Chapter 8 “Bugged”
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(Thump). (Thump)(Thump). "Enough with the racket! God damn. I'm trying to sleep here!" Of course i'm just yelping. I can feel the entire wagon in motion. It's oddly soothing. I fall back to sleep.

Shiteater kicks my cage again, surprisingly I don't jump as high this time. Progress. The wagon isn't moving anymore. "Dinner time cutie" Shiteater says. Did he just call me cutie? He opens my cage and puts a bowl down and throws bread next to and closes the door. I rush to the door in case Flabby has her eyes on it. I get my bread and look at her and her arm is half way into my cage. I reach out my paw towards it like i'm going to swipe at her and she yanked it back. 

Must be some feral instinct. I knew she was going for my food. At least she is smart enough to know I can scratch her arm up. The bowl has water in it. The bread is actually easier to eat in fox form so thats good. The water is harder to drink though and its splashing on to the ground. I look around to see what everyone is doing. Foxy is just eating. When she saw me look at her she waved. I pawed back and she smiled. Pedo wasn't looking at me, which I'm thankful for, but he had some of my shit smeared on his face. I don't think i'm going to look at Pedo anymore.

Bull dude is gone. I think he's the only one missing. There are 30 cages and 21 slaves. Right now 20 slaves. I just concentrate on eating. I wonder if they will let us bathe. I mean it smells in here, but It could be worse, so I assume they do something about the slaves hygiene. 

Shiteater finished handing out the food then almost ran out of the wagon. 'I wonder what that was about.' I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. I want to talk to these people, but the whole nude thing makes me not want to. Should I really care that much? Everyone in here is naked as well and none of them seem uncomfortable. At least not by their nudity.

So let's assess my situation. There was about 10 tents and 4 wagons. I have seen 4 slavers so far. The guy that was on watch duty on top of the wagon. The guy that took a piss at night and the last 2 are Shiteater and Blondie. I have heard a grand total of 1 name being used and that was John, who is the one that enslaved me I guess. I haven't seen any magic yet other then my own transformation magic. Maybe the Collar's and cages can be considered magic too. The skill system is confusing. I've played plenty of games before, but this one is just weird. Maybe i'll look into that. The rest of the slaves are laying down. It does seem darker out. I haven't actually seen full daylight yet though.

I want to look at my skills, maybe I can find some answers there. 'hmm, I think i'll start with Pain Tolerance since it doesn't feel like it's doing anything.' [Pain Tolerance: Reduces the amount of pain you feel. Can not completely eliminate pain. T_e _pa=0kx{ERROR}]  'umm.. What? What does it mean {ERROR}.' [ERROR: $&$d^ %*N*^ (^vx%[email protected]#) ()*^bng {"^*sd" "&*&g*+ (%%HG] Well that just answers everything now doesn't it. Does that mean the skill doesn't work or that none of my skills work? I don't know what to make of this. This skill is bugged out. Hopefully it's not the system. 

Let's check out another Skill. I'm curious about the thief one. [Thief: The Thief job is based on survival. Steal what you need and also what you want. This is not a combat oriented job. The Thief job is all about being quick and quite. Can be upgraded t_ Ba__i_ b_-9u{ERROR}] Oh no, this isn't good. It says its a job, but I have it as a skill? What does that mean? What are the implications? I need someone I can talk to about this.

Let me try seeing what my job is. [ERROR] Just the answer I was looking for. 'ooh, whats that smell?' Something smells really good outside. They must be cooking. Anyway my system is bugged out. Why? The only person I could bring myself to ask is Foxy, but she is a 10 yo. How would she know anything about it? Plus asking her would be asking everyone in the wagon. 'What a fucked up worl-' (THUMP, THUMP). The noise brings me out of my thoughts. I look at the entrance to the wagon. Bull dude is back.

There is steam billowing off of him. I don't think it's cold, but he looks like a muscle man that just finished working out in a gym then walked out into frigid winter air. The Smell coming off him is just horrible and it makes me feel weird. The other female Beast-kin are reacting in a similar way. Foxy is actually pinching her nose. 'hahaha.' Shiteater comes in behind him and shuts his cage door. Bull dude is too large to lay down so he can only sit with back against the wagon.

My mind starts to bounce around from thinking about this world, my broken system, my situation and that Amazingly wonderful smell from outside. Man I want to eat whatever that is. Wait, why am I thinking about food again? What's wrong with me? All the shit that's going on and food is the priority? 'What has gotten into me? All I want to do is get out of this cage so I can eat that smell.'

I start to hear voices approaching. "-at come from." it's a women's voice. "Has she said anything?" "Nothin'." A familiar voice says. It sounds like Shiteater. "Have you tried to talk to her?" the women asked. "No Ma'am, I have not." Shiteater again. "Good. Well go on. Bring her out here." the women says. I hear footsteps approach the back of the wagon and then I see Shiteater. He gets into the wagon then looks directly at me and puts that shit eating grin on his face. Then he starts walking towards my cage. And here I was hoping they weren't talking about me. I think its going to be another long night.