Ch. 1 – Heaven Above
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“Who would’ve thought, that heaven looked liked this.”

Rolling ivory clouds with a shading of gold and yellow. Seemingly thousands of platinum pillars that easily reflected any light in the area. And finally grass so green and trim a lawn maniac would start foaming at the mouth over the sight.

“Sorry human, but you haven’t made it to heaven yet, hahahaha”

“What the fu-“

It was an angel circling over me, she had long black hair that possibly covered her butt, a medium sized refined nose, thick dark eyebrows and eyes like the gentle night sky. She seemed Arabic in appearance and had a shayla loosely wrapped around her head to where it showed the neck with a white night gown on and bright ivory wings behind her.

“-I mean, how do I get to heaven?”

I had to correct myself maybe heaven is as pure as everyone envisioned?

“First, you’ll have to remember some semblance of yourself, your basically a loose soul right now, if you walk towards heaven there’s no doubt you’ll end up drifting into the void.”

“So you basically want me to remember myself?”



“Hold-on, it’s easier if you touch the Omni pillars.”

As I walk toward the platinum pillar, I feel myself become heavier with each step and as soon as I touch it I start to feel memories come back to me.

“Oh, shit”

I started to feel dizzy to the point of extreme and fell back busting my ass hard “Ah, forgot to tell you the side affe-, you’ll be fine, now let’s seeeee~”


Name:   ???

Age:  23

Class:  Willful Human

Mana Type: ———

Affiliation:  Himself

A.K.A:  Quick, Q, Captain

Strength   F

Agility   F+

Stamina   F+

Intelligence   F-

Willpower   D+

Mana ——

Luck    F —> C+

Passive Perks: ——

Skills: ——


“There is a lot to digest here, first off, you don’t even have a formal name?”

I slowly stood up with wobbling knees.

“So you’re just gonna do me like that?”

“Hey you were the one rushing ahead of further instructions.. haha”


“Whatever........... I was told that I had been born in the middle of an invasion on our country, the hospital got attacked, so I never formally had an official name.”

‘It’s wild that an angel would be that accurate...’

“Hmmmmm.. Earth has been in constant war for over a hundred years now, still.. your stamina is at the peak for an earthling. Your willpower is also insane.. for an earthling, intelligence the same as everyone nothing too crazy.”

“Not only that, it seems like your agility increased slightly above human standards.”

“Which happens sometimes, he also got the heaven luck boost permanently. Quite rare.”

Two female angels appeared beside her with the exact same appearance, each peering over her shoulder looking into thin air.

“Why did too more of you show up or did the Omni whatever mess with my brain?”

“Just a technique, don’t sweat it...”

She said this while staring into midair, waving off my question like it was a nuisance.

“Aye, what are you looking at?”

“I’m checking your status, us angels don’t have time to get to know the trillions of humans and other species that come in and out, so we have this ability”

She flicks her hand like twisting a globe, and I see my information.

“Huh? This.. it even has my nicknames, why is it all so low? And where are the skills I learned throughout my life!?”

“Kid, you’re human, and you honestly think human skills are worth noting in heaven... pfffffffft!!”

“This happens every time humans show up, they honestly think they’re hot shit.”

“With that gun mechanism they created it set them back slightly compared to others.”

“They could’ve found the secrets of Earth as intended....”

“But the Lord made them evolve this way..”

“A punishment for not listening the first time maybe? I mean their planet still has natural disasters, so of course they aren’t favored any longer.”

The three identical angels conversed, giving away very slight information about how humans are viewed in heaven.

“Wait, y’all three are only raising more damn questions, y’all look just like a regular human girls.. in the body and face at least.”

‘Don’t tell me under they’re night gowns they have a p-‘

“But we’re not, y’all we’re made to resemble us to be precise.”

“Without wings, immortal, but die when dead.”

“But somebody decided to fuck-over the entire race just to indulge.. hahhhaha”

“Status of the asses is what we say when we look at humans usually, yours is very good though”

“For a human” “For a human” “For a human”


They looked at each other and started laughing... boisterously...

‘I don’t even want to get into whatever they’re talking about, what I’m really worried about is that maybe human skills are too low to even be acknowledge by the status.. shiiiiiiiiiit’

“So all that time fighting a war was literally dog-piss like I thought ?”

The angels quit laughing and took a serious appearance after I said those words.

“Depends on why you joined.. “

“....... money and a charger”

They blinked and widened their eyes with stale faces and.....

“.............. ha.. haHAAHAAAHHHAHA”

Now they may think it’s funny but in the year 2424, a charger hovered, as well as had a microwave that could create food from designated bags, plus the couple million dollars corporations were handing out to have strike teams use there weapons.

“Tsk, laugh it up......... don’t you have a job to do or something?”

The angels stopped their barrel roll in the sky and wiped each other’s golden hued tears.

“Hahh, hahhh.... oh right we’re here, tadaaaa~~”

I turned around and saw floating ivory stairs engraved with what seemed to be different humans.

“When did we get here?”

“I just space warped us, nothing hard. “

She was saying this shrugging and putting her hands in a shooing motion, I could feel my feet sliding towards the stairs.

“Wait!.... What’s your name!?”

“You can call me Zo, safe travels human!”

As soon as my feet touched the stairs, they widened exponentially, at least a football field and what seemed to be a hundred thousand or so humans appeared. Some were walking up, others looking just as confused as me.

“Walk humans..”

I looked up and saw an Asian man who seemed Korean, he had a spear on his back and a golden cloth wrapped around the spear head, leather armor with thin platinum like metal over his chest and legs with a long white cloak that floated behind him along with ivory wings, but some of his feathers were gray.

‘Ahhhhh hellll nahh, I’m sure his status is something crazy so I’m a just play my role for now’

As I step on the 7th step I start to feel the gravity increase slightly.

‘Don’t tell me this staircase is a trial or some shit’

I look around and start to see some people become literally smash into the step. Blood and guts literally turned into clear mist shortly after.

“Ohhh what the fu-“

“There are 49 steps, every seventh you will be judge by the seven deadly sins, only hell awaits those who fail.”