188. F*cked (Part 2)
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“Would you kindly release my husband? I, his WIFE, do not wish to see him in such a sight.” Mina asked her kindly, her smile as pleasant as the morning day, yet her eyes deadlier than a Dragon’s rage.

"Brother, should we intervene?" Reis asked Fluff who, in turn, looked back only to shake its head.

"No, I still want to have lunch. If we try to get in between her and Colt, we’ll die, and I don’t plan on dying with an empty stomach."

Fluff did not wish to become an unwanted casualty. Looking around, Reis also shook its head.

Reis was tempted to help, but feeling Mina’s bloodlust… he chose life. He’s eternal, but the pain was not his friend. Reis was no Miss M.

The Saintess looked at Mina with questioning eyes. She did not know how to react to her words for she was left confused. She looked at Colt once and then back at Mina, going back and forth, she looked at her and made the connection.

“Oh, you are his wife, you also have the smell of Divinity wrapped around your body, that explains it. But, sadly, this man is the only person in this continent to have taken the interest of the Goddesses, thus, according to the orders of the seventh clause the Holy Tapestry the Church of Dracian have been given, this man is my destined one. He is going to be the pope of the—”

“I am not going to repeat myself, woman.” Mina cut her off as her anger reached fever pitch.

Though she was still smiling, green light already a giant Supreme Magic Circle was already hovering overhead.

A giant evergreen Magic Circle hovered Mina and with a smile still, she asked the Saintess nicely, “Final warning, let my husband go now... please.”

The little girls, Risa, Hylda, Arte the Hero, and everyone else who knew not the extent of Mina’s abilities were impressed. The simple display showed how she’s prepared to draw blood.

The Knights even tried getting in the way of the mess. Darius called out the Black Death Dragon, but before it could roar, Mina already spoke, “Fluff.”

“ME—OW~” An angered Fluff told the Dragon to stand down. It dared not disobey the one standing above him.

Sensing that one such being like Fluff being angered, the Black Death Dragon actually glared at Darius, as if to say, “What the hell man? Why you gotta do me like this?” the Black Death Dragon retreated in its world by itself.

Darius was left with an open mouth like the rest of the Knights, however, that didn’t stop them from trying to stop Mina themselves. The Sun Knights were considered elites for a reason and just because the Dragon back down didn’t mean they would stop.

Darius held onto his halberd and prepared to fight with the rest of the Sun Knight and protect the ruler of their Fate, “The Saintess is in danger, get ready to detain the aggressor!”

He said this while the rest of Colt’s crew were eyeing them from a close distance. Darius, however, did not mind nor care for what he cared more about was his duty as a Knight, he even turned to Lucille and the rest to ask them for their help.

“We do not wish to harm the Young Madam of the Edgeworth Family, please, Tower Master Lucille, help us in restraining her… I fear the Knights would hurt her.”

The moment hurt entered everyone’s ears, sparks flew as bloody combat loomed over them. Even Vyra, who, just like Mina just reached Minor Sorceress picked did not hesitate to prepare Supreme Spells.

The Sun Knights who took notice of this all turned to them with worried expressions. They fear combat would be inevitable.

Two fights were in a standoff, the onlookers who noticed the fight were beginning to worry about the situations. Some made a run for it so they could avoid the possible danger, some stayed and waited for the fight, while others started berating both sides they did not support.

If this was any normal day and a guest tried to wreak havoc against the Sun Knights, the guest would certainly, be under siege of curses.

But on the other side was Colt Edgeworth and Jin the Alchemist. These two were known heroes, and many held them with the highest regards even seeing Colt being tackled from out of nowhere added weight to the irritation of many.

Some locals were even ashamed… though they did not quite catch the identity of the woman who tackled Colt to unconsciousness.

The air was growing tense and the guards and soldiers surrounding the area were having a hard time controlling some idiots.

But what was more troubling was that a fight was about to break out with Colt’s Crew and the Sun Knights.

But that was when Lucille’s voice entered their ears, “Do you really think you should fight? Darius, was it? You are the Captain of the Sun Knight sent here by that Tower Master of yours Darius to meet and accept us, lift your hands and you would give us enough reason to retaliate and cause many sufferings.”

“But Madam Mina is—”

“Mina had done nothing wrong as of this moment. It was your Saintess that started it, she appeared out of nowhere and attacked Colt. She claimed him as hers and despite the Supreme Magic Circle, Mina is still trying to talk it out after such blasphemous words were uttered.

"You can call it a threat, but it is merely retaliation, she's merely protecting her family. You should be applauding her for her self-control. You are lucky I am keeping my hands at off all this after all your ruler had done.”

“…but it is our duty to pro—”

“It is your duty to protect the Saintess? Is that what you will say? No, hell no, it is not your duty to protect the Saintess but the people. Lift a hand against Mina, not only will you face me, but also the wrath of the Regulus Kingdom or more specifically, its monsters. Remember, the Kingdom is not the same as before, I watched it grow, and I assure you that they have monsters you do not want to anger.

“You should know why a small Kingdom like that is treated as one of the Five Major Powers. Two families that frighten Empire stands there and both of them treat Mina with more care than any mythical treasure. Touch her and you will see why the two Empires fear them… The Holy Land is not a part of the treaty and every force, including yours, is indebted to the Edgeworths— remember that, Captain Darius.”

Mess with one of them, then the Tigers and Snake would show their fangs. The Venom of the Vera and the ferocity of the Edgeworths, no one in this Continent would want to face them.

No one calls them the strongest Army of the Continent for no reason.

The Regulus was not what it was because of its Black Tiger Army and Black Snake Army.

In the past, these two Armies were nothing but upstart young nobles who had too much time. But after losing their respective older generation leaders in the war against the Kalionse Empire, these two young Armies grew fangs no one thought possible.

The two Armies became a terror in the battlefield and began tearing through the ranks of every neighboring Armies. Even the Darkis Empire's [Black Horn Army] feared these two behemoths of the Military.

The Empires around the small Kingdom felt threatened and tried annihilating them before they could grow by forming an alliance.

They wanted to destroy them before they could start any war.

The Empire of Kalionse and Darkis formed an alliance against the Regulus Kingdom.

The Regulus Kingdom’s two Generals did not back down, the Tiger and Snake got ready to kill their enemies and only because of the Holy Land’s interference did the bloody war stopped.

The Holy Land did not like what was happening and in fear of a massive loss of lives, they put a stop to the mess, before any fight occurred for, they knew a draw of blood would be the catalyst for the war.

Though there were a lot of discontent voices of common citizens and nobles alike, the protests soon died down. Then the Treaty was drawn on the night when the moon seemed to have been crying.

The Contents of the treaty, to be put in simpler words, would be the Regulus Kingdom being forbidden initiating any major wars of sorts against its neighboring countries else the alliance between Darkis and Kalionse Empires would be annulled and the Holy Land would then not intervene to save anyone.

But it was not just the Regulus Kingdom being barred with such rules because it was said that if any of the Darkis or Kalionse Empire was to initiate any major war against the Regulus Kingdom, the Holy Land would help the Regulus Kingdom destroy said Empire.

Skirmishes were allowed, but nothing more than that.

After such terms were deemed to be acceptable, the [Treaty of the Crying Moon] was formed.

The Holy Land was not tied to the treaty’s conditions, but because of this, both the Edgeworths and Veras had no fear on waging war against them.

Also, it should also be known that the two families have grown in both their following and powers thanks to Colt so their strength had been multiplied several times over.

“I have visited their home and seen them, young Captain, if you doubt my words if the two Generals would not bare their fangs on you because you are the Holy Land, then think again. To those two, family amounts more than their own life, honor, and pride… think carefully, are you protecting the Saintess or the people?”

Lucille’s words brought everyone into silence. Only the children who didn’t pay much attention to her were laughing as even Hylda knew about this legendary treaty.

It was one of the many legends her Count had created.

Consequently, it was one of the events that led the King of wanting to grant the two Generals the title of Dukes. Though they obviously rejected it because they didn’t want the trouble.

“We are the Sun Knights; we can take on any puny Army in this Continent!”


While Darius was silent, one of the Sun Knights raised his voice and shouted, only to have Darius reject such insane claims. Taking a deep breath, Darius looked at the Knights and then sighed …

“Everyone, stand down.”

“But captain!”

“I said stand down!” His words of anger shut them all up as they had not seen Darius so shaken up to this extent.

But that’s only because they did not know what he knew. Darius was there as a young Knight when the Alliance of the two Empires and General Liron Vera and Vice General Shickly stood against one another.

The two young Generals only had so much people and were weaker than the Alliance, but, Darius saw the absolute confidence they had in themselves. Stories of Shickly regressing being a wine maker and seller, but Darius would not be able to forget his words after the treaty signing…

‘Sadly, we won’t be able to kill them all as planned, though I’m glad there won’t be lives lost — Liron, want a drink? I created something nice.’

‘Yeah, why not… I need a drink to forget this wasted effort of mine. Dammit, that Tristan lied to me saying this will be a deciding battle… I’ll bury that King of ours later.’

The two didn’t even respect their King, much less anything else. It had been said that fighting against the two Generals was like standing atop a land full of traps.

‘They even set up traps on their enemy’s camps and set them off before heading out thereby winning without fighting. With these flying carriages, and with the Magical Beasts trembling before them, we would be in even more danger.’

Other than their tricks, those two were also known to be prodigies who mastered their art at a very young age.

Also, it had been said that those monsters do not age, rather, they grow to become stronger like fine wine.

Shickly may be laughed at by other new and arrogant Nobles who sees his winemaking business was the sign of his deteriorating strength, but those who knew him would say that similar to his wine, Shickly grows in strength as time flows.

Darius had little to no fear, but he could very well see a future where their Army and populace under those monsters’ feet.

He chose to avoid such an obvious future.

Darius knew he was right, but then, the Saintess’ answer entered his words.

“I cannot give him back, he’s going to be the Pope, yo—”

Mina activated the still not fully functional Supreme Spell and energized her body then, without hesitation she appeared before the Saintess.

With a big wind up, she let out a punch with a cold gaze, “Then, disappear.” she said with a smile.


Clouds of dust billowed as her punch created dust storms all over the place.

Mina thought she had already taken care of the Saintess but then notices the hand stopping hers.

A surprised voice then came from a glass wearing woman, “A Sorcerer of the Green?”

Mina then noticed a flow of mana coming from the side. She saw a wave of water trying to devour her and she quickly moved aside.

Another Sorceress in control of Water walked out from the side.

Darius saw this and raised his brows; he slipped a glance at Lucille who answered her unspoken question…

“Technically, they’re not a part of the Holy Land — Valkyries don’t exist, after all.”

Darius heaved a sigh of relief but felt pressure at the same time