186. F*cked (Part 1)
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A few hours ago.

The Holy City’s Plaza was a wide area where tourist gather to see the where the [Silver Fountain of Saints].

This Silver Fountain was one of the many landmarks in this City that existed long before any of the other forces came to being.

It was currently early morning and at this time-of-day tourist should already spend a good time of their morning watching the splendor of this fountain.

But not on this particular day as guards circled the area acting as a barricade.

Even the [Sun Knights] were present on this particular day.

The Sun Knights were the force under the direct command of the Saintess and the Three Cardinals. Their numbers were few, only at the fifty excluding the Captain and Vice-Captain, all of them, however, were at Master Class.

They were respected by the people both inside and outside of this Ancient City. To be considered as a candidate as a Sun Knight was respectable enough, and one could only imagine how it’s like to be an actual Knight.

They were usually situated around the Basilica and the eight extreme directions of the City but not today.

All fifty Sun Knights could be found in the Central Plaza where they were lined up to five rows with ten members each.

In front of them were two people wearing distinct armors said to date back to when the Holy City was but a mere village.

One of them was wearing the Infernal Chaos Armor. This had long black hair and a playful smile, he looked like a playboy yet he was actually the second-in-command of the Sun Knights, Vice-Captain Sigurd.

The one in front of him who wore a Golden Dragon Armor made from the first Creation’s Scales and bones was actually the captain of the Sun Knights.

His face was filled with scars, his eyes seemed to have been stuck in a perpetual state of glare while and his red hair only accentuated his fierce and brave mug. This man was a living legend, who could be said to be the only human who could surpass a demon in terms of natural physique.

The Silver Halberd and from the foremost Guardian of the Holy City — Darius Zaquire.

He stood with a stoic expression with the Sun Knights behind him and the people surrounding the area.

His ears perked as he listened to the words of the people—

“Why is the Plaza close again? Is the Emperor of the Darkis Empire coming to ask for the Sun Knight a duel or something?”

“Don’t know, but I heard some bigshot’s coming so I came here like everybody else. But I am hoping that what you’re telling me is true, I would love to see Captain Darius fight again.”

“Yes, it had been so long since he fought. Well, the Captain is there so I think it really will be interesting as to whoever it is that will arrive.”

“You’re right. At first, this thing had my curiosity, but now it has my attention.”

Locals and tourists gathered around as someone rare had occurred. It had been about twenty years since the last time the plaza was closed to the public.

It had been announced around a week ago that the renowned Plaza would be closed but it had not been said as to who it would be closed for.

The Basilica did not specify anything about who it would be as to not create much commotion. But this only made people explode with curiosity thus, about a hundred people circled the people just outside the defensive runes circling circular plaza.

The people could barely contain themselves as whoever it is that arrives, he or she should be someone famous.

In the end, their attraction shifted from the usual to what’s present.

Curiosity was killing them; they could only envy the Knights who knew what’s happening and who it was that’s coming.

However, that would be where they were wrong as the guards also fail to know who it was that’s about to arrive.

Only Captain Darius knew and if the others including the Vice-Captain Sigurd were to ask him, he would answer with a simple, “Someone deserving of our utmost respect, so ensure not to tarnish our reputations before them!”

With this answer, they could only speculate as to who. They managed to come up with compelling answers like the King of Hell, the Emperor of Hammer, or the Demon Emperor himself.

They could speculate who, but at the end of the day, one last question remained.

Why was the central plaza the only and not the road heading to it the only place to be barricaded? The Knights and the populace were all confused which only made them even more excited.

Adding to this fact that Captain Darius had never been so serious before which only made so many of them nervous.

They wish to scream and ask him as to who it was.

Thankfully, no one need to further ask anything as the prolonged cry of a horse pierced the skies.

Darius raised his head and quickly assessed the situation, “What’s that? A Horse?”

“That’s a Nether Flame Pegasus, sir… five of them.” Sigurd’s sharp eyes confirmed.

Darius nodded his head.

With this confirmation, Darius motioned to Sigurd, “Shoot them down before it starts a problem.”

“With pleasure, sir…but.”

Sigurd stepped forward, but hesitation appeared on his face. Darius noticed and asked, “What is it? Are you not feeling well?”

“No, it’s not that. I’m just wondering if I should give the people a good show—”

“Just make sure to not let that thing crash in the city. We don’t want any casualties.”

“Aye, sir!”

Sigurd was all smiles hearing Darius’ words. He pulled out a Crimson Bow named the Phoenix Star Longbow.

It was a bow created from the Star Stones of the Demon Mountain Range and the Tendons of the Phoenix.

This bow had a tensile strength that needs ten Rank-9 Warriors to pull.

Its weight, however, was about the same as a wooden stick. Its flexibility was unquestionable and its strength was peerless.

Sigurd’s light steps carried him in front of Darius with a snap of the fingers, an Evergreen Winged Eagle appeared by his side.

This Eagle was about ten meters big; it was a monster of a bird. The people saw this and they cheered for its appearance.

Two other eagles appeared beside him.

Sigurd smiled, he liked this sort of sensation, he looked at his partner and nodded his head, “That’s our dinner, Berus, Baskes, Beak. Make sure not to let it fall into City.”

“Yeah sure, I call dibs on the brains, though.” The Eagle named Berus flew up with screech and the other two followed as well.

Lightning knocking an arrow on the bow, Sigurd then used the Earth Element to strengthen his arms and fingers. He then commanded the wind to gather around the arrow’s fletching and nock.

Without much pleasantries, Sigurd whispered, “Phoenix Snipe.”


The air around him exploded with the flight of the first arrow, Sigurd already followed up with another two.

Sigurd was ready to let another two arrows fly when he noticed something weird.

His pupils suddenly shrunk as he waved his hand to get Darius’ attention.

“What is it?” Darius asked.

With a funny expression, Sigurd turned to Darius and answered, “I think we should retreat.”

“What do you mean?”

“A Dragon has appeared!”


Darius was surprised and was ready to smack this Vice-Captain of his for trying to play with him, when, all of a sudden, a weird phenomenon occurred.


A Dragon’s roar echoed from above, they then watched glowing arrows was swatted away by this Dragon.

Darius’ face turned pale as he shouted at the top of his lungs, “KNIGHTS, GET READY TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE!”


Everyone drew their swords and then got ready for combat. They called for their Soul Partners and became battle-ready.

Darius even called his own Black Death Dragon.

This Dragon then dove down from above and caused a cloud of dust to appear.

Darius was ready to fight this rogue Dragon when a deep voice reached his ears.

“Human, seize your disrespectful ways!” an angered voice echoed and then, the dust disappeared with the flap of the Dragon’s wings.

A set of beautiful white scale appeared, but that’s not what caught everyone’s attention, it was the young girl standing on the Dragon’s back!

The girl looked at them with a creased brow, “What’s the big idea? I thought we were the guest here!?”

Everyone looked at the girl who had her hands on her sides with confused expressions and then from above flying carriages landed on the ground.

A young man was sitting on top of a carriage’s roof with a fat cat and a chick. The young man held onto a blue sword with a black line doing down its middle.

The White Dragon spoke once more, “How dare you fire your weapon on the Dragon King?”


The White Dragon was angered.

The young man raised his hands, “Drako, that is enough.”

The White Dragon stopped its roar and then, the young man stood up, “My name is Colt Edgeworth. My companion, Tower Master Lucille said that we are to land in the Central Plaza, but we have been assaulted by arrows. Do I take this as you not wanting us here?”

Colt asked Darius, the one who seemed to be the strongest of the bunch.

His words held no hostility, but Reis and Fluff oppressed every Soul Partner in the area excluding the Pegasi and Drako.

Darius took a deep breath as he looked at Colt and at the cowering Black Death Dragon beside him.

At that moment, he knew he fucked up.