Journal Entry 1
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Day 1

So, as of writing this, its been a couple hours since I woke up here the second time, I don't know where I am, and I'm scared as hell, and I feel like this is the only way to keep my head on straight.

So here's what happened.

I just got done helping some guy fix up an old trap out in the woods, another odd-job that pays the bills. I had to walk halfway through a forest with a shitty path to guide me, then walk all the way back to my car, so I was tired, it was dark and snowy, and I don't drive in those conditions, so I decided to take a nap, or go to sleep, depending on when I woke up, so I started my car blasted the hot air so till it was sweltering, then shut it all down, leaving an alarm to go off in two hours on my phone, then I passed out under some some of my blankets.

When I woke up I was still warm thankfully, sure it was colder, but not frosty yet, but it was pretty dark but I thought nothing of it, thinking the snow had picked up and now my car was covered. I wasn't worried in the slightest, that is until I checked my phone, and this is what I saw.


That wasn't my phone background at all, it was just some weird symbols all of a sudden, that's when I starter to freak out. I tried to open my door at that point, expecting to meet some resistance, but there was none, and I just shoved it fully open into inky blackness.

From the dim light of my phone I see some dirt and rock right outside my car, and more darkness. I reach over to my glove box and grab my flashlight and turn it on, stepping out of my car.

Right in front of my car is a one foot lip of stone then a giant chasm , my car bumper casually resting almost over the edge. “What the fuck!” I yell out, angry, confused and scared, my voice echoing in the silent cave. I must be dreaming I thought, pinching myself, nope still hurts. I look around some more, about 10 feet away is a wall on my left and on my right, another 10 feet, and to my rear is just a tunnel slowly curving left. I carefully get back in my car and start it. It roars awake in the quiet cave, making me jump, finally I calm down again and start to reverse the car, slowly inching my way from the edge, scraping the bumper on the lip, making me wince, “c'mon, you got this!” I whisper to the car. Making my way back about 30 ft before I park it again, and pop the trunk, pulling out some old wood, and chuck the wheels, like hell am I rolling away now. I take a sec and lie down again, trying to calm down, thinking about what I'm gonna do, and that's when I fell asleep for the first night.

first time writing in a while, let me know of any mistakes, and or suggestions for the future. please and thank you