Chapter 9 “Mistress Kira”
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I'm outside the wagon standing in front of a plump women wearing a very frilly dress. Her hair is done up in rolls and she is wearing to much make-up. She has a chubby face, but almost in a cute way if it wasn't for the overuse of makeup. She has black hair and light brown eyes and is actually taller then Shiteater. if I had to guess I would say she is in her late 30's.

"Why is she a fox?" The women glares at Shiteater.

"I-I don-(cough)Umm James can get her to turn back!" Shiteater really struggled with that.

"hahah" I laughed. It sounded like I was wheezing.

"Go and get him then!" the women yelled.

"Yes ma'am, right away." Shiteater took off leaving me and her alone. I decide to look around a little. The tents are all set up already and the sun is past the horizon. There is about 25 people sitting around or doing other things. The same guy is sitting on top of the wagon. There isn't any sign of the forest I came out of. It's just open plains. The people are mostly male about 19 are male. I say about because some have a man's body but a feminine face. So i'm just guessing.

Chubbs is just looking at me. I decide to sniff the air and I smell a floral scent come from her. I also smell bull dude. I don't know what to do with that information, so I put it aside. I smell something wonderful. I look towards the fire. There is a women stirring a pot, but that's not what i'm looking at. There is a big hunk of meat spit-roasting over the fire. I can't look away. I can feel drool dripping out of my mouth.

At some point Shiteater came back only now Blondie is with him. I think I heard them talking, but i'm not paying attention. I'm a lot closer to the fire now. All of the sudden Blondie is standing in front of me. "Stop! Change back into your human form and stay that way!" [Ding] Blondie commands. It's feels a lot different then the first time he did this. I can't resist him in at all. I feel the pain overtake me and I passed out.

I opened my eyes. I'm not outside, but i'm also not in my cage. I see a large bed and a desk along the side. There is chests here and there. I'm pretty sure i'm in a different wagon. Chubbs is next to the bed. She is half undressed and taking more off. Not in a sexy way, she's just going about her business. She's actually humming. She has her hair down now and its shorter then I thought it would be. It only brushes the top of her shoulders. I don't know how that is with how much hair it looked like she had before. Her body is actually like her face just a little chubby. Her frilly dress actually made her look fatter then she is. Also I was right, her face does look better without all that makeup on. She has small breasts maybe B-cup. I would say she has just a little to much curves and her butt is too big. But I wouldn't say she is unattractive. 

She's moves over to a chest near the desk and she see's i'm awake. I turn my head away and I hear her mutter "About time." Now that I turned away i'm looking behind me. There are some more chests lined up and a vanity. I also see a chain on the floor. Its attached to a loop of metal coming out of the wood floor. The other end is attached to my Collar. There's actually a good amount of slack. I could reach the door in one direction and the bed in the other.

I hear footsteps coming up to me from behind. I turn around and Chubbs is standing in front of me wearing a night gown. She's looking at me. "Mine name is Kira, but you shall address me as Mistress." Kira says. Well I learned someone's name finally. "I'm going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer them truthfully." I just look at her. She's sigh's.

"If you answer me then maybe i'll give you some of that meat they were cooking out there." I feel my ears perk up and my tail is trying to move but i'm sitting on it and its between my legs covering my private parts. She see's my reaction and grins.

"Good. First what is your name?" oh no. The hardest one first huh? Whats my name... John Cena!! que theme music.

"I don't know." I tell her. It's true enough.

All I feel is a stinging pain on the side of my face and my ears are ringing. I'm now looking at the wall to my right and I feel my eyes tearing up. I turn back to look at her.

"That was for lying. Now, what is your name?" she's calmly asks.

"I-I d-don't kno-" She slapped me again before I could finish. Tears are know falling down my face. I blanked out for a moment. There is a man standing in front of me. I know him. His name was Carl. I'm full on bawling. I see the wall of the wagon in front of me. I hear her asking again.

"What is your name"-Kira

"I I-I-I don-" she slaps me. I see Carl again. Behind him I see my mother crying. "You're just useless Trash!" he says, but I hear it in my mothers voice. I see him pull back his fist to hit me again.

'Why am I seeing him? That was when I was 5.'

"What is your name?" Kira is still calm.

I turn to her and yell "I DON"T KNOW!" I see Carl walking away from me as my vision darkens. I hear my mother call out to me.