Journal Entry 78 – afterword
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Day 78

I ran out of paper to wri-


jokes aside, thank you for reading my first-ever novel. No matter how few people are left reading this I want to say thanks, I started this purely as part of a contest and finished it because, well, I wanted to actually publish it, and at the insistence of my friends and family I finally did. and I'm more than happy I did.

so if you're wondering what I mean by publishing, this is essentially the first draft of my story, I wrote it pretty much daily for almost two months and burned out for a while after that. I plan on editing the entire thing beyond using Grammarly, and probably removing or changing the awkward things that I never used more than once or twice, like his imbuing ability, or how he was able to make things lighter, i never used those after a couple of chapters, and I always hated when authors gave their characters cheat like abilities that solved everything, then never used them because every fight would be he xyz'd the problem away every time.

anyway, after editing and changing all that, I plan on submitting it to an editor, then either self-publishing on amazon or somehow finding a publisher that would actually take my semi self insert fantasy story that I already showed everyone the first draft of.

once again, thank you, everyone, for reading this story, and I hope you have a great night