Journal Entry 70 – Boring day
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Day 70

I got up, ate breakfast, and got to work. It was a simple start to the day, and I wanted to get it going. I got started carving out the second boat, this time it was going to be row boat-shaped, with a deep tail. I like my canoe, but it felt like it would be too slow, and I wouldn't be able to carry as much stuff with it, so I needed something larger, and if I failed, the canoe was my back up.

I spent the majority of the day carving the shape out and scooping out the wood inside. It was tedious work, and not much to be said about it. I got done around the time the shadows started stretching across my work, and the Manaphage had been refilled for the umpteenth time, as much as I'd like to comment or write about my day more, there wasn't much to say.

I ate my lunch and dinner and planned on building the log trap tomorrow, as I still had an ample supply of meat. I got to bed at a normal time, and meditated, before falling asleep.