Journal Entry 68 – Lazy day x2
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Day 68

I woke up a bit late, the sun was already overhead, but I felt well-rested. I stretched my back, rubbing Lupe's head, before getting up, and walking downstairs. It was a nice day, I could feel a breeze coming from somewhere, blowing cold winds, and whisking away the humidity. I entered the lower hut and started up a small fire. I didn't want to leave a lit fire going if it was going to be easy for everything to burn now since up the mountain the floor had become frozen, hard-packed dirt under my feet. I started my breakfast with some jerky, and thought about eating my last oat bar, but decided against it, it was to be treasured until I reached an important milestone or something.

I gulped down a glass of water and walked out of my hut. I was ready to finish with this boat and test it properly. I had a long rope of leather around my shoulder, and grabbed the boat and started dragging, Lupe trotting beside me, a little taller now that I actually noticed, he was actually up to my knee and growing longer, no longer the puppy, but now more of about a foot and a half tall, and a little under three feet long. You really don't realize small incremental changes when they happen around you, huh. I bent down and rubbed his head, he pushed his head against my hand, adorably, and I scratched it some more.

Eventually, I got to the river and started setting everything up, I first tested the rope, tying it around a tree, and putting all my weight on it, and didn't feel any kind of tearing, and felt confident about it. I then tied the rope around a wooden loop, before pushing the boat into the water slowly, and hung on tight. It entered with ease, and floated there, slowly pulling away from me. I held the rope tight, slowly loosening the slack into the water, and the boat pulled further and further away, until it was at the edge of the rope, pulling it tight, before careening into the bank from the force of the river and rope.

I walked over to the boat, and started pulling it ashore, checking the inside, and found it bone dry. 'alright,' I thought 'got a boat now.' I was happy with my progress, now I just needed to make some oars or something, and maybe a rudder, make life easier. I started pulling the boat home, not much else planned for my day, besides making the aforementioned tools, and relaxing. Maybe I could look for plants, but getting to civilization trumped having a tastier diet.