180. Family Vacation (Part 2)
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Before Fluff were craters and crevices created by Colt's sword. It would be impossible to tidy this mess without an Earth Mage, but with a sigh, the Lord of the Earth, or the Terrestrial Beast God tapped the land with its paws.

Its body glowed a golden light, and then, it opened its mouth with grace to let out a "meow" the surroundings began to shake, the craters and the crevices started to change shape, the earth was soon restored.

'This never ceases to amaze me no matter how many times I watch it.' Colt had seen Fluff do many nonsensical bullshits. It could tackle a rhino and even slapped a panther that disrespected its flabbiness.

However, seeing it control the Earth was even more of a shock than anything else yet, "Why don't you change in your other form? You could do it already, right?"

Fluff turned to Colt with a sigh, it unknowingly answered in human tongue, [It is a waste of my energy, I do not have enough vitality to do it, I am not like that chicken over there that had its bloodline replenished by one of its treasure… I need time to recuperate like an ordinary being.]

"Brother, I told you, it is not chicken, but Reis! Also, Colt, you should know that brother was the one that sustained the most, injuries on — ack!" Reis got kicked on the head as it was talking with pride.

[You're the one who told that Delegate of yours to shut up, and here you are blabbing your mouth, at least wait until the bastard return — also, stop talking about injuries, it was my decision anyway.]

Colt was very much confused about this talk, but he didn't ask them what's going on and simply kept things to mind, 'It must have something to do with the Great Calamity.' He basically already drew an outline of what's happening.

The untold lore of this Continent was slowly being unfolded before him, and Colt didn't know whether he liked it or not. He could change the future, but not the past, and whatever it was that Fluff and its siblings went to, Colt could only be there for them.

Clearing his throat, Colt slowly tried getting up, "Well, that's enough of that. Reis, can you fly us back home again? I'll be having a long talk with my family about this little trip we are about to take."

Colt was smiling as he said these words, but he was somewhat saddened that he needed to leave again. He at least wanted to spend a few more months with his family, if anything else… he didn't want to leave.

All the while Colt was thinking, Reis had already activated its form. Its body began to enlarge, its round body began to slim down, and muscles appeared from the burned down fats.

Purple wings and a set of crimson down. Three black lines were going down its back to the tip of its tail from its forehead. Its size was not overly large, it was around five meters big, and its strength was comparable to Colt's, at the Ninth-Level of Savage Rankings. Reis only had a single pair of wings; it was still weakened.


Reis was a screech, and the birds at a Five-hundred-meter radius all cowered in fear. She sounded powerful, too powerful for any kind of aviary Magical Beast. It was regaining its strength little by little.

Fluff hopped onto Reis' back, and the three of them returned to the Wing City. Reis enjoyed itself soaring through the skies; it had only gained this ability a month ago after arduous training.

It was slowly regaining its strength even without the help of outside materials and treasures. It no longer needed the use of a World Tree Leaf to return to something close to its base form.

On the other hand, Fluff was still growing, it was getting stronger sure, but not at the rate of Reis, and for the Lord Cat to show its strength, it must first meet prerequisites to turn back.

However, it was also getting stronger in Elemental Manipulation, so it didn't give much shit about things.

The three of them stopped flying a few hundred meters away from the city. When they reached the city, Colt had already recuperated. The sun was about to rise from the east, and he had yet to reach their home… Colthurried back as he feared he'd be seen by Hylda.

Summoning the power of an Aura Master, he dashed forth with excessive speed, and while running, he caught sight of three Rocs with Sister Mary.

Sister Mary actually raised her head as she felt Colt's quick approach; she nodded her head at him but refrained from telling him anything.

Sneaking inside their room, he saw Mina reading a book by baby Ayl's cradle. She had a worried face as she saw her husband drenched in blood.

She stood up in haste to cast a healing spell, "Are you okay, Darling?" She was worried about him.

Mina assisted Colt in changing his clothes and even already drew him a bath for him to take in time for his return, "You always come so beaten up, just what kind of training are you doing? You also separated with Butler Neun after inheriting his techniques, so what could you possibly be doing?"

While Colt was taking off his clothes, he interrupted Mina with his words, "Dear, I have something to tell you…" Colt took in a deep breath and said, "I am going away for some time, in the Valley of the Serpent God… I mean the Hero's Plateau."

The two names he mentions was the same place, but their name was of a different time. Colt looked at Mina, who had stopped her hands and looked at him with a smile, "Are we finally going to go on that honeymoon? I knew my Darling would never forget."

Mina's hands were clasped together as her smile made her complexion grow.

When Colt saw this, he felt his heart tremble, "No, I am not simply going there for no reason. Do not worry, I won't even look at a woman, it is just that it will be dange—"


The room echoed with a powerful blast as Mina's fist stopped three centimeters away from Colt's face. She was radiating with power, and her fist cast a green light.

With a smiling expression, Mina retracted her fist, "Darling, please do not look down on your wife so much. I may easily get jealous, but remember, I have the three mouths to feed watching over you, so I don't really worry about women. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell Darling that the Goddesses would strike you with lightning if you even think of cheating. Also, I am anything but weak, so your worries are unfounded. I know you're going somewhere dangerous, and that's precisely the reason why I want to come with you.

"My healing would come in handy, and in hindsight, I am far more experienced than you are. You may be strong, Fluff and Reis may Gift you an extraordinary experience, but, with the way you are now, you still have no right to tell me if something is dangerous."

Colt looked at Mina in disbelief. Her fist was strong and quick, 'She had already reached the Minor-Sorcerer Path.'

Mina's smiling face was only interrupted by baby Ayl's cries, who was startled by her attack.

"Ah, did Mama startle you just now? Sorry, sorry, now, now, everything's all right."

She frantically went over to make Ayl go back to sleep, only to fail miserably. From there, Colt went to take a bath, and news of him leaving spread like wildfire.

Filla and Hylda were the first to learn of it, and they asked if they could come, to which Mina said yes.

Lucille, who learned of the two going out, presented herself as a babysitter to take care of the children when Colt and Mina go on their date… she was granted permission.

Jin and Vyra also thought it would be a good time to hitch a ride to the Holy Land. The Holy Land was in the Center of the Continent, and the path to the Hero's Plateau could only be taken through here.

Thus, Jin, Vyra, and their children also got on board with the idea. It was also decided that the baptism of the children would be held there.

Sera and Mary didn't have much say as, where Colt goes, they follow. Butler Go also decided to go with them as it wanted to visit an old friend in the Holy Land.

And so, as Colt walked out of the bath, a group had already been formed. He sought Liron and Shickly's help to sort out this problem, but they only responded with a shrug of a shoulder.

"Hmm? Why not go? Neun can easily take care of the ships on the south, and Liron and I will be busy strengthening our army. Liron would talk to Tristan about the possibility of war, so there is actually nothing to do here." Shickly argued.

Liron then followed with, "Also, the Holy Land has one of the strongest Knight Order in the whole Continent. It was said that they could match our armies, and it is far away from the Phantasmagoria Family. The second would be the Hero's Plateau; it is closed to the Hellbane Family and the Dragon Blood Warrior Coalition, so that place would also be safe."

Then, Neun, who was taking out the plans for the ships on the shelves, heard all of it; he added, "Young Master, you said it yourself, the south could be on the verge of breaking out in a massive war, so, if anything they are safer if you take them out of this place. Secondly, you have Go and Miss Lucille, so no ordinary force can go against you. Miss Vyra and Lady Mina are also deadly in combat, so you don't have to worry about it much. We'll be fine here. Go have fun."

Colt was already sighing, but he Shickly just had to add, "Take Risa and Lyra with you; they have yet to go to the Holy Land or the North; this would be a good chance for them to see the world. Good luck, my son!"

This conversation sealed the fate of him having a Family Vacation!