Ch. 2 – Tell the Angels no..
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‘Pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, and wrath’

The warrior angel gave a huge excerpt about each and how the gravity comes depending on the weight it had on your life. Needless to say, the stairs turned quite misty after the 14th step, damn.

Nearing the 21st step I turned to my right and saw an absurdly obese guy 10-15 yards away, looking maybe 300-400lbs.

‘Did he not know you could envision yourself in your prime with the Omni Pillar?’

I didn’t know at the time but the pillar only gave you what you thought you needed physically from your life or past life in this case.

“Damn, hey fat ass make some space cause you know damn well your going to hell the next step, shiiiit.”

It was a random white girl with tattoos all over her arms and legs, probably was a tech punk during her time on earth. They could basically hack everything you own. Everything...




Multiple people around him got splattered with blood and loose skin and fat. Some ended up retching, thankfully no one ate anything in these forms so it was mostly nothing.

“Damn, that’s fucked up.”

I kept moving understanding that the gluttony step was the least of my problems, the step that worried me the most was more than likely...


“Hey, you..”


It was the tech punk chick staring intently at me.

“Why didn’t you help convince ‘blood mist’ here to move away? I saw you look at him earlier.”

“Common since to just take advantage of my mobility and just mind my business.”

“Are you trying to say it was our fault for being near him?”

“Basically, now stay over there, it’s obvious the lust step is your worry.”

She grimaced and flicked me off while going up.

Luckily this isn’t earth or I would’ve had to pay a techie to protect me. But with everybody being dead already, I obviously had nothing to worry about. She is looking good though....

‘Now that I think about it maybe I should be careful around the lust step as well’

I was right next to the 35th step lust, who knew stairs could be this stressful? You could get a sense of how bad the step was for you by putting your hand over it...

‘Oh it’s not that bad.. huggh!?’

The gravity wasn’t enough to squash me it brought me to both of my knees and instantly had me sweating. I desperately began to crawl to the next step, luckily it wasn’t the with between steps that increased. I sat on the 36th step, breathing heavy and sweating buckets.

‘I’m not even alive, how am I breathing and sweating so hard?’

Once I realized that my breathing slowly turned to normal and the sweat began to dry up. Revealing that we have absolute control of our body functions, at least in this domain. The sloth step was a breeze for most of the human race because it was currently a century or so deep in war.

‘Don’t even want to know how this one feels... shit...’

When I put my hand over the wrath step it instantly got flung down I had to pull my arm and as I did it flung behind me, almost dislocating from its socket.

‘As I thought, this one isn’t for me...’

“Looks like the calm, cool, and collected asshole has some rage in there somewhere”

The tech punk chick was about five yards away from me obviously enjoying my predicament.

“I see you finally fixed your spine and knees that were crushed on the lust step.”

“Fuck you bastard, why don’t you take the next step and get a taste hahahaa”

She stepped on the wrath step, it was almost like you can see the weight of air around her increase. She made it out by crawling off of the last step. With the smile on her face at the end I couldn’t tell if she was gloating, happy to make it, or just a masochist.

‘I already know this step will send me to hell so I’m not to fond of continuing.’

I was at the edge of the floating stairs and I could see something in the middle of the sky below that looked like a black hole.

“Take the last step and continue human.”

“What’s that tiny black hole in the sky right there?”

“God placed it for one who is brave, but you’d only make it out through luck. It’s a portal that’s made to forge your soul in the void, then a trial in the limbo realm and eventually have you be reborn in the supreme version of your world. Once successfully used it will disappear forever.”

“Supreme version of my world? What’s that supposed to mean?”

The warrior angel seemed annoyed by my questions but continued to answer any way.

“Earth is by all means a failure, beautiful, but a failure. The progression route you humans took slowly causes the degradation of the planet. So God created another earth, a High-Earth if you will, bigger than the Sun in your system, and has its own constant resupplying energy source called Mana. He got the idea from y’all as well.”

“So this is a route to High-Earth, a fantasy world you say?”

“In your terms, yes. Arch Humans life spans are much longer, bones denser, skin tougher making direct combat more convenient. If there were a war between Arch Humans and Humans... you would be obliterated even if you shot all your atom bombs. Mana amplification is that powerful, they’ve just started to use magic as well.”

I could tell this warrior angel had a gaping character flaw, he was a battle maniac.

‘Is that drool at the corner of this grown ass man's mouth?’

He was going on and on about the Arch-Humans battle capabilities. Seemingly in a trance just by recounting their abilities.

‘I don’t see the point in staying on this step forever so may as well.’

“I advise that you take the steps though human, your lowly form wouldn’t survive the soul forging and afterward the limbo trial, give it up. Take the step and except hell.”

“Nah, fuck you bitch.”

I jumped while the angel had a dumbfounded look on his face.