chapter 1 0.28 degree minute of light
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That, was it. I cannot think anymore. Blood trailing for me despite fighting, am I going to die here? “No you're not Ryuji.” because I say so, said a voice that sounded like a girl crying out for me. “But just b-no, don’t”, interrupted by the girl. “Don’t give me that crap”, I said as I turned my head to look behind me. It grew quiet after that. I dig deeper, only hearing insects. Until the feet stood in front of the path in front of me. Close by according to my ears. I open my eyes. “What. Who are you? The guy drew into the light for some reason. “I am here for you cause your power cannot b”- “no they can I answer”, while biting my tongue back. “By me’. “Not according to what my intel said”. A light bolt came out of his hands. It barely touched his hands. He gave me a glance as he looked around. He then launches it at me like any man thats wants to kill me. He shone through his dull eyes. I stood there in headlights. Refusing to move. I bent my feet. Then as it drove close to kill me. I reach out my hand to the bolt. Like any movie sure it wasn’t dangerous but it needs to be said. “I wish if I ever told myself that- stop talking, you're not going to die.” “I will save you in honor of my own for the world to find a better”- she then ran to me and stood by me. In front. She then drops to the ground as she pushes me to the ground. Lighting streaks across as her hair sprawls in smoke. I stand up, then run to her. Once I get to her I feel her pulse. It reveals a body cold as ice. I shook like I was one that was shocked. Her whole face was bloody up the grass, she landed onto. The ground flew bottom to top. Like a bird I flew to the ground, lightly. Stomping grounded at the ground. As he walked forward. He wore a frown on his face as his hands were to its sides. The green jersey showed a dark green in the sunlight. Without a tag I couldn’t know if he was hired or not. Darkness pops up like a bubble in my favorite time of month. Sorry I whisper, close to ear. As I wanted her to know my last wish.” I am going to die because of my fault tha-”Don’t say sorry, whisper to the girl, place whiteness around her. I came to save you for a better future. Oh really. Too bad it ended in nothing. I looked down, I saw the same whiteness around me.” No..It didn’t, she said slowly. I have achieved my dream.” Oh really, I don’t believe you.” “You will, understand.” “Even though I...nevermind.” “I shall give it to you”, said the girl. A light then sprawled in the center of the body and went down. It crawled through the white ground and went to the center of my body. What is this, I asked? “It's my magic, she said like she was holding back tears.” Take good care of him, Hikari said the girl softly. “Take”...coughs out blood…”to zero point, two..eight”, she said with white in her face.  “What..about you”, I said while I felt my body moving slowly in a rush. Light flickers in and out. “Don’t worry I will meet you again, someday, she said slowly. “I will meet you once you're there.”









thanks for reading. my first in this here. want every comment to improve.  the poll for chapter 2 middle half and beginning for chapter 3.

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