Catching Up – Chapter 4: Hmmmmmm wink wink wink
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“Oh come on, you’re not even going to try it on? Fine, be that way!”

Kyoko stormed out of Makoto Kaname’s bedroom, fuming. “You ungrateful little brat,” she murmured.

Makoto bought this dress herself, you know. She thought it’d be perfect for picture day at school. She said so herself. And now she refused to wear it because Esmelda in her first grade class says floral patterns shouldn’t be worn after Labor Day, despite that holiday fashion trend being an entirely American concept, and like... whatever.

That purple-haired little demon.


Madoka was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels on her remote and munching on a slice of pizza. She was only on her second slice, while Kyoko had already completed her second box. Oops, three, she realized as she looked down at the empty box in her hands.

She was stress eating.

“No luck, huh?”

“I don’t get it. Normally she’s so calm and sweet, but...”

“She’s seven,” Madoka said. She flipped the channel and landed on one of those game shows where people fake being annoying couples in public to try and win prizes, or something. “She’s trying to fit in with her peers and it’s tough when you’re a Japanese girl in the public education system and you get really annoying girls like Esmelda.”

“Esmelda sucks.”

“And you know both of us are busy all the time, so we can’t be there as much as we should, and that’s probably starting to upset her more as she realizes it.”

“That’s... oddly insightul, coming from you,” Kyoko said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Madoka play-hit Kyoko on the thigh. “Come on, why don’t you sit down, big momma?”

...Egh. Ick.

“Number one,” Kyoko began. “Don’t ever use that nickname to me or anyone else for the rest of time. Number two... let me put Makoto to bed” If she was as rowdy as a few minutes ago, well... Kyoko birthed her, and she was willing to kill her as well.

(Not really. Geez, take a joke.)

“Oh fine...”

Kyoko went back upstairs into her daughter’s bedroom, where she was looking at herself in the mirror while trying on the floral-pattern dress. And crying.

She got that from her other mother.

“you look nice,” Kyoko said.

Makoto sniffed. “Everyone’s going to make fun of me and hate me.”

Kyoko grabbed Makoto and picked her up. ‘Do you get made fun of in school a lot?”


“Has anyone ever said anything mean about your clothes before?”


“Do you like this dress you bought?”


“Then it sounds like there’s only one thing your little self needs to do.”

“What’s that, Mom?”

“Go to bed and wear that dress to school tomorrow!” Kyoko set her down on her bed and kissed her on the forehead. “Goodnight Makoto.”

“I'm not that tired yet,” Makoto said.

Kyoko pulled out the covers from underneath her and placed them over her. “Yes you are.”

“Mom... are you trying to put me to bed early so you and Kaasan can do kissing?”


“Uh, no. I just want your pretty little face to get up on time so it can be bright and shining for tomorrow morning!”

At this, Kyoko bolted out of the room and closed the door before anything else could be said.

She came back to the living room where Madoka was STILL only on her second slice of pizza. How? kyoko had already finished off four boxes!

“She’s asleep,” Kyoko said.

“And I’m about to be if you don’t get over here,” Madoka said. “This show isn’t very good.”

“Gess what isn’t either?”

“Not the pregnant lady about to be torn apart by her mistress?”

“Right. Er, wrong? I don’t know.” Kyoko confused herself.

By the way.

That’s what Kyoko was trying to introspect about earlier.

She sat down on the couch and rest her head on her wife’s lap. “Y’know, I wonder how Makoto will handle herself when the little one comes.”

“You mean how she’ll act when she isn’t the center of attention anymore?” Madoka laughed.

“Yeah. Well, she’ll adjust. Everyone does when they have younger siblings.”

“Oh, speaking of,” Madoka said. “Did I tell you about Tatsuya?”

“Did he decide where he’s going?”

“Yep. Georgia Tech University. In America.”


“I know, right? Now what are Mama and Papa going to do with themselves?”

“Probably he same as they always do... Raise your kid brother.”

Madoka rolled her eyes. “Yeah... I’m sure one of them will up and move to America with them, the way they’ve treated him.”

“Oh, I meant Ken.”


yes, Madoka’s mother had a third child when Madoka was twenty-one, Tatsuya was ten, and she herself was fifty-two. Crazy, huh? Her child was the same age as Sayaka’s son Asumaru! Kyoko and Madoka visited them all twice; once before Kyoko got pregnant with Makoto and another time when their daughter was in diapers. So it had been a long while since they had seen Madoka’s family.

After what happened with Kyoko’s family and her canon-compliant backstory, she always felt like she had nobody to turn to; it made getting exiled to Mexico in the first place easier, but once she and Madoka were married, she really started to get closer to the rest of the Kanames.

Especially cute little Tatsuya, who was a friggin’ adult now!

Ken Kaname was kind of a brat, though.

Made Makoto’s behavior tonight look like she was as calm and composed as JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis. To be more specific, JFK during X-Men First Class when all the mutants were battling each other and the nukes were extremely close to being launched just to blow them all up.


Before you ask-- there was no freaky soul gem magic involved in either Kyoko nor Madoka’s pregnancies. Both perfectly planned out, taking one cell from one parent and transforming it into a sperm cell to be artificially inseminated into the other parent. Fancy science stuff.

Same-sex reproduction is awesome!

And speaking of same-sex reproduction... “Madoka, you ready?”

“Yeah, after I finish this slice of pizza.”