ethics of a soldier inside you, later on, we will improve your stamina, agility, intelligence, and perception, that will be helpful for you, you will also learn what other children learn in normal schools. In the next half-year, you would use all your accumulated knowledge to pass the exams. After passing it, you will get a briefing on your next objective until then this will be your objective."

After that, she talks about the basic rules of the school, about how the sitting arrangements are made, which building we would be using, and for what reasons they are there, and etcetera. 

One hour later, the speech ends, and everyone disperses. 

Two groups stay behind, they are ours and the girls. The blonde gets a clean chit as he had tried to stop us.

Plus Note- The lady behind the Head-Master, is her daughter.


"Jeremie, you had to fight them."

I say in a whisper, Nicky pinches me.



From the right, I hear a simper. It's the fierce girl again. But this time, two of her men are not present as they left for the infirmary. 

Head-Mistress talks with the seniors while we stand. The first to come towards us are the seniors of our platoon uniform.

"I'm Aria Flowring, the captain of the Aura Platoon."

Says the senior wearing Aura's dress, she has a proud smile,

"I'm Lu-Lucendra De Lorden, the captain of Vita Platoon. And sh- she's Deria Surendar, captain of the Mors Platoon."

Vita's captain meekly introduces herself and Mors's captain.

Aria Flowring is a beautiful lady, she has a luscious body, silver hair, green eyes, creamy skin, and a smile of hers that suits her.

Lucendra De Lorden is a curvy lady, skin pale as if another shade of white, burgundy hair, teal eyes, she looks mature for her age.

Deria Surendar is busty, but with her head under a cloak, nothing can be seen except for her tanned body.

Thinking the silence is the queue for, us to introduce ourself, I was about to speak up, when the guy I was ignoring decides to speak up,

"And I'm Saldron Agnor, the captain of Ignis Platoon. Head-Master asked us to see why there was a fight in the first place and who we are to punish. So, I hope you have enough evidence to get off unhurt."

He says while looking at me. so I look him in the eye. I see his eyebrows twitch, so I smirk at him, he takes a step ahead, but Aria, comes in front of me.

"Saldron, aren't you getting out of control, trying to intimidate my subordinate in front of me."

They have a standing stare-off; no one backs off.

The guy snickers, and looks at the girl in front of him.

"Introduce yourselves."

The guy orders the girl, to which she looks to her right and left,

"I said, introduce yourself."

This time the girl blatantly says,

"I don't think so."

Saldron flares and approaches the girl, but the other two bodyguards of hers come in between, the guy backs up and looks at them with irritation. On the contrary when Lucendra asks us,

"I'm Serra Nickwell, and this is my brother Jimmy Nickwell."

Jeremie looks at Aria and says,

'I'm Jeremie Keyner."

"Nicolette Carol."

"Leader of Jeremie and Nicolette, Salvas Karledo."

Aria looks at me with a raised eyebrow, that when Nicky hits me on the head,

"You are not the Leader."


Jeremie adds on, Aria laughs at it, while Lucendra chuckles, but Deria stays quiet.

We look to the side, waiting for the other group to introduce themself, the girl looks toward her men and nods,

"Aron Mitten. Miss-"

The girl hits him on the head and looks sharply at him, so he stops there.

"Rinten Kicks."

The other guy stops with his name. But the lady doesn't say anything she stays quiet, looking around when the Head-Mistress turns to come toward us, just as she does, she says,

"I'm Saeline Dreaklord, Grand Daughter Of Council Member, Trikstine Dreaklord."

This time Nicky whispers,

"Jimmy fucked it up."


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