Chapter 4 – 5 years later
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Seya is already 5 years old and his mom is teaching him.


- Look, Seya, if you do it like this, you can use Healing Magic for almost anything... Well, except the chanting, you didn't need it until now, so... But you need to concentrate on wanting the pain to disappear and the wound to close. Understand?


- Ok, I sensed mom’s Flow and the concentration. I need a wounded to practice.


Seya’s mom had a weird smile on her face. She was scheming something…


 - Ok, let me just grab this chair... Dear, can you come here, please?


- Coming... What?... Arghhhhhhhh...


Seya’s mom just broke his dad’s forehead with the chair! Seya’s rushed for the rescue!


- I got this... ||…concentrate my Magic Flow on my hand, sensing the Flow of dad, gathering cells from the skin, accelerating the cicatrization process...||... done!


Seya’s dad was angry, while still rubbing his head.


- What was that for, you crazy woman?


- Shut up! Do you want another one? Our son is learning, so be a good patient and let him practice!


- Mom, I could practice the Healing Magic on a cow...


Seya’s mom was laughing.


- Yeah, but this way is funnier...Hehehehe


- Damn crazy woman... If you weren't so beautiful, I could burn your hair to a crisp!


She poked her finger against Seya’s dad chest.


- You wish! Want to try that outside? Hum? Want it?


- …||…Mom is scary...||…


She looked at Seya, thinking.


- Mmmmh... Seya, you did it differently from me. You were fast and there's not even a little scar on your dad's forehead...How did you do it?


- …||…Oops, I did it too perfectly, it seems...||… Just like you said mom, concentrate on wanting the pain to disappear and the wound to close.


She was still looking at Seya, thinking it was too suspicious.


 - Mmmmmhhhh...Ok.....


- …||…Not very convinced, are you? Here, an innocent smile for you…||…


Seya’s dad was also smiling, he seemed proud.


- Seems like you had a good teacher. A beautiful and crazy teacher.


- Sorry dear, but I thought it was funny and I wanted to see if Seya could heal you better than if it was a cow, considering that a lot of the Healing Magic process depends on wanting the pain to disappear and the wound to close...


- …||…Wrong! But I guess it's better if I don't say a thing about skin cells, cicatrization acceleration, blood vessels... yeah, better remain quiet about this, at least for now...||…


- But he really did it, didn't he? My pain immediately stopped when he reached for me and there's not even a mark. I think his Healing Magic it's better than yours if that is even possible!!


- Yeah, I think the same, and he is only 5 years old. I could only reach near his level when I was 10. Seya, please do the same with this type of Magic like you've been doing so far, don't let anyone see it, ok?


Seya counted in his fingers.


- Except for mom, dad, and the Big Crazy Rabbit?


Seya’s dad holds his laughter.


- His name is Sully Denar’an. You keep calling that and one of these days, that nickname his going to be permanent and everybody will call him like that. Despite the fact that he doesn't mind and calls himself like that already.